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Proposal software is designed to streamline and automate the proposal and request for proposal (RFP) process for sales operations. Sales professionals benefit from proposal software features like the ability to quickly generate documents in multiple file formats, share documents through multiple channels, and track the impact of RFP and proposal documents on the sales success. Proposals can be the first important step in a business relationship, which means that salespeople need to include valuable and consistent content that is personalized to customer profiles and needs. Proposal tools are usually used to help sales or partnerships, so common integrations include CRM software, CPQ software, e-signature software, and accounting software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Proposal category, a product must:

  • Provide a repository of documents and templates which can be used to quickly generate proposals
  • Integrate with solutions like CRM and CPQ to pull product and customer data
  • Offer functionality to quickly and efficiently create and send proposals allow edits and feedback during the proposal process, and track changes made
  • Include analytics to evaluate the efficiency of the proposal process
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    The Proposal Writing Recipe gives you step-by-step instructions for turning an RFP into a winning proposal. Our recipe gives you the perfect blend of ingredients to produce compliant results every time.

    ProposalGENie is an easy to use web based system which automates the writing of your sales proposals; a critical tool to which sales people rarely devote sufficient attention. ProposalGENie allows your sales team to create, in minutes, a fully personalised and tailored sales proposal which your prospective customers will find highly professional and appealing. ProposalGENie is proven, time and again, to initiate startling increases in sales.

    Proposal Manager is a modular proposal management solution that allows for the complete management of RFPs for virtually any industry. This robust application is designed to be integrated with your existing ERP or MRP system, empowering your sales team to have accurate product information on-demand.

    Create an end product that is easy to read and respond to. Define and manage your RFx in a structured way: Instead of trying to keep Word/Excel files in sync, create your RFx in a shared repository with full audit trail for each requirement. Use Excel import to upload your previous work.

    Proposalsmartz provides proposal making software which helps in creating business, professional, client proposals.

    With the Proposal Studio software, you'll get business proposals and responses to RFQs to match your corporate branding . This tool allows to optimize the time spent writing proposals commercial , to perpetuate and share good practice. The software facilitates the selection and customization of all texts, images and documents of commercial proposals and responses to tender with free form or shape which (private markets, public procurement).

    Proposalware offers high quality interactive proposals that showcase your products & services with images, documents & videos.

    Proppy is an online proposal tool for writing proposals quickly. It supports e-signatures, analytics, and cost.

    Bidding on government contracts, or RFPs, can be a tedious and time-consuming process. It is absolutely vital to be accurate and competitive in your pricing. The last thing your business needs is to be denied a contract due to defective pricing. RFP requirements often include special reporting formats and data submissions. If you are using a homegrown or spreadsheet based pricing system, these types of requirements can take lots of manpower to complete. There is a better way! Your pricing tool shouldn’t hold you back; it should have your back. PROPRICER’s proposal pricing software replaces those complex, error-prone spreadsheets of the past. Changes that took days or weeks to process can be done with PROPRICER in a few simple keystrokes. Some of PROPRICER’s benefits include: - Streamlining the contractor’s proposal pricing process standardizing pricing - Saving time; the user can respond to more RFPs in less time and win more contracts. - Offering a collaborative working environment. Multiple pricers and estimators can work on different aspects of the pricing at one time. - Producing custom reporting and outputs required in the RFP - Updating a rate once and have it reflected throughout the proposal. - Eliminating formula errors that can happen in spreadsheets

    QuoteCloud is designed by sales people for sales people, it makes sense.

    QuoteFlare is an quote technology system that helps you manage questions, sales, and customers by being an automated sales person by upselling and turning potential customers into booked appointments.

    Quoting, invoicing & messaging software for businesses with ambition. All the professional tools you need to grow your business. is a proposal management software with instant access to past line items and an option to send proposals via email or PDF.

    Incredibly accurate quotes and project winning proposals take the pain out of gaining new business.

    Qvidian Proposal Automation is a proposal management software that allows users to drive efficiency with a single trusted content library, expedite RFP draft creation with intelligent AutoFillk, streamline content approvals with automated workflows and measure results with visual analytics dashboards.

    R3 WinCenter is a proposal management software that brings the work of capture and proposal management into a single system that runs on top of Microsoft SharePoint.

    REQCHECKER gives you the benefit of requirement engineering to projects with an inexpensive tool.

    RFP Quote Engine can increase the efficiencies of your RFP process.

    SalesDoc Architect brings togetWhy choose SDA buttonher product configuration, pricing andwatch SDA in action document generation into one platform, so you can build and generate comprehensive proposals and other critical sales documents in minutes, and with only a few mouse clicks.

    SalesRight helps B2B SaaS sales professionals close more deals by arming them with interactive and intelligent pricing that increase revenue and enhances the buying experience.

    ScopeSmart is a unique tool that leverages historical data to improve new business proposals. ScopeSmart provides a clean, modern interface with easy-to-use templates to develop proposals with deliverables, roles & rates... while also allowing freeform entry for highly customized projects.

    SellBold is built to look like high-end microsites, they aren't your plain old proposals. SellBold is easy to duplicate, manage and search with everything in one place.SellBold allows you to see who opens your proposal, what they click on and how long they spend.

    SmartGrant software is designed around a collection of key profiles that will aid in the proposal preparation and award management functions. With carefully developed profiles, the lion's share of the data required to complete federal (and most state, local and foundation) proposals will automatically flow into sponsor forms, thus relieving investigators and sponsored research administrators from this mundane task.

    smartOFFICE Online has everything you need to close the sale and get the job done. Powerful, easy to use tools help you create the proposal more quickly.

    With our proposal software, you can automate your proposals process - freeing your team to focus on the critical details and win more business. Easily find and use the content you need for every opportunity, collaborate more effectively, ensure you're bidding the best resources possible, and monitor your progress anywhere you are!

    SupplierSelect is a platform which provides support to buyers and consultants with the RFP project lifecycle. Users can create and publish surveys for vendors to complete. A message board tool allows users to communicate securely with vendors. Automated scoring and auditing tools are provided.

    SWproposal is the SWPP (Software Proposal Portal) with the purpose of automating the sales activities of software development companies and freelancers.

    TenderEyes™ is a robust and functionally rich solution that addresses all of the organisation’s needs with regard to submitting detailed, fully approved and winning tenders. It becomes the focal point in the organisation for managing tenders and improves the effectiveness of your teams and will improve your success ratios.

    TenderSystem is the world’s first integrated tendering system for insurance replacements that enables Insurers to replace lost or stolen products more efficiently and at lower administration costs than any other method.

    VARStreet will give you an attractive and professional quote, complete with rich content, images and technical specifications, for the consideration of your customers. It has features like up-sell and cross-sell suggestions, which will maximize your potential sell through.

    The Virtual Proposal Center (VPC) is a collaborative, browser-based application enabling a geographically dispersed, multi-partner proposal team to have a common work center with access to the tools and information needed to create successful proposals.

    WeSuite provides lead management, powerful & flexible quote & proposal generation, real time reporting, in-the-field quoting & surveying, in addition to over 10 software modules targeted for business improvement. WeSuite solutions provide immediate ROI & ongoing savings along with excellence in training & ongoing support.

    WinCenterTM provides the competitive edge you need to manage your business. Our proven 5-phase Business Winning process is embedded in the software, allowing you to easily manage your opportunities, action items, documents, artifacts, graphics, resumes, reporting, color reviews, and gate reviews—all from a single location.

    The only 100% Customized Document Generator and Document & Deal Cycle Manager Application, including Social Collaboration, Workflow, Autorisation Management, and Audit trail. All in one.

    Zbizlink is the ultimate portfolio and proposal management tool providing project status, metrics, and sophisticated reports

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