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Video hosting platforms allow users to upload and store video files which can then be viewed by others. Video hosting sites typically offer viewer restriction options, so users can determine who does and does not have access to certain videos, as well as embedding features to integrate videos into websites, instructional videos, or presentations. Video hosting software may also enable tags and provide a search function to help visitors find specific videos. These products are often used by content, marketing, and culture teams within an organization to store video content and share it with coworkers or clients.

To qualify for inclusion in the Video Hosting category, a product must:

  • Provide storage and viewing capabilities for video files
  • Allow visitors, whether public or restricted, to access and view hosted videos
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    Key features: • Get your branded app for connected TV and mobile platforms at zero cost; • Upload your video content to the app or import it from YouTube; • Monetize the app using built-in options — advertising, paid content distribution and/or subscription model; • Use a built-in shop to sell merchandise right in the app; • Enjoy comprehensive analytics and reporting.

    With over twenty years’ experience in video management, Imagen Ltd enables companies to effectively archive, manage and distribute video content. The Imagen Enterprise Video Platform provides companies with fast, easy, secure and controlled access to content through a highly customisable site. Our clients include several industry-leading organisations within the Sports, Media and Enterprise sectors including, Channel 4, The Press Association, ATP Media, IMG, Endemol, and BP.

    Get true, accurate playback of encoded and mastered content from your desktop. Use Iris to collaborate and deliver all forms of professional file content through the production life cycle. You'll make the whole process quick and easy from asset acquisition all the way to approval and distribution.

    Kinovea is a video player for sport analysis.

    Kontiki provides on-demand video delivery solutions that enable enterprises to have live webcasts and centralized video content libraries.

    kPoint is a cloud based platform for creating a mashup of videos, slide decks, screen sharing and other media with minimal effort. kPoint automatically indexes these videos, called kapsules, enabling discoverability and search within.

    LibCast is a video hosting and live streaming platform for Business.

    MangoCam is a global IP camera recording, alerting, and hosting solution.

    MobiTV offers an end-to-end platform delivering live and on-demand video to any screen, connecting media reliably and on any device.

    MovingIMAGE is a B2B provider of secure, cloud-based video streaming, video hosting and video management solutions.

    NeuLion Digital Platform provides digital video broadcasting, distribution, and monetization of live and on-demand content.

    All Inclusive Video Technology Platform: Hosting, Streaming, Encoding, Bandwidth, Ad Serving, Syndication (across all devices) for Businesses and Publishers

    phpVID is a video sharing software or a video sharing script that has all the features needed to run a video sharing web platform.

    Pivotshare is anonline video platform that lets you easily work together to create premium subscription channels.

    Pocket Social is an event app to create and promote events on the go.

    Private Media Channel is a solution that lets securely manage and deliver it to their private audience anytime, anywhere, on any device, and in any language.

    Helps you capture and determine who is watching your video, which in turn helps generate more leads for your business.

    Salasil Desktop is an tool that help to create and publish digital content “videos” in an easy and fast way without the need of technical knowledge.

    ScaleEngine is a video content delivery network.

    Easily go live to all your social channels with multiple cameras, branded overlays, reaction polls, pre-recorded media, content management, analytics and more. Socialive is designed to put the power of live video into the hands of Social Marketers so you can produce great content and meet your goals.

    SpringServe is an open video ad serving platform.

    Squeeze Stream is a multi-faceted online video delivery platform. Leverage the integration with Squeeze Desktop and Squeeze Server to easily upload, share, and publish videos. Want to avoid the unprofessional and often scandalous videos that show after your video has played? Squeeze Stream helps you to avoid the ads and other questionable material that will show on other players, giving you a much more professional presentation.

    StarDot Express is a video server to stream live realtime video over the Internet.

    StreamAMG provides European companies with online video solutions.

    StreamingVideoProvider offers video hosting and streaming solutions.

    StreamRail is a video advertising technology platform, which provides over 200K publishers and advertising networks with superior technology, so they can deliver and monetize video on any device.

    Streamroot is a next-generation HTML5 video optimization technology helps broadcasters deliver lightning-fast streams to a global audience.

    Telebreeze Video Platform Services is a software-defined platform, designed for the preparation, management and delivery of media content across multiple platforms. The solution provides a flexible, modular, open ecosystem that enables TV operators to offer competitive next-generation video services. The platform enables advanced technologies, management features, and monetization opportunities for a TV services provider. It also provides a truly converged multiscreen experience for viewers, including both, over-the-top and managed video, across all access types.

    Tellyo is an advanced, web-based video production, editing, streaming and distribution platform.

    Easily create one or thousands of unique videos in minutes, beautifully delivered by email or text message.

    TVPage combines the art of brand marketing with innovative technologies that enable you to drive revenue with video.

    Uiza is a complete video platform for your mobile apps and websites: Video and Live streaming SDKs and API engineered for maximum performance. offers tools to build your very own video streaming site and app.

    Uscreen Video Membership is a publishing and subscriptions software that helps video creators to distribute their content safely and profitably. It's a powerful yet simple SaaS solution, giving video creators full control of their video monetization.

    Vantage Analysis helps with media analysis, quality control workflows, and decision making solution for video transcoding.

    Vantrix Media Platform (VMP) is a software-defined solution that enables video service providers to cost-effectively deliver high-quality multi screen video. This modular platform includes video processing, bandwidth optimization, caching and analytics solutions.

    The Only Video Platform for Marketers Guaranteed to Increase Conversions. Vidalytics is a video platform for marketers. It hosts, streams and plays your videos. It also comes with exclusive Video Conversion Technology™ which is the most cutting-edge way to get better conversions from your videos. From our Analytics with the world’s first Video Conversion Tracking, to Autoplay that works on mobile devices and the latest browsers — including Safari & Chrome — Vidalytics is guaranteed to get you better conversions than any other video player. This makes Vidalytics ideal for online course creators, direct response marketers, funnel builders, eCommerce store owners, and conversion rate optimizers.

    VIDAZOO is a video management software for content managment, delivery and monetisation.

    Vidello is a video hosting & marketing suite which provides online businesses with the eseential marketing & hosting tools to assist in growing business through video.

    VideoKen is a SAAS based AI-powered platform with patented technology that makes informational videos richer, more consumable and increases engagement by 2-4X. It uses AI techniques to automatically index videos, creating a hyperlinked Table-of-Contents (ToC) and Phrase Cloud, which neatly summarize key topics in a video. VideoKen provides a lightweight layer over multiple video hosts (including YouTube) that makes these indices and internal video search available to consumers of the videos. VideoKen also empowers all its videos with in-built SEO, call-to-actions, and deep actionable data insights to track and monitor user behavior.

    Videolinq is a cloud service to distribute live video to social media sites: Schedule live streams, build custom players, add closed captioning, monetize, and distribute live and archived video anywhere.

    VideoWorks is an online video platform that provides video content and advertisements across publisher websites, WAP sites and Mobile applications.

    Bring videos from Youtube, Vimeo and Wistia together to create your own online video channel.

    Viostream is a cloud platform that simplifies the sourcing, management and distribution of video content.

    VisualOn provides high-definition audio and video entertainment to smartphones, tablets, laptops and other devices.

    Vplayed is a custom-made Video on-demand solution that enables the end user to build their own multi-screen (Live streaming & OTT TV) Solution that magnifies the count of audiences across the Platforms.

    The Ascend Interactive Video Platform offers breakthrough speed and simplicity. You can quickly create beautiful modern learning, deliver it, measure results and gain new insights. We make the transition to the digital world simple, creating the business results you want thats our promise.

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