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A retail management system (RMS) is a platform that combines several useful tools to aid in running a retail store or chain, such as inventory management, point of sale (POS), and customer relationship management (CRM).

Retail management systems can help store owners by providing multiple services in one place, streamlining the process of running a store. Everyday tasks such as managing and buying inventory, checking out customers, scheduling employee shifts, and keeping track of finances are easily completed using one solution. Some platforms are even compatible with mobile devices, so these tasks can be done anywhere in the store. By only buying one platform for your business, rather than several, you can ensure that all the systems will share information and work well together. Some platforms will even have marketing and analytics tools to help you improve your business.

Common components of retail management systems are inventory management, workforce management, POS, accounting, CRM, and analytics. Some products will have marketing or e-commerce tools to help with online business. Some platforms will offer physical hardware such as card readers and cash drawers that interface with the software; however, many will be able to integrate with your existing hardware.

To qualify for inclusion in the Retail Management System category, a product must:

  • Have multiple functionalities, combining the work of several platforms into one system
  • Track sales inventory and manage store functions
  • Have some sort of analytics function
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    Enterprise Retail Suite's provides technology to medium sized retailers by incorporating business intellegence, customer marketing, a merchandise assortment plan and the ability to sails audit.

    Business Intelligence Module is designed to improve your business decisions, make key choices about inventory, marketing effectiveness, assortment planning, as well as other performance indicators.

    A full customized backoffice software package for c-stores to manage pricebook; inventory; gross profit; vendor costs and much more

    PDI DataMax Envoy offers retailers the flexibility and power to control their operations anytime, anywhere.

    DetailProPOS set low inventory alerts. Under a DetailPro inventory management settings can set a specific quantity and there will be an alert when any product hits that level.

    Give your customers a whole new experience of booking rides or sending requests through your own branded mobile apps with features like live tracking their ride and payments through credit card. Give your customers a whole new experience of booking rides or sending requests through your own branded mobile apps with features like live tracking their ride and payments through credit card.

    eFacto-Retail Software is a comprehensive retail ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for retail and distribution companies. That is comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning for retailing and distribution to the companies and to generate automatic and manually reports e-mailing.

    emnos offers category growth and personalized communication solutions for retailers.

    From management to marketing, retailing to reporting, Envision Ink Software provides the tools needed to grow business. It is our job to make your daily transactions simple and smooth, allowing you to concentrate on what's really important, the guests in your studio.

    E-rmis is an omni-channel retail system to manage the movent of stock and data that includs visibilty, operational managemnt, and control of stock and reporting.

    ERP for Direct Commerce handles the entire life-cycle of your day-to-day business operations (from sourcing your inventory through to depositing funds from completed orders).

    Etail Solutions provides integrated sales, fulfillment, and supply chain automation solutions for online multi-channel retailers.

    eTAM is A proven provider of all-in-one solutions designed to meet the many needs of retailers throughout the U.S and Internationally

    ETP V5 is an enterprise class retail software solution developed with the scalability for business growth and is integrated with inventory and merchandise management, customer service and POS, loyalty and CRM, and more.

    Everest Software was founded in 1994 to enable retail and wholesale organizations to manage every function of their business more effectively.

    Every Store Perfect is a workforce management tool.

    Fashion-Ware is designed and developed from the ground up by an independant fashion retailer as an integrated business management solution focused on their needs. It encompasses all of the function required to operate and manage your business from order control through sales analysis and financial reporting.

    FieldStack is an integrated lean retail software system for mid-size and large retailers.

    Finac Retail software is a SAAS based retail software for SMEs retail business.

    Orpak’s ForeSite is a modular and fully scalable end-to-end automation solution for retail service stations, with the ability to add convenience store management.

    Franchise 360 is online software that enables franchise growth.

    Franchise 360 is online software that enables franchise growth. It can be modified to suit any franchise model. The out-of-the-box product includes CRM, recruitment, network management, financials and operations management, pay-as-you-go pricing and inclusive support.

    Brings you control of your brand, marketing and franchise management at a global, regional and franchise level. With a powerful and flexible suite of content curation, syndication and territory management engines in one multi-regional, multi-lingual franchise software package you have control over your franchise for marketing and franchise management.

    Frogmi enables real time monitoring for your point-of-sale, solves business problems and manage your field team that can be used from any device.

    Futura Retail helps you to avoid lost sales, achieve optimal stock levels across all your channels and engage customers to maximise loyalty. Systems cover stock management and control, loyalty card software, and merchandise planning, all with fast access to live data to drive accurate decision making.

    Ginesys is a retail and manufacturing enterprise software from Ginni Systems Ltd. The product has various modules like Retail Management Inventory Management Procurement Sales & Distribution Accounting/ Finance Production Loyalty Gift Vouchers Replenishment Point of Sales (POS) It is an on-premise solution with desktop based POS. The data between the central application and the POS synchronizes automatically. Businesses using the product are mostly in apparel and lifestyle consumer goods retailing and/or manufacturing and supermarkets.

    GoFrugal Retail will help manage day-to-day decisions with control on master idea, control inventory movenements from a central warehouse or at individual stores and coordinate purchase with suppliers and more.

    GoldTech Retail Manager is designed to help you maintain control over your business preformance and procedures that includes, POS, inventory management, customer managmenet, loyalty, reporting, and more.

    Goods Order Inventory Management System Pro (GOIS Pro) is an innovative cloud-based inventory management solution which supports all platforms includes android and iOS.

    gxCommerce is suite of applications including CRM, accounting, point-of-sale, inventory, support and more for iPad, iPhone, Android, tablets, Mac and PC's. Easily scale your business into one application in the cloud.

    HDPOS Smart is a billing and accounting software designed for retail businesses.

    HDPOS smart is a billing software for apparel, garment and footwear businesses.

    Highline Software provides a retail platform that supports mobilePOS, inventory, CRM, gift cards, loyalty, iBeacons, passbook, big data analytics, open APIs in one unified cloud based application.

    InBloom Resale is a cross platform software based on consignment - perfect for resale shops, retail stores, auction drop off businesses, art galleries, and more. Print check payments to consignors, manage inventory, research your price history & trends, perform reports, beautiful and fully customizable price tag printing, point of sale functionality, barcoding, and more.

    A single dashboard to navigate eons of retail data.

    intale provides sales analysis and market insight advisory services for retail businesses.

    The IQ Business solution is business management software for the distributive and retail trades.

    iRely C-Store is management software for convenience stores

    Briefly, IZBERG provides the most advanced Marketplace platform on the market, allowing mid-size and large companies to increase their revenues, lower their costs, and offer an outstanding shopping experience to their customers.

    JDA offers one-stop shopping for all your site-based operations management needs. JDA Enterprise Store Operations optimizes all your back-office activities, freeing your management team to focus on serving customers, growing sales and building your brand.

    KENMerchant enables retailers to convey an E-2-E retail software solution that unites POS, CRM, ecommerce, inventory, marketing and finance on a single platform.

    Real-time intelligence and automation for a connected world. Powering the Internet of Things with precise localization and edge analytics.

    Kiwapp Retail is a solution designed to create and share apps and forms for retail and sales teams on mobile devices.

    Complete Accounting and Workshop management software for tailoring shop and boutiques.

    Market Track helps brands maintain their price integrity and sell more products through actionable insights that are derived from timely, near perfect ecommerce data. Specifically, Market Track delivers Price Intelligence, MAP Monitoring, and Where To Buy Solutions brands love. Price Intelligence makes tracking consumer sentiment of your products, while staying on top of your online competitors, easier than ever. Our product catalog contains 100+ million products and tracks 1.5+ billion offers across many thousands of brands. MAP Monitoring identifies which sellers are violating MAP across your catalog, records detailed violation history, and helps you enforce brand policies. Includes full case management capability. Supports MSRP, UPP, PMAP, UMRP and other resale price maintenance programs as well. Where To Buy connects shoppers to retailers from your website, social networks, and other digital marketing channels, providing end-to-end tracking and sales attribution. Market Track also partners with agencies planning and buying for brands' product campaigns.

    MediVision Gold Retail software is a management software designed for medical, pharma and drug shops.

    The Meridian EPOS System will give the retailer all the information they need to make decisions all backed up with the experience of working with retailers for over 20 years

    Mi9 Retail has been empowering retailers with leading-edge enterprise software solutions for 15 years and has developed the only enterprise-grade Merchandising and Business Intelligence solution on the market available as a single product. This enables the software to process high volumes of transactions in real time, optimize inventory across all channels of the business, provide a single, accurate source of the truth, reduce the costs to implement, as well as maintain and provide the industry’s fastest time to value. As a customer-centric company exclusively serving the retail market, Mi9 Retail collaborates closely with customers to define the product development road map ensuring customer satisfaction and success. New technologies are utilized to keep products current as well as to future-proof customer investments. Mi9 Retail focuses on delivering great software and support while minimizing the need for professional services. It is important that meaningful, high ROI solutions are delivered with each major product release and that all customers are guaranteed an upgrade path to the latest version of the product, regardless of which version is in use.

    MMI XPERT is a Complete solution for small and midsize retailers, wholesaler and Manufactures operating everything from a single store to a whole chain. It is comprehensive and scalable for those business focusing on significant growth.

    MONK BILL is a Retail billing Software Solutions are designed to give the high level of solutions to the small & Independent Stores, Retailers and Large & Multi Store Retail chain.

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