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Website monitoring tools facilitate the monitoring and tracking of website performance. This enables users to identify and solve any performance issues that may arise, as well as track changes in the website’s function and display. These solutions also include performance metrics tracking, offering specific insights into the statistics such as interactions processed or the response time. Website monitoring products form a baseline for these metrics and monitor the applications for any variance from the baseline. The metrics are displayed in a variety of data visualizations for easy conceptualization. They are used by website administrators to manage websites and discover possible reasons for delays in response time. With the ability to identify and fix any performance issues, businesses can provide an optimal user experience.

To qualify for inclusion in the Website Monitoring category, a product must:

  • Monitor and track website performance and response time
  • Create a baseline of performance metrics and alert administrators when performance varies
  • Provide visual data for users to better understand the performance metrics
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    Reliable & FREE FOREVER uptime and performance monitoring tool for startups, SMB's, Bloggers, Managed Service providers (MSPs) and DevOps communities. 50 Monitors, 1-minute interval, Public status pages, Multi-user login (30 users), Slack/SMS/Email alerts - FREE FOREVER

    Our solution pairs robust data with intuitive, easy to use reporting for professionals to quickly identify necessary website infrastructure repairs and optimizations. Both small and large organizations turn to for a highly reliable monitoring service. If there’s an outage,’s advanced alerting system notifies the right contacts of the issue. The software seamlessly integrates into your workflow, allowing push notifications from top apps like Slack, Pagerduty, Hipchat, as we

    Site24x7 offers unified cloud monitoring for DevOps and IT operations with monitoring capabilities extending to analyzing the experience of real users accessing websites and applications from desktop and mobile devices. Site24x7 assists DevOps teams to monitor and troubleshoot applications, servers and network infrastructure including private and public clouds. End user experience monitoring is done from 50+ locations across the world and various wireless carriers. For more details, please visit

    Pingdom is a website performance and availability monitoring tool.

    StatusCake provides website monitoring and sends alerts when a user's website goes down or is experiencing other technical problems such as being slow to load.

    Ghost Inspector is an automated browser testing service that allow you to monitor and test your websites using real browsers from the cloud. We offer a cohesive solution for easily creating, recording, managing and running your tests. Review detailed test results and get notified when failures occur. Ensure that your websites and applications are working as expected by testing them end-to-end from a user's perspective in the browser.

    Uptrends provides Cloud-based website performance monitoring.

    Website firewall, uptime monitoring and domain reputation checks on a single dashboard. Perfect for digital agencies, freelancers and for website owners to keep the sites secured from attacks.

    AppBeat is tool for monitoring websites, online services and servers. It tracks uptime and response times. If outage is detected automatic notifications are sent to owner(s). AppBeat offers also free public status page and module for communicating scheduled maintenance.

    Better Statuspage in 1-click, Free forever. Create your hosted branded status page in 1-click and communicate your system status (and incidents and maintenances) in realtime with your customers. Freshstatus enables businesses to - Keep customers posted about status of any incident in real time - showcase reliability & high availability percentage of websites, servers, APIs etc - keep all internal stakeholders like support teams, website teams updated about system statuses & outages -

    Companies use Dotcom-Monitor® web monitoring services to constantly improve their server uptime, page speed, and web application functionality. Since 1998, over 25,000 companies have optimized their online ROI by using website monitoring to precisely monitor, alert, and report on website speed, web application performance, and server issues.

    Monitoring websites for their uptime and key functions.

    CloudRadar is a complete, yet radically simplified and affordable SaaS monitoring solution for System Admins and IT Managers. CloudRadar helps organisations monitor their IT infrastructure with a next-gen monitoring solution focusing on critical performance and availability metrics, coupled with a reliable and dependable alerting engine with smart presets that is instantly activated. - Monitor your entire infrastructure : servers, networks, websites from anywhere. - Deep insights into your off

    Website downtime alerts & monitoring. Email & SMS alerts if website goes down.

    Graphite is an enterprise-ready monitoring tool, used to track the performance of websites, apps, business services and networked servers.

    Monitis is an all-in-one application platform for monitoring websites, servers and applications from anywhere at anytime.

    PingStack alerts you when your website goes down before your customers do.

    Server Density offers unique SaaS-based scalable infrastructure monitoring to help businesses save time and money. With advanced server and website monitoring alerts, graphing tools and integrations with all major cloud service providers, Server Densitys robust and scalable solution helps businesses and IT operations teams be more responsive to issues, make their websites faster and minimise downtime.

    WebSitePulse is a leading provider of advanced, independent and remote website and server monitoring services that enable clients to increase the efficiency of their mission-critical e-business operations, and to reduce their risk of failed Internet transactions and loss of revenue.

    Wormly is a website uptime monitoring solution.

    AdminLabs provides powerful monitoring and communication services for your business.

    Agentless Monitor is a website monitoring software which uses existing services available on the device to remotely monitor variety of servers.

    Agent Slug is a website uptime monitoring tool with full content check possibility (scan of your whole website). Free tier included.

    Aotol Page Monitor is a website monitoring software that detects page changes, highlighting new content and alerting.

    Avospy offers website monitoring, instant alerts, SEO analyzer, spying competition to get precise statistics about error on the website.

    BinaryCanary offers website uptime and server monitoring solutions.

    Blit is a monitoring software for websites, that take screenshots of websites periodically.

    CatchJS is a JavaScript error logging for developers.

    Powerful, cloud-based, always-on website monitoring tools. Monitor web pages for visual changes, keywords, code updates and more.

    Track performance, errors, and Lighthouse scores for your production site and in CI. Access the data you need to fix problems.

    Monitor website pages for changes behind login, web forms and inside web apps. Forms, multi-step sequences, SPA and full JavaScript rendering are supported. Your time is too precious to spend it on change tracking routine.

    Gear5 is an easy-to-use, website-performance monitoring system that will give you comprehensive and understandable performance information to help you speed up your website.

    Happy Apps ia a website and server monitoring tools with an intuitive dashboard, real-time monitoring, and automatic alerts, shows you the metrics that matter without the noise.

    HTTPulse helps to monitor websites and detect problems like downtime, response time problems, broken links.

    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Monitoring is a powerful tool that can unlock new pathways to growth. At LogicMonitor, we expand what’s possible for businesses by advancing the technology behind them. We seamlessly monitor infrastructures, empowering companies to focus less on problem solving and more on evolution. We turn on a complete view in minutes, turn the dial from maintenance to innovation and turn the corner from sight to vision. Join us in shaping the information revolution. Specialties: network monitoring, server

    MachMetrics continually monitors the speed of your website

    HPE AppPulse Active is a SaaS synthetic web application performance monitoring service for websites, mobile, Cloud, and SaaS apps that lets users instantly see from the perspective of their clients.

    Monitority is a website uptime monitoring solution.

    MonitorMyWeb is a global performance monitoring solution for websites and servers.

    NodePing offers a server monitoring and web site monitoring tool.

    Observu offers website, server and API monitoring solutions.

    Dyn is bringing unique internet performance testing and analysis to your computer with Gaugeyour personal monitoring tool.

    Get realtime alerts when your website goes down, or use our advanced api for application monitoring.

    Panopta is changing the way businesses monitor their network, servers, and applications with our advanced infrastructure monitoring platform. The rapid emergence of hybrid infrastructure environments has put a significant strain on operations teams; managing multiple tools leads to increased diagnostic delay and increased costs. Panopta centralizes your public/private monitoring, alerting, and reporting into a globally available SaaS solution. Whether you leverage public cloud, private cloud, o

    PINGuana is a website uptime status monitoring tool.

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