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Survey software allows users to easily create online surveys, quizzes, polls, and other web forms. These are then distributed to a company's customers or user base to conduct market research or solicit feedback and opinions. Survey software products provide companies or individuals with insight into what participants think of events, projects, customer service, or another aspect of their business. These solutions are third-party add-ons that work to amplify the efforts of the marketing and customer success departments to understand how their customers work and what they want. Surveys are most often delivered via email blasts or as pop-ups on a company's site.

While survey software can have significant overlap with enterprise feedback management (EFM) software, the two categories are mutually exclusive with only some exceptions. EFM products are more specific to business use cases and provide relevant features like Net Promoter Score (NPS) calculation and integrations with CRM and related software. They also provide more built-in analysis tools, triggers, and post-feedback actions compared to survey products. Products can only be categorized in both if they provide a tiered price offering where their basic option fits best in Survey and their more advanced options are more accurately reflected in EFM.

To qualify for inclusion in the Survey category, a product must:

  • Allow the creation and customization of questions
  • Gather, report on, and archive response data
  • Be shareable and distributable
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    BlueX is the easiest and most intuitive survey software, allowing any stakeholder within an organization to build better surveys faster. Through BlueX’s highly user-friendly, familiar, and accessible environment anyone can leverage a wide range of advanced survey features, custom templates, and question types, allowing them to capture the best data in a simple, smart, and delightful way. If you wish to learn more or to request a demo of BlueX, visit

    Checkbox offers online and on-premises survey software solution.

    ClickInsights offers one-click email surveys for customer feedback.

    Clicksurv is a survey tool to gauge customer experience, up-sell opportunities or any kind of feedback in minutes.

    CloudRatify is a customer feedback and survey software

    Collect Feedback has Leading Point-of-Sale and eCommerce integrations allow you to automatically trigger feedback request emails after customers purchase.

    Fuel data-driven continuous improvement efforts at the team, program and organizational levels through uncommon insights and actionable feedback

    CryptoSurvey360 is powerful online survey software for simple & complex online surveys. It has all features, which you need to get genuine feedback.

    Build and manage engaging, interactive customer and patient surveys for data collection with touchscreen kiosks, tablets and web with the feature-rich and proven Digivey survey software. Design interactive survey questionnaires including conditional branching and skipping, randomization ranking and more. Multilingual questionnaires, pictures, video and audio are supported as well. Capabilities also include quizzes and assessments. Instantly view reports and results online or offline.

    DirectPoll offers tools to create and conduct polls in a minute.

    One Platform for Managing & Assessing Development Interventions

    Unique survey software enables you to design, capture and export data anytime anywhere.

    Create powerful, yet simple polls that people will actually enjoy completing. Get higher response rates, and engage more people.

    A powerful yet very easy-to-use professional data collection tool that enables you to gather high quality data and populate sophisticated quotas all of which can be interpreted instantly. Whether your organisation focuses on interviewing via CATI, CAPI or WAPI/CAWI or a mixture of these methodologies, Dub InterViewer does the trick. Switching between collection modes during fieldwork is a breeze. No onsite installation required. Call centre in a box with our on-demand hosted Dialer as a service.

    Dynamic Benchmarking's cloud-based survey solution measures key performance indicators and gives users meaningful, actionable results.

    Turn surveys into a modern experience

    Create, distribute and analyze your surveys online

    EasyPolls is a free service where you can set up polls in a matter of seconds and have them published on your website, facebook, twitter, or simply share the link to the poll with your audience.

    EFS (Enterprise Feedback Suite) Survey

    Emotional Market Research. We bring valuable insights to companies based on people's emotions. Emotions are at the core of people's behaviours.
 They activate memories and induce actions such as purchases, word of mouth sharing, recommendations, loyalty and many more.
 Our widget captures your visitors' emotions with a high response rate.

    Ennect Survey is an online do-it-yourself survey software that helps to create online surveys quickly and analyze results. helps you make well informed decisions.

    If a powerful, low-cost, user-friendly online survey management system is what you seek then look no further. Whether you plan to create surveys for yourself, your job or for your clients SurvSoft is your platform to successful survey based research.

    The professional software for evaluation projects of any kind

    Examinare is an online service, which lets to create web based online surveys and mobile surveys. Surveys can be shared by email, website, SMS and many others.

    ExitInput improves the site conversion by getting constant feedback from site visitors as they leave.

    Ezisay is a unique, device friendly survey software tool that allows your business to capture, track, measure and report, how your customers felt, the moment they experienced your product or service.

    Design, conduct and analyze surveys right on your iPad - wherever you are

    The SurveyStance Feedback Kiosk is an iPad based Survey Kiosk designed to capture real time customer feedback / employee feedback while they are in the moment. Setting up the Feedback Kiosk at your business is simple because SurveyStance provides everything you need such as iPad, iPad Stand Kiosk, Emoji Based Feedback Software, and detailed customer feedback reporting and dashboards.

    Fyrebox provides tools to create a quiz to generate leads, to educate or simply to engage your audience.

    Software that allows users to develop and perform market research. Insights on marketing and user experience can be gained through software tools. Test ideas on products, packaging, or user experience easily.

    HowLikely? is online customer feedback software based on the Net Promoter System (NPS).

    IdSurvey is a professional survey software tool for data collection surveys by telephone (CATI), web (CAWI), face-to-face (CAPI) or mixed mode. With IdSurvey you easily script questionnaires, collect and analyze data all in the same platform: CATI, CAWI and CAPI are perfectly integrated with each other and use a single administration interface. How can you use IdSurvey? - Customer experience - Market Research - Employee engagement

    iMagic Survey Designer gives you the tools to understand your customers in a way that has never before been possible. Find out what your customers are really thinking, where they currently are and learn how to satisfy their needs.

    Mobile Feedback Station / Offline Survey App

    inBound is a cloud-based forms, surveys and polls integrated data solution for iOS.

    INgageHub is a cloud-based software platform that bridges the gap between CRM and marketing automation systems it allow easy engagement questions to be embedded into your content and further allow tracking of all of the data and analytics in a single repository.

    Powerful survey software features help you gather the reliable data.

    Take surveys to the next level with easy creation, fast distribution and advanced reporting not found in comparable products.

    Interceptum is an easy-to-use platform to create online surveys, questionnaires, and polls.

    Collect valuable customer feedback from every location to drive improvements

    Iterate is a website and email surveys that allow you to learn directly from your visitors, customers, and users.

    ziSurvey is a software platform that offers the ability to easily create custom surveys with innovative features while drastically lowering data collection costs and minimizing human error.

    JAMBO Market Research Software supplies complete and integrated software systems for professional market research.

    keyingress is an all-in-one application that can be used for all kinds of surveys.

    Key Survey's convenient mobile software has revolutionized the way surveys are conducted, analyzed, and shared from the field. Designed specifically for the mobile workforce, our unique offline functionality dramatically improves (and simplifies) the process of performing in-person feedback collection surveys - and integrating that data directly into your systems.

    The Customer Engagement Toolset For Your Website All the tools you need to converse and engage with your customers. Feature rich, simple and intuitive.

    LoopSurvey is a real time survey platform, it is accelerating customer response by delivering feedback in the moment.

    Improve working efficiency, boost productivity and overall profitability by receiving feedback from targeted audiences. Suggestions secured from qualified respondents, who participate in surveys, are valuable for making important management decisions.

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