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Best Time & Attendance Software

Time & attendance software is used by companies and HR departments to simplify time tracking. These solutions manage company time and attendance data by automatically calculating all hours worked as well as vacation time, holidays, sick days, and overtime. Time & attendance solutions offer a variety of methods for clocking in and out including clocks, web, phones, and tablets, to name a few. Some solutions might provide added features including scheduling and visibility into overtime causes and trends. Meanwhile, some time & attendance tools also offer employee self-service portals for employee visibility into all timecard details. Although time & attendance tools are often included as built-in features in workforce management software, which helps companies optimize workforce efforts, these solutions should not be confused. Time & attendance systems typically integrate with payroll software or payroll services providers to export all employee attendance data.

To qualify for inclusion in the Time & Attendance category, a product must:

  • Centralize all time & attendance data
  • Include tools to process employee time & attendance including hours worked, overtime, paid time off, sick days, and holidays/li>
  • Analyze key labor force metrics
  • Improve accuracy and eliminate employee attendance-related payroll errors
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    Clockgogo is a mobile and cloud-based solution for HR practitioners who need to manage a roster or timesheet effectively.

    ClockIn Portal's user-friendly, advanced online employee time tracking software allows employers to effectively manage users through a number of remarkable features and our clock in clock out app enables employees to do so with the click of a mouse. Plus, time-tracked information is kept securely at our servers, so it can be easily accessed at any time.

    ClockOn is a time and attendance moduel that speeds the recording of shift and break times using world class Suprema Biometric Terminals. ClockOn's rostering system that comes with centralized scheduling database, precise budget control, skills & qualifications filtering, and more.

    Clock Real Time shows employees arriving and leaving on remote computers and requires no time to total hours; it produces reports you just hand to payroll. Clock Real Time improves employee relations and eliminates wage disputes.

    ClockVIEW your source for full featured time and attendance software.

    CyberMatrix Timesheets is multi-user time sheet entry software that employees can use to quickly enter the time they spend on different projects or tasks.

    Damstra TWMS providing a completely customizable, end-to-end service that ensures people, vehicles and equipment are safe and fit for work, their time is tracked and information is available 24/7.

    Accurately managing your time and labor costs can be a tedious process and that goes double for mobile workforce management.

    dayTrack offers on field sales employee GPS location tracking, attendance system, sales visit tracking, sales order and payment collection data logging via mobile app connected to web app.

    Dyflexis effortlessly records the working times of employees. It is also simple to keep track of time-off in lieu, overtime, and sickness and leave time.

    Easy Time Logs is a time tracking, timesheet, and clients billing web based software product.

    e-Attendance System is a centralized attendance system applicable for all type of organizations with many branch and stations.

    e-Attendance is a employee attendance process management solution designed to help you streamline, consolidate and rationalize attendance operations and processes across your organization.

    EcosAgile Time is a Cloud presence system software, which offers a simple management of all phases: from requests for absence to approvals, from management of holiday plans to stamps.

    Eco Time provides a single platform to effectively manage your workforce with Time and Attendance, Access Control, Labour Costing, HR and Leave Management.

    Tailored systems with biometric time and attendance options, bespoke reporting and user-friendly design combine to make our Time and Attendance software a world-leader in HR support. Inspire your team to tackle staff time and attendance head on; giving employees autonomy over their hours (and HR and scheduling teams more time back in their day) helps create an empowered, productive workforce.

    EmsphereTime and Attendance management software is cloud-based workforce management product for capturing employee data.

    eNETEmployer offers total employee management through a suite of online tools for Human Resource, Payroll, Employee Scheduling and Time and Attendance management. Use it to enhance your organization's workflow and help reduce the rising costs associated with employee management. With no more software backups and updates to perform, you simply have the convenience of calculating your payroll at a time that's convenient to you.

    ePro Scheduler combines employee schedule management, an online time clock & attendance, and payroll control, into one accessible tool. It is ideal for public service organizations like EMS operations, fire and police departments, 911 dispatch agencies and hospitals.

    Ettendra Labor 8.0 is a complete and integrated Labor Tracking, Time and Attendance, and Labor Cost Control System that provides complete accountability and total control over employee activities and their labor and job assignments.

    Event-Attendance Pro is a desktop software to track attendance for your OSHA safety training or any classes or meetings that require mandatory storage and reporting of attendance.

    Exeba Labor & Attendance Tracking Software "EXEBA-LATS" from Escan Technologies Corp. is a comprehensive, feature rich, and easy- to-use Labor Tracking and Time & Attendance system for any size business.

    Using Frekr is simple and easy-to-use for employees and the administrators. You only need a smartphone or a tablet with camera and you can start right away! You will set up the tablet or the smartphone with Frekr App next to the entrance, this device will be the access terminal. Every employee will record their arrival/departure using access card (NFC) or by scanning a QR code. Employees can check their attendance via web interface.

    Attendance and Labor Tracking is a supply chain management software that updates attendance and labor information in real-time, providing up-to-the-minute information.

    Aiming to offer a complete field management solution, GEOI provides the ability to monitor your field teams every-day without having them to come to the work place and wasting their working hours

    GET HRM is a tailored and up-to-date solution for organizations to manage their internal employee details.

    Cloud-based HRMS that allows a corporation/industry to manage their HR activities including recruiting, budgeting, and reporting.

    Hassle-free tracking of vacation and sick days for all your employees - get up and running in seconds!

    The iFlow Attendance app allows you to manage your employees, working and overtime hours, vacation holidays or sick leaves, in just a few minutes. All the working hours and your staff's attendance data are ready for you in real time. Check out the information without multiple spreadsheets or piles of documents.

    ePro Scheduler combines employee schedule management, an online time clock & attendance, and payroll control, into one accessible tool. It is ideal for public service organizations like EMS operations, fire and police departments, 911 dispatch agencies and hospitals.

    ISGUS Time Management solution with shift, Absence,and annual leave scheduling, flexi-time tracking and reporting, staff scheduling, Production data capture and Access control.

    JANTEK ELECTRONICS provides time and attendance systems designed for small businesses of less than 50 employees to corporations with thousands of workers worldwide.

    Jupiter is attendance tracking software for businesses of various sizes.

    dormakaba is your reliable partner for secure and flexible access to buildings and rooms.

    KareHR will automate the way you manage Time and Attendance

    Kelio Time Management System include multiple schedules control, rotating shifts management, overtime calculations, and holiday and absence tracking.

    A payroll solution with integrated leave and expense modules, payslip generator, employee management, business data reports and more. It works right out of the box, allowing payslips generation, leave application and expense claims, based on auto-seeded HRM policies localized to your country, or a generic one.

    Labor Time Tracker is a telephone and web-based employee attendance tracker.

    LightWork Time is a time and attendance program designed for companies with single or multiple locations and easily accommodates remote employees. Both managers and employees can input employee time at intervals specified by your business. Time can be entered via desktop punch, kiosk punch, or biometric/swipe timeclock.

    Logeto is a clear and comprehensive application for recording work and attendance. It is suitable for everyone from individuals to large companies.

    Scheduling, payroll integrations and biometric terminals working together to bring you the ultimate time and attendance software tool.

    A comprehensive cloud-based payroll solution integrating roster, time and attendance, payroll and reporting for your business. Microkeeper is helping Australian companies of all sizes to streamline their operations, saving time, energy and money.

    Automated timesheets are here. Mitimes does the hard work on timesheet recording, so you no longer have to.

    Our timeline-based editor allows users to quickly create shifts, move shifts, and undo (or redo) any changes. We employ algorithms to optimize schedules based on staff's preferred working hours, qualifications, and other business rules. Featuring Native Mobile Apps (Android/iOS), Time Off Tracking/Accruals, Shift Bidding System, Biometric or GPS Time Clock, Integrated Chat/Audit Trail, Multiple Locations.