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Survey software allows user to easily create online surveys, quizzes, polls, and other web forms that are then distributed to product users to conduct market research or solicit feedback and opinions. Survey software products give companies or individuals insight into what participants think of events, projects, customer service, or another aspect of their business. Survey software are third-party add-ons that work to amplify the efforts of the marketing and customer success departments to understand how their customers work and what they want. Surveys can either be pop-ups on the site or be sent out in email blasts.

Companies looking to send surveys based on triggered actions or timeframes should consider enterprise feedback management software, which also features more complex analytics tools compared to survey software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Survey category, a product must:

  • Allow the creation and customization of questions
  • Gather, report on, and archive response data
  • Be shareable and distributable
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    Obsurvey is a leading cloud-based solution providing users with an intuitive way to build and distribute polls as well as analyze their results. Obsurvey's comprehensive and easy to use solution delivers decision-makers and researchers with the answers they need to reach their goals.

    Survey system gives many benefits to your company.

    Perdeca is used for solo and group decision-making.

    Pick1 provides actionable audience insights for businesses and retargeting via automated market research

    The instructions for the PIEL Survey are largely identical for iOS and Android devices.

    Publishing new polls and quizzes to increase engagement and social referrals is easy. We deliver custom templates designed to your precise branding requirements.

    Pinpoll is a free polling tool to boost engagement and page impressions.

    PocketSurvey is mobile surveying & desktop reporting software, for surveying practices, housing organisations, facilities management company

    Free poll maker & creation tool

    PollDeep is an online tool that you can create awesome polls with. Create your poll and have your audience answering in seconds.

    Polls for Pages offers tools to publish engaging polls on Facebook.

    Primo Survey is an online software tool that enables users to create surveys, questionnaires and online polls.

    Pristo is a system for surveys in general and household travel survey in particular.

    ProProfs Net Promoter Score (NPS) software is one-question survey to measure NPS and gauge loyalty. is a smart cloud-based platform where you can validate startup or product ideas with the real-world users super fast and hassle-free. Setup takes minutes -- just type in the problem your address and the solution description. Choose your target audience -- use your own customers or recruit from our panel (US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, South Africa, Germany, Russia). The rest is on us! 2015 MRMW Best New Technology Winner in Market Research.

    Q-Fi Surveys is a solution for design and deploy highly customized surveys for market research easily.

    QPoint is a web based software tool for creating forms, surveys or quizzes.

    QuestionStar 's completely web-based interface allows you to conduct your survey from any PC in the world with internet access. You simply need a browser to create and manage your surveys.

    Quickipoll allows users to create online polls that can be shared anywhere, with custom polling and private access to all polls created.

    Qzzr is a quiz creation tool which enables marketers, companies, publishers, and agencies to create custom embeddable quizzes for lead generation and engagement.

    Ramen is an in-app Net Promoter Score to stay on top of your customers' needs.

    A powerful new survey tool for creating questionnaire based surveys & polls online.

    With the ConnectWise Manage-Reputada integrated micro-feedback solution, get actionable customer feedback in real-time. * Get qualitative feedback on service tickets * Customer takes less than less than 90 seconds to give feedback * Segment feedback anyway you want (e.g. by service, etc.) * Dashboard and reports * Built-in testimonial repository, reputation page, search engine optimized

    ResponseSuite is a surveys software that help to increase the amount of customers buying a product.

    Riddle's quiz builder is intuitive and simple to use - no coding skills necessary. Your first quiz can be live on your site in just a few minutes.

    Rotator Survey is a robust professional App for Windows which allows to design, process and analyze surveys of all types and sizes.

    SatisFactor allows your customers to rate your business and comment on improvement opportunities, giving you feedback in real time, along with a series of metrics and tools that will optimize the relationship and experience of your customers.

    Surveys are a powerfull tool that has many applications.

    The Customer messaging & feedback platform to grow your business

    ShadowAide provides NPS surveys to help you provide the best product that you users need, helping you to reduce churn and grow revenue. Our surveys easily integrate into your product providing both in-app surveys as well as emailed surveys, monitoring your users and NPS over each customer's lifetime.

    SimpleFeedback is a cloud-based customer engagement application designed for small business websites and mobile applications. It provides feedback, customer support, and sales & lead management services and also enables your website, WordPress blog, or iOS App to hear the voice of the customer and respond with our easy to use services.

    SimpleSurvey is a cloud-based data collection & analysis software tool that lets create, deploy, manage and analyze online surveys, questionnaires, polls, forms and other similar applications.

    Create surveys and polls using custom templates or create your own. Use our reporting engine to aggregate, print and export results.

    SmartConsultations gives you everything you need to manage your consultations though a dedicated portal. Maximise citizen involvement with purpose-made software. SmartConsultations is a simple, powerful, and cost-effective tool that allows you to manage all your consultations via a single portal. It's easy for your participants to find the consultations that matter to them, and easy for you to create and manage your consultation programme.

    SurveySays! is a customizable online survey tool.

    Survey Software for Online, Web & Paper Surveys, Crosstabs & Banner Tables

    With our experienced research team and our marketing network we can develop an online consumer community panel according to your research criteria. We recruit online consumer community members through our long-standing relationships with a variety of online marketing networks rather than one or two places only.

    Suggestar is a mobile feedback solution that allows businesses to collect opinions from their customers.

    Survelum Public Databank: Surveys, Survey Stats, and Survey Responses

    Surveyval gives SaaS businesses the actionable insights they need to find their best customers and create a better product.

    Surveys Anywhere have modules for on and offline data collection for iPad/Apple IOS devices and a smartphone survey module with an "app" based reward system as well as a comprehensive web based interviewing system.

    Surveybe is as multi-platform software suite that provides users with all the tools they need to design electronic Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI) questionnaires and collect and export analysis-ready data.

    Survey your audience in their favorite messenger app

    Our SurveyBox product provides our clients with an easy to use, powerful online survey tool.

    SurveyCount is a free web based survey software. Create & distribute surveys for use in product testing, academic research or employee satisfaction.

    SurveyDaemon is Xendica's online research and interactivity management platform.

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