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Server virtualization software divides physical servers into multiple virtual segments that can be managed independently. Server virtualization products, commonly referred to as hypervisors, are used by organizations to partition dedicated servers into scalable virtual instances called virtual private servers (VPS). Virtual private servers created with server virtualization software can each host a unique operating system and be managed independently through an integrated hosting control panel. Organizations use server virtualization software to allocate server resources among virtual machines for workload optimization. Virtual machines created with server virtualization software are often more flexible and reliable to manage than unpartitioned servers. Organizations that house and manage servers internally implement server virtualization software to reduce strains on resources. Additionally, server virtualization software is commonly used by hosting service providers to offer VPS hosting services to their customers.

To qualify for inclusion in the Server Virtualization category, a product must:

  • Allow users to partition physical servers into multiple virtual instances
  • Enable easy management of scalable virtual environments
  • Offer access to a built-in or third-party control panel through which virtual servers can be managed
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    Titanium Cloudis a software solution that provides a platform that runs virtual functions with high reliability and is built to support the intensive performance, reliability, and security requirements of the worldmost demanding communications networks.

    UCS Virtual Machine Manager (UVMM) is an easy-to-use and cost-efficient management tool to virtualize IT infrastructures and centrally manage your (hybrid) cloud environments. Using the hypervisor KVM as the underlying virtualization technology, UVMM lets you create, manage and remove virtualized servers and machines from any environment (Microsoft Windows, UCS and other Linux distributions). UVMM is an integrated administrative tool, which you can access via the management system of our server

    Sangoma Enterprise SBC Virtual Machine is designed to work in leading edge virtualization platforms, including VMware, Hyper-V, KVM and Amazon Web Services. It is also compatible with most commercially available motherboards and servers so that you can install the software directly to bare metal too! The Enterprise Virtual Machine SBC is field-upgradable to 4000 simultaneous calls and with built-in redundancy this makes the Sangoma SBC Virtual Machine the most cost-effective flexible solution wi

    Virtkick is the last VM management panel you'll ever need.

    VM Ware is a virtualization platform based on a CISCO UCS with fast HPE 3PAR Storage, designed to offer the best value for the most demanding computing requirments.

    VMLite Workstation is a virtualization component of VMLite that enables you to run multiple operating systems simultaneously. VMLite Workstation runs the operating system and applications directly on top of an existing operating system without any modification.

    Voxility offers bare-metal servers designed with control features of a virtual server.

    vSAN ReadyNodes provide the most flexible server options to build Hyper-Converged Infrastructure based on VMware vSAN. Learn more about vSAN ReadyNodes.

    Webair's Bare Metal Server solutions are designed to meet the most demanding performance and uptime requirements. Featuring ample storage and generous bandwidth, coupled with enterprise-grade hardware and a 100% uptime guarantee, Webair's Bare Metal Servers ensure your infrastructure is operating at peak performance so you can focus on your core business.

    ZeroVM is an open source virtualization technology that is based on the Chromium Native Client project.

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