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Recruiting automation software enables companies to automate the process of manually sourcing qualified candidates. These tools assist HR personnel, hiring managers, and recruiters in creating qualified applicant pools for current and future openings. Recruiting automation solutions employ artificial intelligence to identify qualified candidates, verify email addresses and social profiles, and export full candidate profiles to the appropriate file or software application. These recruiting solutions include features that help organizations manage their candidate pipelines; some even provide insight into the qualities that make a candidate ideal for a particular role or position. Recruiting automation solutions are most commonly implemented in HR departments and are often integrated with applicant tracking system (ATS) software and CRM software to streamline the entire job hiring process from candidate sourcing through employee management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Recruiting Automation category, a product must:

  • Streamline and simplify the recruiting process
  • Provide automated AI sourcing to identify passive qualified talent
  • Build up-to-date talent pools for open and future roles
  • Create and track candidate engagement
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    SHLs selection solutions improve recruiting efficiency and effectiveness as well as the candidate experience. By harnessing best practices and world-class assessments presented through a user-friendly interface you can easily identify candidates best suited for the role, company and culture.

    With Woven, you get the predictive power of a work sample calibrated for your team and your domain without the pain of maintaining it, so you can focus on finding the right culture fit.

    ZAPinfo is an information automation platform used to capture information easily from any website, automatically finds and enriches contact information such as email addresses and social profiles, and then easily zaps that information into any web application using intelligent form mapping or data import capabilities which eliminate manual data entry so that users gain dramatic improvements in productivity.

    Acendre Recruitment helps you source, select and hire high-quality talent quickly and efficiently, while lowering talent acquisition costs.

    Advorto provides recruitment software to manage the entire recruitment process.

    Aevy is an automated talent sourcing platform enabling HR personnel to interact with top talent.

    Easily reach, engage, and hire the job seekers through Aileensoul platform

    AkkuOffice, combined with an in house document manager make your database even more powerful. Remaining organized and on-task has never been so simple. Never forget a follow-up with clients or candidates again. Using AkkenCloud's suite of AkkuOffice tools such as email, calendar, task manager and reminders, keep your business running smoothly.

    Alchemus Talent Management Solution is a set of integrated organizational HR processes designed to attract, develop, motivate, and retain productive and engaged employees.

    Mobile-first job search platform.

    Aspen Tech Labs offers a sophisticated web data management platform to assist on-line advertisers automate, synchronize and enhance their customer data content.

    Allows you to determine what you need to be successful. Make performance reviews and employee assessment simple with a completely customizable system, helping you and your employees get the most out of your work.

    Belong helps organizations discover, engage and hire top, relevant talent at the right time.

    Blendoor uses data-driven technology to enable companies to make better hiring decisions based on merit, not molds.

    Blue Carpet is a talent management software that gets online insights into the talent and performance of a workforce and engages a team of employees in the professional development.

    Blue Octopus is an online recruitment company and offers recruitment software to find the best talent.

    Select the skills and requirements you desire and the newest talents that adhere to selection will be delivered to your inbox weekly.

    Extract data from your resumes/jobs quickly to automate recruitment process.

    CheharaRMS is a video based recruitment platform.

    Chillifactor is an all-in-one recruitment management software.

    HR software that helps organisations attract, engage and retain their workforce more effectively. Our self-service SaaS HR system empowers employees to manage their own data, helping busy HR teams reduce costs, streamline their processes and spend more time working strategically to add value to their organisations.

    ClickIQ is an automated talent attraction platform which plugs recruiters into the UK's largest network of pay-per-click media to reach both Active (Job boards) and Passive (Social) jobseekers.

    CodeGuild serves as a network of professionals and specializes in recruitment within software engineering market.

    Recruitment Management Cloud Solution ctcPeople delivers a fully integrated cloud solution for recruitment agencies, corporate, government and & HR teams through the Asia Pacific region. It easily manages business and consultant workflows and activities.

    CutShort is an AI-based talent marketplace platform to connect with talent, jobs, industry insights and other professionals.

    A mobile platform connecting employers and potential hires.

    eArcu provides market-leading recruitment software for laptop, tablet, and smartphone.

    eConscribi eRecruitment enables you to process your applications electronically - and thereby saving you time and money, while increasing the professionalism with which your applicants are handled.

    Go beyond tracking to natural conversations with 100s of candidates in real time at scale on demand. Virtual Recruiter on your hiring teams means no more limits to recruiter time & availability. AI/ML powered virtual bot recruiter is trained to carry out conversations with candidates right from first connect to collect data, scheduling, offer, on-boarding, all the way to joining. Available over FB messenger and Skype, Emploai Talents enables the quickest way to engage on mobile. No downloads, no installs and ready to chat. Take advantage of powerful Talent Tools to guide the conversations and see talent walk in.

    Emply is a data driven hiring platform.

    ENGAGE integrates with over a hundred ATS, CRM, Contact Management, and Campaign Management platforms including Bullhorn to streamline your sourcing and recruiting workflow. Leveraging a powerful Workflow Management, there are endless possibilities to tailor how it fits in your workflow and enriches your passive candidate recruiting process.

    eRecruiter is the most popular recruitment management platform in Poland, used every day by thousands of recruiters for sourcing job applications, contacting candidates and cooperating with the business from a single place. This system also helps manage the candidates consent clauses and address the new rights of candidates.

    E-Staff is a solution for recruiting agencies and HR departments to track positions, clients, phone calls, interviews, and more.

    EVA is a recruitment platform that eliminates needless complexity and automates tasks.

    Bringing context to your contacts.

    Fetcher is an automated candidate sourcing engine.

    FileFinder Anywhere is the latest generation of FileFinder Executive Search Software, a powerful, and yet easy-to-use, combination of database, project management, web research and CRM tools, designed specifically for executive search firms and in-house strategic recruitment teams.

    Manage your entire recruitment process on one system, saving countless hours of administration.

    The Fusion Recruit platform offers innovative recruiters the tools they need to connect and engage with the mobile-first generation, today.

    Gestmax is a recruitment and candidate application management software. This solution allows you to run your recruitment campaigns from beginning to end, from the distribution of offers on various media (human resources websites, employment sites, social media) to managing the applications received.

    Glidepath is a cloud based recruiting and applicant tracking platform.

    GoHire offers as Suite of Recruiting Chatbots that help companies Attract, Engage, and Hire job seekers through automated messaging platforms: * Text Messaging Automation * Facebook Messenger * Career Chat Our Text Messaging Chatbot has increased Candidate Engagements by over 900% and Candidate Application rates by 500%. Whether engaging new applicants, or reaching out to existing talent in your ATS, GoHire increases your top of funnel while reducing the workload of your recruiters, making the best use of their time talking with qualified applicants. Our Facebook Messenger chatbot, GoBe, won "2017 Most Innovative Social Media Solution"​ ReSI Award.

    Happie is a candidate sourcing and engagement platform.

    A talent assessment platform that helps tech employers find the right talent and gives great candidates a chance to shine.

    Herefish helps staffing firms automatically engage with their candidates and potential clients. In addition to email and text sequences, Herefish can add notes, add tasks and update candidate profiles, automatically and directly in your ATS.

    Hiperpool enables businesses to discover pre-screened professionals.

    HireaJackal is a recruitment technology platform that powers you with tools that accelerate everything you do while you're hiring.

    Harnesses artificial intelligence to help you solve the toughest talent acquisition and workforce optimization challenges.

    HiredScore brings integrated big data and workforce intelligence technology to the Fortune 500. By leveraging the power of data, HiredScore enables Human Resource departments to instantly identify priority candidates among active and passive applicants.