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Asked about 6 years ago

How well does Trello scale into a larger team?

We are using Trello to coordinate a product team of 5. Can anyone speak to how well it holds together on a larger team?

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Associate Director, Digital
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Responded almost 5 years ago
We have about 10 people using it at my company, and Trello seems to be doing well for my team so far. (Knocks on wood.)
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Responded about 5 years ago
You can assign members to specific cards, setup a board for your team to show who is responsible for tasks and set deadlines. Worked well for our 3 person department.
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Responded about 6 years ago
It's a great solution for smaller teams, but once you have 10 or more hands on this product I think it loses it's efficiency. There really isn't a great way to track and notify tasks effectively on a large scale. For a little more money I would recommend Jira or Basecamp, both scale really well and offer other add-on solutions that fix problems you'll face as the company grows.