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U.S. federal government software provides a wide range of functions, but is primarily used as a centralized data repository across multiple government departments. Federal government software solutions are used to store electronic records gathered from a large functional footprint and give employees a comprehensive overview of the organization.

Federal government agencies use the software to increase transparency, gain valuable insights from their data troves, boost collaboration, and track performance. The federal government also uses this specific software to improve information access for their constituents, protect their data, and hold organizations accountable to the citizenry.

U.S. federal government software pulls data from a wide range of existing government systems and will typically provide integrations for solutions that include billing, accounting, financial tools, and more.

The products in this category are specifically for use by the federal government. For solutions catering to state and local governments, check out our U.S. State and Local Government software page.

To qualify for inclusion in the U.S. Federal Government category, a product must:

  • Be designed specifically for use by the federal government of the United States
  • House administrative data across a large functional footprint
  • Analyze administrative data and produce reports
  • Import data from existing government software

Compare US Federal Government Software

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    SunGard Public Sector provides software solutions and consulting services that are designed to meet the specialized needs of city and county governments; public safety and justice agencies; not-for-profit organizations; and state and federal government.

    We are more than just a name we are on a quest to make your information technology work harder for you. Our solutions simplify the IT operations at more than 100,000 organizations worldwide.

    Case management system is configurable, secure, auditable, and table-driven all while remaining modifiable by authorized users.

    Oracle not only provides solutions in the cloud for domain-specific agency operations, but also offers the industry’s most complete platforms, enabling agencies to deliver shared services and identify best practices and reusable assets.

    cFive Supervisor is a data-driven probation case management platform designed to provide community supervision agencies (probation, parole, pretrial, juvenile justice, community corrections) the framework to optimize programs, case managers and client outcomes. By providing concise, actionable data, cFive Supervisor delivers insight that increases agency efficiency, reduces recidivism, improves lives, and keeps communities safe. Unlike traditional probation case management software and communi

    JBM provides programmatic, planning and operations, maintenance and training, system integration and engineering, and information operations services world-wide, and when required, deploying side-by-side with our customers as they conduct OCONUS operations.

    Manage and evaluate your next event in one advocacy app

    Powerful, intelligent tools to help policy professionals track and understand bills in Congress

    Grows base, engages them with email solicitations, raises funds, and stays compliant all in one place.

    Newgen e-Gov Office Automation suite provides government agencies the flexibility to automate document-intensive processes, and develop a highly agile operational infrastructure, it helps to Automate Processes & Reduce Manual Hand-Offs,Realization of a Paperless Office and Ensuring Regulatory Compliance.

    A strategic team of communication experts delivering bigger programmatic impact, with faster results at a lower cost. ​Whether you are looking to grow your digital audience or analyze and improve the results of current initiatives, we can help you meet and exceed your goals.

    Granicus’ Meeting and Agenda Suite allows government to streamline cross-departmental workflows, modernize the public meeting experience, promote board efficiency, and establish meaningful connections with citizens – online, over social networks, and on mobile devices.

    Granicus Records Management solutions make the clerk and recorder’s office an efficient gateway of public information helping automate and streamline government records and access processes.

    Delight your citizens with a true digital government experience – a Vision website makes it easy for citizens to stay informed, find popular services, complete transactions, engage and get involved – from any device, anytime, anywhere.

    JustFOIA is a direct result of that commitment. MCCi gathered a client focus group to understand the strengths and struggles that come with processing open records requests. This focus group has grown over the years and is vital to the development, features, and functionality of the JustFOIA solution.

    MSF&W has a long history of successful projects for Illinois government, educational institutions, and businesses. MSF&W has built a reputation for being able to understand complex business requirements and translate them into effective and efficient business solutions.

    Quick Sales is an order management software that automates all stages of order flow including quoting, invoicing, bill payment, order fulfillment, and order tracking.

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