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Sales intelligence software helps companies use internal and external data to increase sales and improve sales processes. Companies use sales intelligence software to improve the quality and quantity of sales leads by using data to find new opportunities and provide salespeople with the information they need to take advantage of them. This type of software is used by marketing and sales executives to define and implement sales strategies based on their data combined with external data in their CRM software such as lists of prospects, databases of contacts, etc.

To qualify for inclusion in the Sales Intelligence category, a solution must:

  • Provide information and insights about prospects, which can be combined with business data generated by companies
  • Include functionality to perform activities to search company lists, identify potential customers based on custom criteria, and use contact information to approach them
  • Integrate with sales and marketing software, as well as analytics, business intelligence, or data management solutions
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    Scan, manage, sync and exchange business cards

    Getting the attention of a decision-maker is hard work but sellers are 147% more likely to set an appointment when calling their prospects directly. RampedUp helps hard-working sales people by providing a “direct dial” phone number for their prospects - making their job more fun and productive. Our Look Alike customer functionality identifies the companies and contacts that are the perfect fit for your business. We provide deep insight in the form of triggering events, installed technology, competitive detail, and customized messaging that helps sellers get to their buyers - faster. We integrate with Salesforce but we also create targeted call-lists that are easy to export. Account Based Selling has never been so easy! The Right Person, The Right Message, Right Around the Gatekeeper!

    (31)4.2 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    EverString’s AI SaaS solution is designed for B2B sales and marketing professionals to drive pipeline growth, help close new customers, expand into new markets, prioritize accounts, and provide actionable insights – all without the need for an administrator.

    Sendbloom is a data-driven sales automation platform that makes it easy to create hyper-targeted email campaigns.

    Intricately offers a data set that most marketing and sales teams never knew existed. Organizations have historically been deciding who their target customers are based on basic data including firmographic and binary, often inaccurate, technographic data. Companies that sell digital products that still use physical data are missing the most important factor -- a prospect’s investment in digital spend. Our data allows organizations to truly discover who their top target accounts are and disqualify companies who aren’t a good fit before investing your team’s time and money. Customers like AWS, Google, Fastly, and Verizon redefine their target accounts, enhance current scoring/propensity models, identify new markets/verticals and much more.

    Simplify Prospecting "Inside" Social Profiles

    Workbench Data Optimizer is a secure cloud-based platform that optimizes your data, helps you profile your best opportunities and target the audiences you want to reach. Loaded with advanced analytics and easy integration into your marketing systems, Workbench: Unlocks the value in the data you have Enhances the new data you collect every day Drives more effective segmentation and targeting to accelerate growth for your business

    xiQ, Inc. provides real-time personalized business intelligence to help accelerate sales, monitor competitive activity and improve marketing effectiveness. xiQ’s platform delivers relevant insights about customers, industries and products for B2B professionals with personalized mobile apps, email digests and customized news feeds. xiQ uses a combination of natural language processing, artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to synthesize data and news from multiple communications channels, including Internet feeds, and Social Media, into contextual business-ready information. It empowers sales and marketing teams with the competitive edge to accelerate sales and drive more effective programs. xiQ reduces the time and costs to deliver insights by 90%. It’s like having your own personal business intelligence concierge. The platform integrates over 20,000 media and custom content sources and incorporates IBM Watson™ APIs for advanced analytics. xiQ was selected as one of the top Marketing tools in 2015 by Smart Selling Tools. xiQ was selected as top solution for sales and company intelligence by VentureBeat in their Inside Sales Map published in December 2015. In Martech 2016, xiQ was recognized as core solution for Account-Based Marketing, delivering valuable insights about the account or the company, their competition, latest news and trends about their industry, key influencers in their markets and most importantly their executives - news about them and by them including social intelligence such as their latest tweet about their upcoming products xiQ is an IBM Watson, Marketo and HubSpot partner. accelerates enterprise growth through the power of AI. With the industry’s only Revenue Intelligence System, frees all customer-facing teams, including sales, marketing, and customer success, from manual data entry by automatically capturing all contacts and customer activity data, dynamically updating the CRM and providing actionable intelligence across all management tools, allowing them to realize their full selling capacity. Headquartered in San Francisco, has been recognized as a Gartner Cool Vendor and backed by Y Combinator and Silicon Valley’s top investors, including Andreessen Horowitz, and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

    Zint is a Prospect Relationship Management system and the first of it's kind. Mirroring your existing prospecting spreadsheets, Zint fills in the gaps with real-time insight, enabling Sales teams to identify the best sales opportunities at any given time and collaborate seamlessly around one single source of truth. As a result, our customers have seen an 80% increase in the number of qualified leads they have generated and have more than doubled their typical number of referrals. To trial the platform, head to and set up your free account.

    IKO is a B2B prospecting software driving efficient sales teams. Don’t allow opportunities to slip between the cracks; touch every lead with personalized, automated email scenarios to reach them at the right time with the right message. Email tracking, performance and engagement analytics, expert consultants, CRM and MAP integration, predictive scoring, and a dedicated customer success team means your sales reps will have the data-driven tools they need to hit their targets and control their pipeline. Whatever the source - your CRM, the web, social networks or IKO’s own predictive outbound leads - sales teams take control of the communication process to set more meetings, faster.

    sales-i is a Software-as-a-Service sales performance solution design for B2B companies who want to improve the performance of their sales function, yet don't get the customer visibility they need. - Alert your sales team to hidden, easy-to-close opportunities and give them greater visibility of customer buying patterns. - Speed up your sales teams meeting prep, call planning and contact management, while giving them access to critical sales data in the palm of their hand. - On average it costs you $500 per day to employ a salesperson and for $4 more, sales-i will provide them with a profitable focus on sales activities so that sales time is not wasted. Simple, effective sales analytics software.

    SalesRipe provides unlimited access to targeted business sales leads including phone numbers and direct emails. Find your next customers by industry, contact title, location, size, technologies used and more. Start with a 7-Day Free Trial, no credit card required.

    (19)4.3 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Many B2B marketers struggle to keep their contact data clean and useful. That’s why leading global brands improve their prospecting performance and sales conversion rates by using Synthio’s contact data management platform. Utilizing our data health analysis and self-service functionalities, marketers can build, refresh, cleanse, and append data sets on the fly. The data is then continuously managed to ensure integrity. Even more, they appreciate that we follow the person, not the company. With Synthio, you know you’re constantly in contact with the right person, allowing you to reach your desired audience with the most effective message. Visit us today to see how Synthio can help you reach more, better-qualified customers:

    YesData connects Salesforce to the business database. You connect to your next company. It's that simple.

    Bullhorn Pulse is a software that enables companies to radically improve the way their teams manage client relationships. It captures every interaction (including email and phone), turns these interactions into something meaningful and highlights the relationships that require action. Using the customer insights that Bullhorn Pulse uncovers, companies are able to reduce churn, eliminate business risk, and turn their customers into their best prospects. is a trusted business information research and prospecting tool that offers deep company profiles, corporate families and personnel/contacts on over 1,000,000 parent and subsidiary businesses worldwide.

    BuzzBoard uncovers data-driven insights about SMBs that drive more meaningful conversations for marketers and sellers, resulting in increased sales across the customer lifecycle. By applying data science and digital signals to the world’s most extensive collection of business intelligence about SMBs, BuzzBoard answers the most important question for marketers and sellers: why will my prospects and customers want to engage? BuzzBoard transforms unproductive sales interactions into customized opportunities to improve customer engagement, book more appointments and close deals faster. Most, if not all, of the analytics, lead generation and sales enablement solutions in the market today just answer the WHO and the HOW. They try to generate leads (the WHO) for their customers and provide workflows and tools to efficiently turn leads into sales, at scale (the HOW). While these solutions create some value, they fall short of addressing the WHY. BuzzBoard’s unique, insights-driven technology provides micro-targeting capabilities for prospecting, identifies upsell and cross-sell opportunities to grow existing customers, automatically monitors top accounts to increase retention, and generates compelling content that fuels customer engagement. BuzzBoard is easy to implement, simple to use and works seamlessly across all devices and screens — allowing marketing and sales teams to research companies and contacts, engage with clients, view company profiles and competitive reports and access timely company and market data on the go. With BuzzBoard, you can create better sales opportunities and deeper engagement, leading to more sales and lasting customer relationships. For more information, visit

    RingLead offers a complete end-to-end suite of products to clean, protect and enhance company and contact information, leading to improved organizational efficiency, reliable business intelligence, and maximized ROI on CRM and marketing automation investments. Streamline the health of your database by continuously capturing, cleansing, protecting, and enriching your data with customizable technology and real-time, crowdsourced intelligence. Partnered with leading data vendors and social platforms, RingLead provides the highest level of accurate company, contact, and direct dial data in order to fuel your funnel and deliver a 360° view of your target audience to deliver the right message, at the right time. Align sales and marketing with a scalable, secure platform that boosts performance, enables advanced account-based marketing strategies, and generates a pipeline that consistently translates to revenue. Since 2003 RingLead has helped solve the dirty data problems of large enterprises, Fortune 500 companies and small businesses across the globe. RingLead’s premier DMS platform includes: DMS Capture: Collect 1000+ leads within minutes and seamlessly export your lists to multiple CRM’s, or an Excel spreadsheet to decrease your prospecting time by half. Detect and prevent duplicates from entering your database, and enrich the remaining leads all from one main screen. DMS Cleanse: Remove all duplicate records in your CRM by merging leads, contacts, and accounts with the click of a button. Increase productivity by automating your cleanse tasks to run hourly, daily, weekly or monthly with our scheduler tool and receive email updates when the task is complete. DMS Duplicate Prevention: Prevent duplicates from entering your system for leads, contacts and accounts, through list imports, web submissions and manual entry. Choose from over 55 custom matching logic rules that are specific to your company in order to identify duplicates. DMS Enrichment: Append all of the data in your CRM with real-time contact and firmographic information. Our intelligent proprietary aggregation technology boasts the highest match rates in the industry, giving users access to mobile numbers, email addresses, direct dials and more improving your overall conversion metrics.

    The List Online is a sales intelligence resource that enables clients to relevantly connect and engage with advertisers and agencies. The platform has now been evolved into a new and improved resource called Winmo. Please visit the Winmo G2Crowd profile to see reviews and details of the most up-to-date version. Like The List Online, Winmo users primary research to create exclusive, actionable intelligence that allows business development teams to prospect the advertising, media and marketing contacts at their most sought-after companies and brands.

    Maximize revenue, increase sales and acquire your total addressable market instantly using artificial intelligence. Join thousands who are generating millions today at

    FindThatLead is a chrome extension that helps in finding emails from any LinkedIn profile.

    KickFire is a powerful API that combines B2B firmographic data and our advanced IP-to company identification technology, TWIN Caching, to provide business intelligence for a wide range of applications, such as account-based marketing, content personalization, B2B ad-targeting and much more. KickFire provides the most accurate firmographic data and IP resolution in the industry. With its RESTful API builder and JSON schema, KickFire makes it simple to query by IP, domain, or company.

    LexisNexis Prospect Portfolio, a Web-based product available as a stand-alone or within, maximizes your sales performance and better leverages your CRM investment by helping to identify opportunities, with reliable intelligence on 80 million companies, 63 million executives and 1,000 industries

    LiveHive’s single, unified sales acceleration platform delivers advanced automation and deep buyer-based engagement analytics to give sales reps insights to advance sales opportunities and arm sales managers with visibility into team behavior, processes, and opportunities at every stage of the sales cycle. Using LiveHive’s sales acceleration platform, businesses are tripling sales rep productivity, increasing conversion rates by 36% and speeding quality connects up to 4x to lower their cost of sale and generate higher growth for the business.

    Discover new prospects in minutes, get instant access to business contact information, and conduct targeted outreach with LeadLeaper’s cloud-based sales intelligence and prospecting app for sales professionals. With LeadLeaper, it's a snap to email dozens of new contacts and then track their interest, giving you more time to devote to prospects that are really interested in meeting with you. LeadLeaper is the perfect pipeline-building tool for any organization looking for a better, faster way to identify and develop new prospects and get in front of decision makers quickly.

    Full service new business prospecting center to help sales teams and new business executives prospect more efficiently, effectively and intelligently. Access Confidential is more than just another database. It is a data, research, search and insights center with live support for your individual data requests and needs.

    (11)3.5 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    Node’s proprietary Artificial Intuition™ technology, powered by deep learning, makes sense of the relationships between customer-owned data and the billions of people and companies on the web to proactively surface the most relevant opportunities in real-time. Companies can leverage Node’s database and AI-powered predictions through its online application (Node for Enterprise) and/or Rest APIs.

    RevBoss is a sales prospecting SaaS platform. We've got the prospect data, sales workflow, and customer service you need to find your next customer.

    Etools is a professional toolkit that lets you find the exact contact details of any business. It is designed to enhance B2B communication by providing its users with all the available and valid contact information of businesses and the people who work in them. Etools is easy to use directly or integrate in your workflows using its UI, browser extensions, and developer-friendly APIs.

    Easily scan business cards into your iOS or Android address book, share your contact info, and connect on LinkedIn!

    Global Database is a business intelligence market leader, providing company information through their online platform and integrated workflow solutions. Whether you are looking for business leads, company financial information, credit risk or to get an insight about which technology a company is using, Global Database provides a unified platform to cover everything. Global Database is a strong British data provider which offers a large directory, holding over 80 million direct contacts (CEOs, directors, managers, heads of departments and other) and more than 60 million company profiles which cover 195 countries and 34 industries. Their platform is an automatically daily updated directory. It allows to follow preferred profiles, either companies’ or executives’, sending instant notifications once the information thereof is changed (phone number, email, post or seniority level, or any other data). There are more than 100 filters available (e.g. industry, company size/revenue, SIC code, seniority level, years of experience), which allow users to find quickly and easily exactly the contacts they need. In the same time Global Database can be integrated with your own Salesforce account and other CRMs (Slack, amoCRM, Asana etc.), different Marketing Automation tools (Oracle Eloqua, Zendesk, HubSpot, Marketo, Mailchimp etc.), as well as App and Sales Development tools (Salesloft, Outreach, etc.). For marketing and sales professionals, the platform is a great source of new and active leads, showing all technologies used by every company in part. For finance departments financial history for up to 10 years, organizational charts and many other financial data are shown, which can all be exported as a PDF file. Yet another important thing to mention is that among their clients, Global Database can proudly name Microsoft, Oracle, Avaya, Cisco, KPMG, Maserati, DHL, Dupont, Iveco, Caterpillar, Ipsos, Motorola Solutions, Experian and more, fact that suggests the highest quality of the data provided to clients. The platform allows to download contacts’ information for an unlimited number of times in CVS and XLS formats, without any additional charges. is the inventor of Live Data®, Auto Prospector that enable organisations to build predictable pipeline through validated and actionable data.

    Headquartered in the heart of Colorado’s high-tech community, SaleScout has a singular mission – to help its customers exceed plans at the top and bottom of the sales funnel. Founded in 2014, SaleScout (formerly TermScout) is a B2B data solutions company offering customers unique data sources and sales triggers, combined with machine learning and human verification. Enterprise-level accounts in telecom, unified communications, cybersecurity, IT, cloud computing, office services and commercial real estate receive exclusive data on more than 10 million companies through the company’s suite of solutions, including ScoutFeed, MQLs, WatchList, targeted lists and contact optimization. For more information, please visit

    Oxyleads is a business contact data provider that offers access to data about companies and people. Oxyleads Prospector is a cloud-based lead generation and digital prospecting platform that can help find companies and people based on the industry, revenue, and other helpful keywords - generating contact lists that can be customized and exported. Having access to contacts with position descriptions, the appropriate decision makers can be identified. OxyLeads Chrome extension is a nifty widget that can populate business information about an extensive list of companies simply by visiting their website. It generates helpful leads and information about a company, including a list of web-based technologies the company uses. This is how business teams can save time by using Oxyleads: - Finding quality leads OxyLeads Prospector helps businesses to identify potential leads, search contact details like phone numbers and email addresses. With 8+ million companies and 330+ million people to choose from, you can easily find information about your potential clients or competitors. - Company data OxyLeads users can browse through millions of data entries, search and filter B2B data of more than 8M global companies by industry, location, revenue and many other data points. - Automated outreach With the Prospector MailMerge feature, sales teams can automate email outreach and build a repeatable sales process. They can create personalized email templates, schedule email delivery and send more tailored, personalized emails and follow-ups. - Easy list building It takes up to 3 minutes to create an outbound list that has the most up-to-date contact info and is ready to be sent. OxyLeads is built in a way that finding high-quality business contacts and building targeted lead lists is easy even if you’ve never used a business data platform before. - Data renewal Oxyleads has more than three terabytes of business data that is continuously validated, checked and updated. - Recruitment Recruiters and HR personnel can use more than 3TB of data collected from business information platforms, jobs and recruiting sites, social networks, and more to search and filter candidates. gives you unlimited sales leads, business profiles, person search and mailing lists for a very low monthly price or annual price. Our sales leads will be a starting point for you to find new customers and increase your sales. Our databases are triple-verified and are the most accurate on the market.

    Opensense (formerly SenderGen) delivers beautiful email signatures, on any device . Our email signature management and analytics suite allow the Marketing and Sales teams to: 1) Centrally manage the look & feel of their email signature branding. (No more ugly and unprofessional looking signatures) 2) Insert real-time personalized banners and promotions into the signature. Targeting based on Marketo, Hubspot, Salesforce and more. (Drive whitepaper downloads, video views, and event registrations.) 3) Provide Sales teams with the most advanced email analytics data in the world. (Multi-recipient email analytics and more. ie, Sales analytics for grown-ups) We work on every email client (Outlook, iPhone, Gmail Web, Android ++ etc)

    (7)4.3 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Optimized for quick response

    PipeCandy is the only predictive analytics platform that tracks global e-Commerce landscape to predict major inflection points in e-Commerce businesses. PipeCandy tracks over 100 e-Commerce specific attributes. World's leading corporations use PipeCandy's insights to discover e-Commerce companies to sell to, acquire or partner with.

    AdDataExpress is an online sales intelligence tool that helps marketers and sales people identify prospects at advertising companies. The value proposition is that AdDataExpress empowers users to prospect more productively and accelerate new business relationships.

    GetEmail provides anyone's email in seconds.

    The key strategy in generating predictable revenue is building a predictable pipeline. Sales VPs of some of the biggest Fortune 1000 companies use Autoklose daily, to achieve this. Autoklose is the first email outreach software with an integrated B2B database filled with over 8 million verified B2B leads. Awarded for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface, Autoklose reduces the onboarding time to a minimum making your sales reps happy and focused. • save 3 hours per day, per sales rep. • sync seamlessly with your existing sales stack. • use real-time reporting & analytics. Trusted by market leaders and growing businesses. Autoklose is built for entrepreneurs, sales, and marketing. Autoklose helps you and your teams: * Target — the right prospects by utilizing our huge database packed with clean, verified B2B leads from different industries and applying a number of different powerful filters. * Engage — your prospects and convert them into loyal customers by sending out sequences of highly tailored emails at scale, fine-tuning your campaigns real time, and automating your sales process. * Grow — your business by managing your teams, monitoring the performance of your campaigns and each individual team member, analyzing reports directly from your dashboard, and following a simple formula – test, improve, repeat, and thrive. Be bold. Start klosing with a k. AUTOKLOSE.

    Find Business Email Address with just name and company. eMail-Prospector tool finds anybody's business email address. Just type in Name and Company, and this tool searches the Internet to find the person's work email address. Sales and Marketing professionals use eMail-Prospector to find business email addresses of Decision makers in targeted list of companies Ideal Prospects from professional network sites. Attendees and exhibitors at trade shows, conferences and summits Key personnel that came across the Internet - online directories, newsletters, blogs, etc.,

    iDatalabs provides actionable market intelligence by applying data science and machine learning to big data on technology usage by businesses.

    Klue is a market and competitive intelligence platform that helps Marketing and Enablement teams collect, curate, and deliver intel to Sales to close more deals.

    The Pinnacle B2B Customer Acquisition System is designed to help you maintain the profitability of your hard-earned customer sites, and to decrease customer attrition.

    RocketReach allows you to lookup email, phone and social links for over 300 Million Professionals. Never waste time manually prospecting again. RocketReach uses a number of methods to lookup or predict contact information for professionals. Our algorithms are constantly looking for updated data, to ensure that contact information is as accurate as possible and exhaustive. Lookup contacts using our Chrome Extension with the click of a button, or use our bulk lookup feature for lists of multiple contacts at the same time. We also offer Salesforce and Zapier Integration. ***NEW*** Send emails to newly found prospects directly through RocketReach with our new OutReach Feature! Find contact emails, create custom templates and track prospect responses all in one place for a seamless workflow. Check it out at today.

    SifData helps companies monitor when their customers and prospects move companies and surface that intelligence within the CRM to drive pipeline, close deals faster and reduce churn.

    Colabo is a sales acceleration platform that harnesses next-generation engagement channels like LinkedIn, Twitter and Meetup for prospecting and engaging new leads. Sales Representatives can create customized messages that resonate, and achieve increased response rates. Sales Teams have access to live accurate data and the ability to engage with prospects through modern channels and Sales Team Managers have a view into their teams social prospecting activities.

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