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Best Secure Web Gateways

Secure web gateways are comprehensive web security platforms designed to prevent internet threats and ensure employee compliance. Secure web gateways filter websites, content, and downloads to identify malware signatures. The gateway creates a wall between web browsers and the endpoint device to identify malware, malicious code, and dangerous URLs and prevent users from engaging. Companies use these tools to enforce security policies across multiple remote endpoints. Secure web gateways give companies and businesses increased control and visibility across their businesses over the threats present and enforce established policies to prevent incidents.

These tools offer a similar solution to browser isolation software, but provide protection differently. While browser isolation provides a layer of abstraction from the user to the web, secure web gateways deliver a filtering system for policy enforcement and malware protection.

To qualify for inclusion in the Secure Web Gateway category, a product must:

  • Filter or scan web content for viruses, spam, or other malware
  • Identify and block potentially dangerous URLs or web traffic
  • Provide policy enforcement capabilities for compliant web browsing
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    Browser Security Plus is an enterprise browser management tool that helps IT administrators manage and secure browsers across networks. It enables them to enforce security policies, control browser extensions and plug-ins, sandbox and lockdown enterprise browsers and also ensure compliance with stipulated browser configurations to protect their networks from browser-based threats.

    Ntrepid Passages is an enterprise-class browsing solution that isolates the browser in a virtual machine to prevent against web-based attacks.

    Provision SWG combines anti-malware, URL filtering, web content filtering, bandwidth management, application control and caching capabilities in order to secure, monitor and control web 2.0 traffic, whether it is encrypted or not.

    Rawstream is a workforce management software that is a cloud-based web filtering and monitoring solution to help businesses boost employee productivity and secure web access.

    To save businesses' resources and prevent staff from wasting work time on irrelevant web surfing SafeDNS provides a sophisticated cloud-based service for internet security and web content filtering. The service increases users' safety online by blocking botnets, malicious and phishing sites, filters out most of distracting internet ads and content users consider inappropriate or work unrelated. The SafeDNS reliable and simple corporate web content filter has scores of useful features: - Protecting entire networks, off-network and mobile users - Protecting any internet-connected device with any OS - Protecting computers taken off network, with a special agent software (SafeDNS Agent) - Protecting mobile devices taken off network, with SafeDNS Agent - Protecting mobile devices taken off network, any type of connection (cell, Wi-Fi), with Mobile Filtering Option - 60 filtering categories - Multi-policy filtering - Ad blocking (banner, video, audio, context, pop-up ads) - Proxy & anonymizer blocking - Phishing and malware protection - Blocking of botnets C&C servers - Notifying of requests from protected devices to servers controlling botnets - Supporting dynamic IPs, any dynamic DNS service or update API - Individual white & blacklist - per each policy - Advanced management of white & blacklists - Whitelist-only mode - Forced Safe Search for Google & Bing - Forced YouTube Restricted Mode - Custom settings managed from anywhere on the Internet, via user dashboard or SafeDNS Agent - Fully customizable block page - standard, custom logo+text, HTML mode, concealed block page - Blocking differently on some computers, no blocking at all on others - with SafeDNS Agent, Mobile Filtering option and IP policies - Different filtering policies for different users on the same computer, with SafeDNS Agent - Blocking differently (or everything) during certain times of the day, with a scheduler - Multiple role-based administrators for enterprise customers - Logging administrator's actions - Shortcuts for local network resources and Active Directory (Aliases) - Detailed reports and stats - Archiving stats and logs for a 1/2 years (depending on Service Plan) - Stats export, in CSV - Support of AD resources in the cloud service - with a special version of SafeDNS Agent or an option in the cloud - Standard support by email and phone, online - via Feedback Form or a chat on the SafeDNS site - Free trial

    Safely Open files, emails and web sites you don't trust

    SafeSquid SWG is a 100% software based, download-and-deploy secure web gateway solution.

    Sangfor is a network solution designed to simplify and visualize user management.

    Singtel Secure Web Gateway is designed to protect businessed with the essential solution for web infrastructure.

    Tala's AI-driven, agent-less solution protects PC and Mobile Users against XSS, cryptojacking, click-jacking, ad injection, web injection and other malicious attacks.

    Trustwave Secure Web Gateway that can detect malware on the fly without relying on signatures, gain zero-day protection against advanced threats and enable the safe and secure use of applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Gmail all while minimizing confidential data loss and ensuring productivity and compliance.

    Verizons Secure Cloud Gateway delivers a secure, cloud-based, distributed web gateway that helps you defend your business. Acting as both a first and last line of defense, this service protects users, apps, and data on any device, while maintaining performance and eliminating the need to backhaul traffic.

    Votiro's certified Disarmer provides the most advanced email protection available today against zero-day threats, while eliminating false positives and without requiring any significant investment.

    A scalable, easy-to-manage gateway that consolidates B2B transactions and connects enterprises with trading partners of all sizes. Used with webMethods Integration Server. Read more