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Best Single Sign On (SSO) Software

SSO, or single sign-on software is an authentication tool that allows users to sign into multiple applications or databases with a single set of credentials. Federation is the linking of IT systems, organizations, and personal identities with credentials and repositories. SSO products serve to simplify identification processes and create an uninhibited feel when working to access applications, portals, and servers. The software is designed to allow users to access multiple applications or data sets without requiring multiple logins. The goal of SSO products is not only to improve ease of use while navigating across applications, but also to minimize work for IT administrators and developers by centralizing access management. SSO products effectively join the desired applications and route logins through an SSO server. These products often include features such as dashboards for simplified navigation, application clouds, directory integration, and mobile applications for remote access. There is some crossover between SSO software and solution types such as cloud identity and access management software, password management software, and user provisioning/governance software, but single sign on products focus mainly on secure enterprise access to servers, applications, and databases rather than the management of data or passwords.

To qualify for inclusion in the SSO category, a product must:

  • Allow users access to multiple applications or databases through one portal
  • Automate authentication to prevent multiple logins
  • Centralize authentication servers across applications
  • Provide secure access to applications and data
  • Integrate login access to business applications
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Results: 83
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    C1Exchange is a global full stack programmatic solution (SSP/DSP).

    Solution of security and conformity of the servers Control of integrity

    Secure, password-free login through your smartphone.

    Cicero XM is a desktop solution that allows you to focus on increasing business user productivity and improving the customer experience. It includes a powerful database that not only provides data storage for transactional data, but also provides further insight into your operations what your employees are doing and what your customers are experiencing.

    Daon’s IdentityX Platform offers the freedom to integrate existing security systems into an overall security scheme and the choice to add new technologies as they become available. You can select from a number of entirely different authentication systems and manage them as part of a holistic security approach. You can even pick and choose your preferred security factors and transition from one authentication system to another in a controlled manner.

    EJBCA Validation Authority (VA) enables on-line verification of authentication and digitally signed transactions.

    Enterprise Application Access is a unique cloud architecture that closes all inbound firewall ports, while ensuring that only authorized users and devices have access to the internal applications they need, and not the entire network. No one can access applications directly because they are hidden from the Internet and public exposure. Enterprise Application Access integrates data path protection, single sign-on, identity access, application security, and management visibility and control into a single service.

    With Evidian Enterprise SSO access will be more quickly and securely available. Settings are managed and applied automatically. Evidian Identity & Access Manager will bring real changes to the daily routine of everyone in your company.

    Fischer is a holistic identity governance and administration platform that scales to meet each organization’s needs and delivery preference: on-premises software, manged Identity as a Service® Cloud service, or hosted cloud.

    Framework Communications is a single-source Managed IT & Telecommunications solution and support provider. It's self-funded and self-motivated with a business model which focuses on empowering its employees with a sense of collaborative ownership with what it does while focusing on their career development.

    Give your employees, customers and partners a single sign-on solution for accessing digital content, data and a variety of online services. Create a personalized portal for authenticating users and granting access based on assigned roles and authority levels.

    The free open source Gluu Server enables organizations to centralize their authentication and authorization service and leverage standards such as OpenID Connect, UMA, and SAML 2.0 to achieve federated single sign-on (SSO), strong authentication, and web and API access management.

    ImageWare’s GoVerifyID Cloud component includes server arrays optimized to perform hundreds of millions of biometric authentications across hundreds of millions of identities in real-time. It is provided as a cloud SaaS making it quick to deploy and easy to maintain

    With the HyperFIDO key, you can use a single device to sign in to multiple accounts. What's more, there's no need manage them yourselfthe HyperFIDO key manages them automatically for you.

    Our on-premise authentication solution gives you the flexibility to secure access across your enterprise without compromising the user experience. With a wide range of capabilities, assurance levels, deployment options and mobile innovations, you can easily provision authentication methods tailored to your security needs. A single point of administration lets you manage identities for all users across your entire enterprise, including cloud and legacy applications, VPN access, desktop login and customer and partner portals. And when you’re ready to move to a cloud-based authentication solution, we can protect your investment by transitioning you to our IntelliTrust™ Authentication Service.

    IntelliTrust Authentication Service — an analyst top-rated solution — enables secure access that’s simple to deploy, easy to manage and effortless to use. Behind-the-scenes authentication empowers IntelliTrust users to log in to workstations and applications, and open secure doors with just a tap of their phones. Quickly and easily provision authentication to new applications and streamline identity management across your hybrid enterprise environment from one platform. Incorporate a zero-trust architecture with our industry-proven, time-tested intelligent identity solution. is a fully managed/hosted ELK to index, search, analyze and visualize data.

    MonoSign offersSingle Sign-On (SSO) system for businesses.

    OpenAthens is a completely hosted solution with ability to integrate with any SAML-based or LDAP standard protocols compliant system. OpenAthens enable your organisation to securely and effectively manage your users’ access to web-based resources, allowing access to services outside or within federations such as the UK Access Management Federation and OpenAthens Federation.

    QuickLaunch SSO is an identity management software that helps institutions to integrate their applications irrespective of their integration protocol e.g. LDAP integrated apps, secure web authentication, CAS/SAML/OAUTH enabled apps.

    SAASPASS is your key to the world. By providing a comprehensive and frictionless solution fully-secured with dynamic passcodes and multi-factor authentication, SAASPASS is the only identity and access management tool you need to secure your corporate network or your own personal data. Whether logging into your work emails and company apps, accessing your personal online bank account, making purchases at online retailers, browsing social media, or even unlocking the door of your car, home, or hotel room, SAASPASS allows you to use your mobile or other enabled device to manage all your digital and physical access needs securely and conveniently SAASPASS allows you to do with one product what it currently takes a combination of 4 to 5 other products to do.

    Salesforce App Cloud provides an out-of-the-box identity solution using open standards, including SAML, OpenID Connect, OAuth, and SCIM. Now IT can manage apps, users, and data sharing with simplicity and transparency.

    Search Guard can be used to secure your Elasticsearch cluster by working with different industry standard authentication techniques, like Kerberos, LDAP/Active Directory, JSON web tokens, TLS certificates and Proxy authentication/SSO.

    SecureAuth Cloud Access provides secure single sign-on (SSO) authentication solutions using multi-factor and new adaptive authentication.

    We believe that logging on should be a simple process where thousands of users can be securely deployed at the click of a button. Our technology leverages existing infrastructure such as Active Directory to create simple, elegant and scalable solutions.

    Smart, Simple & Secure Cloud Identity & Access Management

    Soffid is an open source software for SSO and Identity and Access Management fully accessible and free.

    SSH Universal Key Manager grants, automates and enables single sign-on remote access to the digital core of every Fortune 500 company.

    SSO Easy is a turnkey enterprise SAML solution.

    SutiSecure permits authorized users to access multiple applications with one username and password from a single interface. It improves the productivity of employees, adherence to compliances.

    Identity Bridge is a SSO service for companies using Google ID to easily access online applications like Office 365, Jira, Salesforce and many others. The 10Duke Identity Bridge will remove the hassle of signing in separately to each service, making the workforce work more efficiently.

    Xpress Sign-On is a next generation Web Single Sign On solution that provides users with seamless and secured access to any Web Based, or cloud application from any device, anytime and anywhere. Xpress Sign-On provides out-of-the box support for any on premise Thick/Rich client based applications.