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Check out our list of free Real Estate Marketing Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Real Estate Marketing Software to ensure you get the right product.

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IXACT Contact is a real estate CRM and Marketing Automation solution that provides you with all the tools you need to manage your contact information, keep in touch communications, active business, and online presence. All in a single, easy to use solution at a low price. And with our Mobile App, you can manage your business from anywhere on any device.

I have used Ixact contact for 8+ years. I think it’s easy to CRM. Most independent ppl don’t use it consistently and therefore not product would... Read review
I love that the CRM comes with a ton of out of the box content. When starting out as an agent, there is so much to building a solid business... Read review
(187)4.6 out of 5
Optimized for quick response
Entry Level Price:$1.25 Per Unit

AppFolio Property Manager offers an all-in-one solution with accounting, marketing, leasing, and management functionality for multifamily and single-family, commercial, student housing, community association, and mixed portfolio property managers. Our cloud-based property management software includes the ability to: - Provide instant access to reports and statements directly through an Owner Portal - Post vacancy ads to your website and hundreds of listing sites on the Internet with one click

I have utilized many different industry software options over the last 15+ years. AppFolio is by far the most user friendly, which is critical in... Read review
Kaila S.
Appfolio is excellent at taking feedback from customers with constant updates and new features. Since I've started using the software 4 years ago... Read review
(89)3.8 out of 5

Z57 is the leader in social marketing for real estate agents generating referral leads from Facebook. Z57 empowers agents to have a social presence turning Facebook friends and fans into real leads and website traffic.

The price is nice and the system is fairly easy to use Read review
They offer a website solution tailored for Realtors and a very affordable price Read review
(28)3.1 out of 5

Cloud-based real estate CRM and marketing software for real estate offices, teams, brokers and property developers

Carlene B.
Love that you can send email campaigns. Read review
The staff members I have interacted with are pleasant and patient. I like that there are webinars every week that can be viewed for a refresher. Read review
(14)3.7 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$29 per month

The online solution to all your business and contact management needs. Easy to use software backed up by unbeatable support

Randy C.
We have been using Wise Agent for a number of years. It has grown with us as our team has grown. I have used other CRM's in the past, and honestly... Read review
Compared to other CRM's Wise Agent beats them hands down on the price. They definitely offer a very robust program for what most CRM's would... Read review
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DoorLoop is 100% FREE until 2022! Get a fully customizable property management software that helps manage your properties from one place. Includes unlimited properties, tenants, owners, leases, users, and vendors. Free training & support is included. After January 01 2022, lock in pricing as low as $1.29/unit per month.

0 ratings

PostEngine by Rooof is software designed for the multifamily (apartment) industry. PostEngine fully automates posting classified ads for apartment vacancies. Post ads in seconds, increase ad visibility and generate leads cost-effectively. It is the only software that automatically builds an ad, posts the ad, renews it, and keeps ad prices current if they change. PostEngine is a leasing team must-have!

(4)4.0 out of 5

Qobrix is the go-to software for real estate that helps you capture, interact and convert leads into sales. You will benefit from a powerful CRM system, innovative client and agent portals and a unique, bulk website generator. Qobrix enables you to manage property listings effortlessly, while supporting partners with advanced marketing tools, and providing clients with quick access to the information that they need.

Setup & Customizable is easy with leads management. You can easily pass on the leads to the sales department. They offer a wide collection of... Read review
Nelius M.
Sales operations is automated.The tool provides easy accessibility to sales team at any time regardless of their location. It provides great... Read review
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Rentbot websites are built on our proprietary platform that is ideal for small to middle sized multifamily properties that have outgrown Excel but can't afford full property management software. With us, you get a website that's every aspect and feature is designed to 1) make your life easier - with online payments, real-time availability, online maintenance requests and 2) make your marketing more effective - our websites are designed with built-in SEO that will attract leads and laid out so

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Vendr is an end-to-end dealmaking platform for commercial real estate

Top 10 Free Real Estate Marketing Software in 2021

  • IXACT Contact Real Estate CRM
  • AppFolio Property Manager
  • Z57 Solutions PropertyPulse
  • Propertybase
  • Wise Agent

Learn More About Real Estate Marketing Software

What is Real Estate Marketing Software?

Real estate marketing software helps real estate professionals (e.g., agents, brokers, investors, business owners, and portfolio owners) to better market their properties, build brand awareness, and develop relationships with buyers. The software also cuts costs on extraneous outreach efforts, focuses marketing efforts via analysis on leads, and automates more manual tasks like data collection and notification settings. Real estate marketing software makes it possible for real estate agents and agencies to stay ahead of the competition, as well as take advantage of existing technology to make the most of their own time and that of their clients'. Real estate marketing software also enables the management and effective wielding of the agent’s sphere of influence (SOI), ensuring that their successful closings result in an enriched pipeline of clients.

Key Benefits of Real Estate Marketing Software

  • Enhance brand of real estate agents to stay competitive
  • Effectively build interest in buyers and sell listings
  • Generate high-quality leads

Why Use Real Estate Marketing Software?

Real estate marketing campaigns bridge the gap between a waning need for real estate professionals (because buyers are starting to spend more time researching on their own) and information overload (because the internet can yield too much irrelevant research). Real estate professionals that are active, engaged, and visible can more easily gain the attention of new clients. Real estate marketing software makes it easier for prospects to find agents and agencies, cuts down on the costs of traditional advertising and marketing tactics, and allows agents to simplify the process of house hunting for their clients.

Contact management — Effective real estate marketing results in a growing database of contacts and listings, as well as a higher close rate on conversions and referrals. Real estate marketing software ensures that agents deliver relevant content to their clients, maintain contact with past clients, and stay informed of the market and ahead of their competition.

Increase ROI — Real estate marketing software measures the effectiveness of specific marketing campaigns, to help agents optimize future digital marketing campaigns. Reports on high and poor performance provide insight into both the efforts of the individual agent and the overall market.

Automation — Real estate marketing solutions have the ability to automate the lead cultivation cycle and provide actionable insights into prospective buyers. Additionally, automation helps integrate all aspects of a workflow together, centralizing and organizing customer and property information. Once an agency has automated its processes, it is set up to scale effectively.

Who Uses Real Estate Marketing Software?

Users of real estate marketing software leverage current buyers’ online research habits as they make their way through the purchasing lifecycle.

Real estate agents and brokers — Real estate professionals utilize real estate marketing software to build and maintain their brand across all mediums of marketing, leverage all possible methods of communicating with buyers, better market their listings, and take advantage of all touchpoints.

Real estate software vendors — Companies that produce and update real estate solutions—i.e., vendors—take cues from real estate marketing software to provide improved support to technologies that can supplement or enhance their own product offerings. Those companies can also leverage real estate marketing software to create optimized landing pages and websites that will best attract the attention of real estate businesses to their service offerings.

Home buyers and sellers — While home sellers and buyers don’t necessarily interact with the specific real estate marketing solution, they do reap the benefits of a properly deployed and utilized real estate marketing software. They will get polished and personalized messaging, engage with high-quality and/or VR-enhanced listings, and benefit from a deep relationship with their chosen agent.

Commercial buyers and sellers — Similarly, buyers and sellers of commercial property don’t directly interact with real estate marketing systems. However, because they still conduct research and transactions via commercial real estate brokerages and firms, they still reap the benefits of real estate marketing solutions. Those benefits can range from streamlining administrative tasks, marketing production tasks, and branding-specific property websites.

Kinds of Real Estate Marketing Software

Real estate marketing software are offered as standalone point solutions or are designed to be integrated with third-party real estate software, with an aim of better equipping real estate agents and professionals with tools that work in tandem with each other. Real estate marketing software can take on a variety of forms to best suit the marketing and branding needs of the real estate agent or agency. Real estate marketing software automates the creation of IDX website, optimizes SEO tactics, facilitates lead generation and nurturing, and manages social media efforts.

Additional Real Estate Marketing Features

Virtual tours— Supports the creation and editing of virtual reality (VR) images to listings, so that prospective buyers can experience a three-dimensional tour of a property.

Lead nurturing — Goes beyond simple lead gathering by tracking lead data, creating enriched listing recommendations based on comprehensive customer profiles, and facilitating the send of tailored emails to those leads.

Real Estate Marketing Software Features

Functionality of real estate marketing software can run the gamut, from simple listing optimization software to comprehensive channel management to synchronizing physical and digital marketing efforts. Below are a handful of features that are common across any type of real estate marketing solution:

Photos & images — Provides users with a tool to edit, create, and upload high-quality, professional-looking images to the website, email campaign, social media channel, or other advertising system.

Built-in or integrated CRM — Supports the integration with third-party real estate CRMs or offers built-in CRM functionality, to capitalize on aggregated leads collected as a result of successful marketing campaigns.

Personalized websites — Provides website design and content management system functionality, simplifying the website creation process. Some real estate marketing solutions add IDX APIs to their website management functionality, making it easier to capture leads and advertise new property listings.

Potential Issues with Real Estate Marketing Software

Fragmentation of real estate software landscape — Point solutions have been developed within the real estate industry, slowly bringing the industry up to speed with technological innovations. Those point solutions, however, address distinct parts of the real estate process, resulting in a fragmented solution landscape. While many real estate marketing solutions claim that they can be integrated into any existing real estate solution, that claim doesn’t go far without a strategy to reconcile disparate systems or effectively exchange data between distinct systems.

Adoption — As with any other type of solution, lack of adoption will derail any successful implementation. Real estate marketing solutions promise an increase in ROI, enhanced brand awareness, and better visibility among the crowd—that requires user accountability to utilize the solution so that impact can be identified, tracked, measured, and leveraged. Without widespread adoption, the positive impact of real estate marketing solutions cannot be proven