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Best Strategic Planning Software

Strategic planning software provides a solution for building out a business mission statement, a plan to accomplish the mission, and the ability to track progress toward that ultimate business goal. Strategic planning solutions give users a place to easily create and share company values and goals, as well as track key performance indicators necessary to accomplishing those goals. Some strategic planning products also allow for the creation of organizational charts to map hiring plans needed to achieve the business mission. A handful of strategic planning solutions may offer performance management functionality to ensure that every employee is on the path toward the end goal. Others tools provide lightweight collaboration features and dashboards for a holistic view into the overall strategy. Strategic planning solutions are primarily used by company founders, C-level executives, strategists, and board members to monitor the overall business strategy and progress toward end goals.

These tools may also be referred to as strategic management, business management, or strategic execution software. Strategic planning software differs from project management and task management products because they do not monitor day-to-day tasks necessary to completing a project. However, at a high level they may outline necessary projects that will help a company achieve its ultimate business goals.

To qualify for inclusion in the Strategic Planning category, a product must:

  • Allow the user to lay out a business plan or company vision
  • Offer the ability to create goals and milestones that will lead toward the company’s vision of success
  • Provide an overall view of how a business is progressing toward company goals
  • From a hiring perspective, help executives create organizational plans to best achieve success
  • Focus on high-level business objectives rather than day-to-day activities and tasks for project management purposes
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    Shibumi is a cloud-based strategy execution platform that enables you to define, optimize, and accelerate strategic initiative delivery. With Shibumi you can Organize the portfolio, track the programs, monitor program success through business-focused KPIs and brief executives on progress and status. Trusted by the largest companies in the world, Shibumi allows you to; - Significantly reduce manual effort - Make better, more informed decisions - Foster alignment, collaboration, and transparency - Get started quickly with our turnkey solutions

    SnapStrats innovative software solutions support your business strategy by harnessing the power of data science in an intuitive, easy-to-use toolset

    SPOL helps colleges and universities, as a companys integrated strategic management software encompasses planning, accreditation, assessment, credentialing, and budgeting.

    Strategic Planning Software (SPS) allows a user to walk through the strategic planning process of an organisation and shall take one through different phases of the process.

    Super easy to use collaboration tool to plan and identify pain points in your business processes at a glance.

    StrategyBlocks 4.0 is the leading SaaS-based, highly customizable, visually compelling platform for enterprise strategic management. StrategyBlocks 4.0 enables CEOs and other executives to turn strategic vision into tactical execution, easily sharing data across departments and business units, and cultivating company-wide involvement in strategic execution.

    StrategyCloud is a business planning software which creates easy to follow plans, which can quickly tracked and followed up by business managers and team members.

    StrategyShare is a powerful strategy collaboration platform

    StratNavApp is a free tool for collaborative strategy development and execution based on the Strategic Learning methodology.

    Reach your business goals faster than ever. With Stratsys you can make it more effective, more transparent and more cost-efficient.

    The Change Compass is a cloud-based data visualization and planning tool. It helps organizations visualize change impacts on people and customers. From this organizations can make fact-based decisions to maximize project benefits and employee/ customer experience.