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Check out our list of free Travel Agency Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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Travefy helps travel advisors, tour operators, and travel professionals save time, impress clients, and sell more by creating beautiful client itineraries or proposals with simple tools including: • 100+ Supplier Integrations • 625+ City Guides • Live Flights Database • CRM Integrations (e.g. ClientBase and Vacation CRM) Plus, your clients will love the end product by viewing their itineraries via mobile app, web link or PDF. Learn more at

I briefly used this software when trying to start an at home travel agency. The ease of use and simplicity was great. It helped to cut out the... Read review
The simplicity of use! It is very easy to use, there are lots of tutorials and information provided about how to use the features. I can put an... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5

Hero,, is the next-generation of B2B, SAAS travel agent software for retail and online travel agents, visitor information centres, hotel concierge, DMOs, DMCs & ITOs. Sell in-store, online and on-the-road with our powerful agent portal, online booking widgets and API connectivity. Extensive global product marketplace, uncapped commissions, itinerary builder, live bookings, instant confirmations and automated accounts and payments. Do you need a Hero? Free Demo.

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Regiondo is the all-in-one booking system for leisure and activity providers to book and manage appointments and activities via your own website. Our experts ensure a smooth booking process, the system can be professionally linked to your own website, adapted to your individual design and mobile optimized. We also include an extensive marketing network and specific user analyses. Increase your sales by 30% and connect to Viator, Expedia Local Expert, Get Your Guide, Musement and other channels t

Links to other sales channels such as Viator, Get Your Guide etc. Nice presentation of product for our web page .It is very easy to use. The... Read review
(6)3.7 out of 5

Rezdy is a global B2B online software company headquartered in Sydney, Australia. They provide online end-to-end booking management software, a channel management solution and a global distribution marketplace for tours, activities and attractions. They make it easier for experience-based businesses to: - Get more bookings - Save time through streamlining and automating processes - Find, connect with and manage new and existing sales distribution channels - Offer a better guest experience be

Mark M.
Rezdy is perhaps the best price to performance product on the market today. Read review
Peter D.
Rezdy is pretty scaleable for most tour providers. It has good basic functionality, and is relatively easy to set-up and use. The team took it... Read review
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Entry Level Price:€179 1 User Month

Ezus is a software that helps organizers sell more efficiently by allowing them to quickly build custom events and travels. Concretely, the online software provides you with a : 
 - Centralization of your customer (integrated CRM) and supplier (internal catalogue) information in a single collaborative tool - Simple and fluid construction of your budgets and programs - Generation of your commercial documents (proposals + quotes) via a library of customised templates.

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TravelCarma Emperia is a web-based Travel Agency Software that helps travel agencies maximize their online bookings while reducing their administrative costs. You can sell your travel products via multiple channels(B2C, B2B and B2B2C) and efficiently manage your operations through our advanced back-office automation module.

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Entry Level Price:$50 per month

With TripsCommerce you can open your own travel ecommerce website, customize your site's design without any need of techie know how, create automated travel product inventories, accept credit cards, use your own domain and everything is hosted in the cloud.

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Entry Level Price:£1,000 a month

Vamoos, the app for travel companies, helps create exceptional experiences by bringing any trip to life with all the information their clients need at their fingertips. It adds excitement before and during their travels, and increases customer loyalty and satisfaction to keep them coming back. Vamoos can be branded and set up in minutes, and allows its clients to create completely bespoke travel experiences. - Vamoos brings a trip to life before it even begins, creating excitement for your cli

Top 8 Free Travel Agency Software in 2021

  • Travefy
  • Hero
  • Regiondo
  • Rezdy
  • Ezus

Learn More About Travel Agency Software

What is Travel Agency Software?

Travel agency software provides a home-based travel agent or online travel agency with tools to run their business. Solutions will often include administrative tools for acquiring and maintaining clients, the ability to accept online payments, and an online booking engine for flights, hotels, and transportation.

Effective travel agency software will be customizable to the specific requirements and needs of travel agencies. Travel agency solutions ultimately ease existing workflows and automate processes, both on the front and back ends of online travel portals. Users turn to travel agency software to save time and reduce errors, so the tool should be easy to use.

Buyers should look for travel agency software that combines all functionalities and features onto a singular platform. Aspects like managing reservations, tracking invoices, reconciling payments, and updating and monitoring catalogs full of travel data are made easier when all that information lives on one platform. Additionally, buyers should consider travel agency software that provides an effective search functionality. Agents will benefit from a tool that they can effortlessly search and find crucial information like customer preferences, undiscovered deals, and vacation trends.

With travel agency software, users can automate tasks like emailing customers their travel booking confirmations and reminders about upcoming trips. Through that automation, travel agents can both save time and potentially get in front of any possible issues that may arise. Most travel agency software have CRM functionality, which will help develop sales and strengthen relationships with customers. Users can rely on stored, organized, and tracked customer data to identify potential loyal customers, mass contact loyal clients when necessary, effectively market services, and cut through all the white noise of unpersonalized advertisements.

Travel agents are an indispensable player in travel agencies. Some travel agency software tracks the performance of travel agents, which can be used to monitor customer service for quality. Additionally, performance management functionality can be leveraged to reduce errors or mistargeting efforts. Buyers should consider whether their business would benefit from a bundled performance management functionality and look for software that specifically features it.

Key Benefits of Travel Agency Software

  • Align with CRM or ERP software
  • Boost overall travel agency sales
  • Offer marketing modules to optimize customer targeting
  • Track inventory and reduce errors or unnecessary duplicate pieces of data
  • Improve overall business processes
  • Facilitate the creation of loyalty or other incentive programs

Why Use Travel Agency Software?

Travel agency software helps agencies streamline time-consuming tasks like managing reservations and payment, invoicing for individuals and groups, tracking travel agent commissions, and complying with travel industry regulations. Buyers should look for solutions that provide premade templates or allow the creation of them to save even more time on such tasks.

Travel Agent Portal — Travel agent portals provide an agent with tools for flight booking, hotel booking, and activity and transportation booking all in one place. Agents can create a complete itinerary for their clients using a single booking software. An agent can also change bookings and airline tickets as needed. With all this information in one place, an agent can easily meet all of a client’s needs.

Payment Gateway — The ability to pay for a reservation as it is made greatly reduces turnaround time. Online travel agency software often includes the ability to make and accept payments in order to make it easy for travel agents to charge their clients.

Channel Manager — A channel manager can help find the best travel deals available so agents can ensure that they are finding their clients the best possible price. By comparing multiple booking engines and travel sites, an agent can pick the best price for a client’s budget. Making a travel reservation can be stressful, which is often why clients reach out to travel agents. With a built-in channel manager, agents can be sure that they are making a reservation at the best price. Booking travel often includes multiple reservations for flights and hotels, so the ability to easily find the best deals is very important for travel agents.

Who Uses Travel Agency Software?

Travel Agents — Any travel agent can benefit from travel agency software. Whether they work for a host agency or independently, travel agency software helps organize a travel agency business from administration and client relations to reservation booking.

Tour Operators — Tour operators can use travel agency software to organize and book their tours. These tour operators are often creating travel tours that include multiple cities or countries, so each location will require a hotel reservation and travel for a group of people. Using travel agency software, a tour operator can make several reservations at once for a designated number of people.

Kinds of Travel Agency Software

Business vs. Leisure — The requirements for corporate travel can differ from those of individual or group leisure travel. Buyers should look closely at the different kinds of travel agency software and determine whether it supports business travel. Buyers should also consider whether they want a solution that specializes in one or the other.

Travel Agency Software Features

Travel Portal — Travel portals allow travel agents to make bookings for multiple types of reservations all in one place. A travel portal may combine a hotel booking engine, flight booking engine, activity booking engine, and transportation booking engine into a single travel agency booking engine that can be accessed from any computer with an online connection. Having the ability to make all of these bookings in one place makes it easy for an agent to create a complete itinerary for a client.

Billing and Invoicing — Travel agents are often working with multiple clients at once, so being able to organize invoices and keep track of payments is extremely important. Travel agency software will therefore often contain features similar to billing software and invoice management software to manage these aspects of the business.

CRM — By serving multiple clients at once, travel agents need a means to keep track of those clients and maintain a relationship with them after their trip has been booked. CRM software features make it easy to keep track of clients and maintain contact after a transaction has been completed.