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Visitor Identification software is used by companies to profile the people who visit their websites, with the final goal of converting them into customers. Most website design and management solutions only offer statistics like the number of visitors, and number of visits, but no detailed information on the profile of website visitors. Visitor Identification software provides salespeople with the missing information from website visitors necessary to convert them into a lead. Marketers can also use Visitor Identification software to better target visitors with content.

To effectively use this type of software, salespeople and marketers need to work with web development teams to integrate visitor identification solutions into the company website. The information gathered by Visitor Identification software is used by sales and marketing departments and therefore needs to be transferred to CRM solutions as well.

To qualify as a Visitor Identification software, a solution must:

  • Collect visitor information, like company and contact information, which can be managed using lists
  • Include metrics such as the frequency of the visits, time spent on the website, as well as specific pages that have been visited
  • Create customer profiles and criteria to filter visitors that are more likely to be interested in buying
  • Alert and notify salespeople when new opportunities are available
  • Integrate with sales and marketing solutions such as CRM, sales effectiveness, and lead generation software (lead capture, lead scoring, and lead intelligence)
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    ID who's visiting your site now - and what they've been researching across the web. 1) VisitorTrack identifies the anonymous business visitors coming to your website. 2) Then, intent data is fully integrated to pinpoint the companies already in-market for your products - before they have visited the website. 3) Get accurate contact record details matched for the people you target. All this in an affordable package designed for nearly any business. Get a full-access Free Trial for your website to see this Predictive Marketing for yourself.

    Imagine if you could take control of your lead generation activity and convert ready-to-buy prospects, before your competitors even get close? Lead Forensics is the software that reveals the identity of your anonymous website traffic, and turns them into actionable sales leads. In real-time.

    Visitor Queue is an advanced B2B (a business that sells to other businesses) lead generation software that identifies the name, contact details and user data of the businesses that visit your website. Gone are the days of cold calling and guessing, we feed your sales team hot leads that have already shown an interest in your products and/or services. With 98% of website visitors disappearing from your website without a trace, isn’t it time you found out who they were?

    Leadfeeder is a B2B sales tool that tells you which companies visit your website and what they're interested in. Some have described Leadfeeder as "Google Analytics on steroids." Leadfeeder connects to your existing Google Analytics to identify the companies visiting your B2B website. Leadfeeder integrates with many popular CRM's and email marketing tools, so the additional data we provide fits seamlessly into your existing lead management processes.

    Leadberry is a web based B2B lead generation software that converts website visitors to sales leads. Powered by Google Analytics.

    IP2Location™ is a non-intrusive IP geolocation solution to help users to identify visitor's geographical location, i.e. country, region, city, latitude & longitude of city, ZIP code, time zone, connection speed, ISP, domain name, IDD country code, area code, weather station code and name, mobile carrier, elevation and usage type information using a proprietary IP address lookup database and technology without invading the Internet user's privacy. The solution is available as database, programming API and hosted solution. Users can access to complete database via subscription.

    ipstack offers IP to geolocation APIs and global IP database services worldwide

    Opentracker is a solution for website & mobile app analytics, website Lead gathering and other big-data traffic reporting.

    Spend time working on more revenue generating activities rather than your subscription management system. We do subscription management so you don't have to. was created to bring innovative web stats.

    Children's Check-in Software provides secure children's check in solutions for churches, fitness facilities, activity centers and child care centers.

    LeadBoxer is a lead generation and lead scoring platform for small to large B2B sales teams. LeadBoxer provides sales teams of any size with valuable insights on what their potential customers are interested in before they even reach out. The software automatically creates visitor profiles for website visitors, captures data on their online behaviour and interactions, and then assigns them a leadscore according to parameters set by the assigned account manager. With LeadBoxer, sales teams are able to track website visitors, page and video views, and document downloads, as well as measure traffic sources. The designated sales person can set the importance of various lead properties (industry, no. of page views, etc.) to in order to influence the leadscore assigned by LeadBoxer. When a lead is ready to be qualified, LeadBoxer reports and notifies the salesperson (or people) responsible. The relevant salesperson can engage with their lead directly via the LeadBoxer app, where leads can be reviewed, assigned, or removed at any time. LeadBoxer integrates with CRMs and other sales tools via an advanced API.

    Here at Personify XP, we have a passion for making everyone’s digital experiences personal. Josh and Ben started Personify XP because we recognized that 95% of people who visit a website are anonymous and receive a generic experience. That’s just not good enough. That’s not because companies haven’t recognised how important these visitors are – it’s just that there has been no great way to do it. For so long companies have focused on ‘knowing the customer’ before they can personalise to them. With GDPR and people becoming much more cautious over sharing data it has become harder to personalise to website visitors as companies know less about their visitors. Even when there is a lot of data available on customers it still takes considerable time within a company to segment their visitors and then manually create the user journeys for each of these segments. Personalisation takes a lot of time and a lot of decisioning – why couldn’t all of this be automated? The Personify Anonymous Experience platform is the first platform to focus exclusively on anonymous visitors. Our AI platform connects great products with shoppers you know nothing about through automating how content and products are shown to which shoppers and when. We provide unique insight into how your anonymous customers shop whilst ensuring your customers data is private and we are GDPR complaint out-of-the-box. We drive 15% additional revenue and 35% higher conversions through our AI technology. We are a privately funded business with significant funding from angel investors. We are delighted to partner with brands such as Hawes & Curtis, Finery London, Ghost and Interhatch to provide incredibly personalised experiences to their anonymous visitors.

    PriceWaiter makes buying and selling better, anywhere. Beginning with a platform that makes price negotiation fast, simple and private on ecommerce product pages, PriceWaiter now offers a seamless SaaS suite of sales tools that significantly boosts customer engagement, conversion, and average order value on any retailer’s site. With hundreds of retail partners, hundreds of thousands of users, and hundreds of millions in offers, PriceWaiter helps sellers sell more, and buyers buy more, all across the web. Benefits: 1) With PriceWaiter, both sides win, saving time and money, and building loyalty and trust. 2) PriceWaiter creates a fast, simple, private one-on-one dialog between retailers and customers through price negotiation. Engaging on-site with a “Name Your Price” hook leads to higher conversions and enhanced customer loyalty, at lower discounts but higher satisfaction rates than standard sales discounting. Newer complementary offerings (exit intent, remarketing, etc) significantly boost results. Specifically, PriceWaiter’s “Name Your Price” platform improves customer engagement (25%+), conversion (19%+) and average order value (8%+) and works on any retailer’s website. Multiple retailers have added $1M+ revenue through PriceWaiter, and done so without hurting existing sales

    Find out what companies are visiting your website.

    A1WebStats is an analytics software providing information for the web visitor like the company, and pages they looked at.

    IP Geolocation tool helps you find the approximate geographic location of an IP address along with some other useful information including ISP, TimeZone, Area Code, State etc. Enter the IP address or the host name you want to locate and press "Discover" button, your IP will be tracked in seconds depending if the information of that IP is present in our database.

    ipgeolocation provides intelligent data points including country, city, state, province, timezone, local time, local currency, latitude and longitude, company information, ISP, language information, zip code, calling code and much more.

    Generate High Quality Leads by Tracking Your Anonymous Website Visitors LeadBase provides a completely new way for you to generate more high quality leads by discovering, tracking and converting your anonymous website visitors.The Demand Cloud monitors the over-the-funnel activity by your suspects and prospects who could buy your service and provides you opportunities to convert them. The net result is to increase high quality leads and increasing return on investment on your inbound website traffic. Visit for more information.

    Intuitive B2B lead generation tool. Suitable for all B2B companies, from solo - trader to multinational corporations. Leady 2.0 serves marketing managers with in-depth behavior data on website visitors and email recipients, allow them to monitor 360 - degree view of the customer lifecycle. Subsequently provides detail contact information on leads to sales managers. Let us help you to collect data on anonymous website visitors, enhance data on your existing customers and users and organize them into actionable datasets. So you can spend more time focusing on things you love.

    LeadzGen is a powefulr & user-friendly lead generation tool built in for the marketing history, which turns your anonymous web-visitors into leads

    Ever wondered how to effectively keep a watch on the walk-ins to your premises while keeping those recorded for years to come!! Well we thought of it and this made us design an amazing application that efficiently manages all visitors, visits and data thereof. mVisitor is a complete visitor management solution that you will wish to have for your establishment.

    "We have been using Teamgo for 15 months now and have found it invaluable in assisting with our visitor management." - S. Morris - Landmark Teamgo will change the way you think about visitor management. Impress guests with an easy to use touch screen visitor sign in solution that looks professional, is easy to setup and a pleasure to use. Teamgo is simple for visitors and employees to use, highly customisable and offers visitor and staff sign-in, badge printing, pre-registrations and check-ins of guests and bookings. Welcome your visitors with the leading sign-in experience trusted by McDonalds, Domain, Rackspace, Target, Officeworks, Domain, Governments, schools, not for profits and thousands of other workplaces to securely and efficiently greet millions of guests every year. - Better security for people and places - Meet compliance requirements - Track people flow in/out of your facilities - Manage emergency situations - Valuable reporting and insights - Made for visitors, employees, contractors and more! Completely secure and fully cloud managed with many features to help you save time and reduce cost overheads of running the office, starting at the front desk The best first impressions last Teamgo is a digital, forward thinking solution that’s designed for people. Create a streamlined sign in experience that’s fast and memorable. Increase security and awareness Let your employees know who has arrived to visit them, send the visitors name and photo so they can greet them personally and professionally. Know who is on site, why and where they can be located all with live, real-time reporting. New efficiencies for your workplace Reduce waste and costs associated with printing and archiving visitor books and passes. Speed up arrival times and connect visitors instantly with their hosts. Meet your compliance requirements Compliance is everything with Teamgo. Collect and take control of your data with powerful features including full GDPR and data management tools. Teamgo is designed with compliance and security of people and workplaces top of mind including GDPR, ITAR, FSMA, PCI and more… FOR A FULL LIST OF FEATURES VISIT THE TEAMGO WEBSITE. ** Technical Requirements ** iPad 2018 / iPad 2017 / iPad Air / iPad Air 2 / iPad Mini 4 / iPad Pro with iOS Version 10+. Network WiFi or cellular data is required. You will require network / internet connectivity to operate this service. ** Help & Support ** Visit our website for general enquiries, documentation and support. We are here to help 24/7 with product feature and sale enquiries. is a simple and effective way to find which companies are visiting your website but not contacting you. The company's unique approach turns unknown B2B website visitors into business leads (that would otherwise be lost). Receive real-time reporting on high potential leads.

    4Cite offers a full range of real time, triggered, and direct mail marketing services.

    Time Attendance Access Control system Biometric Smart Card Fingerprint RFID IP Camera

    Angelfish Software is secure, on-premises web analytics software that provides detailed usage reports for anything that runs on a web server: Intranets, public websites, web-based applications..etc .

    Discover the possibilities of efficient lead generation based on your prospects online behavior. With APSIS Lead, you get hot leads and streamline your sales every day.

    Our Simple B2B Software Helps To Turn Ice Cold Prospects Into Happy Customers! Our software is very simple! It shows you which companies have visited your B2B website and the content they're viewing.This is especially important when they don't make contact with you!

    B2B Salesfuel is a lead generation software to boost sales.

    B2i CRM (Contact Relationship Management Solution) is cloud-based, can have unlimited users with independent access rights and controls. It offers management of emails, activities, mailing lists, follow-ups, reporting, and the ability to import/export contacts.

    BigPicture's account-based prospecting platform, helps sales & marketing teams identify, prioritize, and act on accounts in real-time. Engaging prospects at the wrong time costs companies $591B each year. BigPicture surfaces ready to buy signals to help sales & marketing teams identify hot opportunities and prioritize which accounts to focus on. We put the power of machine learning, big data, and automation into the hands of team members, empowering them to uncover anonymous buying behavior and engage in market account faster with personalized campaigns.

    Our website visitor identification software shows you which companies have visited your site, and what theyre interested in.

    Identifying individuals across the various devices they use has become critical for effective digital advertising, analytics, attribution, content personalization and other business functions.

    Our Software uncovers your Business Visitors, even if they do not enquire, so you can get there 1st.

    Prospectfinder identifies the companies that have shown interest in your products and services and makes this information available to your sales organization. Prospectfinder contributes to shorter sales cycles, more sales opportunities and a more efficient sales process for your business.

    Euclid Analytics connects the physical world through Wi-Fi analytics and traffic counters it has powers personalization, long-lasting loyalty and online-to-offline attribution for retailers, malls and restaurants that empower leading brands to design the perfect customer experience for their brick-and-mortar locations and drive better business results.

    ID+ is the first solution to blend trusted online and offline data for real-time identity verification using sophisticated, patented, and proven machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

    EVS provides identity verification solutions to help businesses protect themselves and their customers from fraud.

    Welcome to Identatronics, your one source for all identification related products; badges and cards, lanyards, strap clips, credentialing software, direct to card printers and supplies. Were dedicated to giving you quality products, with an emphasis on product reliability, customer service, and solutions for essentially any application.

    ipapi is an IP address lookup tool which provides web analytics. It displays a user's location and allows content to be customized for their location. A bulk lookup service allows batch lookups to perform.

    LeadBI is a marketing automation software application that uncovers information about your website visitors and turns them into leads.

    Turn your visitors into leads and fined new customers

    VisitorsWorld is a custom digital solution for visitors management at corporates, educational institutions, apartments and other organisations.

    Optingun helps online businesses to create forms to convert website visitors into subscribers using action driven popups and social optins.

    PartyTrack offers user acquisition analytics for games.

    PassagePoint EDU visitor management has been developed for the specific needs of K-12 schools and districts. Now visitors and others are easily signed in and given temporary badges to indicate their presence is authorized.

    Piano ID is an identity management solution developed for the media.

    ProspectVision is a solution that gives the business important sales insight that helps determine what prospects care about so can tailor the communication.