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Project management software assists employees, administrators, and teams to manage team goals and long-term projects, and coordinate individual tasks. Project management software does this with a range of tools to manage workloads, monitor productivity, and allocate resources. Task interdependence is a large component of project management software as it is largely used to coordinate assignments that are related to a sequence of tasks or a larger project. Users use project management software to keep track of multiple projects, track a team’s or individual’s progress, and analyze team productivity. These products can be used in virtually any industry that requires individuals to organize projects, tasks within projects, and goals for weekly, monthly, or annual projects. Users usually have the ability to break projects down into individual tasks, create timelines for project completion, analyze productivity, and communicate with other team members.

Project management software is closely related to task management software, but differs in scale and scope. Project management software allows users to manage a team of individuals, balance projects, and document effectiveness. Task management software simply outlines individual efforts, breaks down components within a project, determines due dates, and allows for self-management.

To qualify for inclusion in the Project Management category, a product must:

  • Organize multiple projects
  • Allocate assignments within those projects
  • Create dates for time and productivity goals
  • Allow individuals to manage team duties
  • Communicate with team members
  • Give comprehensive information and data related to projects
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    ReviewStudio is a collaborative platform that, provides an easy, visual interface to view, markup & approve video and images.

    Tave is a business management tool for creative professionals.

    Team.Do is a task and project management software that offer fanatic support to make sure you and your team spend your time getting it done.

    A simple yet powerful web based tool for managing your projects. Organise your team's work into projects, milestones and tickets. Improve team communication and collaboration, working in harmony with email and Slack. Track progress and see results.

    TimeHero is an automated task and project planner for teams. It automatically schedules work around meetings, events, and appointments, so you don't need to spend time planning your day. Easily launch team-wide projects in seconds with TimeHero's built-in workflow automation. Timelines, timesheets, and Gantt charts are instantly updated, so you know when things are at risk before they ever get behind. Sign up for TimeHero today and become a more productive team with less effort.

    Twproject is a proven, reliable and friendly project management software, full-featured and easy-to-use. Twproject’s flexibility makes it a great choice both for SMB project management and enterprise project management.

    Abtrac is the Project Management system that Makes a Huge Difference. Fully cloud-based, used extensively by professionals in the AEC space. Used by architects, designers, engineers of all disciplines, cost estimators, land surveyors, planners, project managers and more. Abtrac is all about clients, jobs, stages, fees, schedules, sub-consultants, time and disbursements, invoicing and effective reporting for professionals who need to know how everything is tracking.

    Admation is a cloud based marketing management solution helping brands and ad agencies manage creative projects and resources. Admation comprises 4 tightly integrated modules include project management, resource management, approval workflow & DAM. Key features include project timelines, online project tracking, timesheet recording, task management, online markup (all media), compare revisions, manage marketing compliance and many more....... Feature rich and user friendly, admation is one of the few project management software designed specifically for the advertising and marketing industry, and is changing the way agencies and marketing teams manage their increasing workloads.

    AdValue helps organization's executives, project managers and team members to use standardized processes, and quickly visualize and analyze project data to make better informed decisions, faster.

    Advantage is a software company that provides a suite of products with features you need to monitor and improve productivity and increase profitability.

    Agilean is an AI and NLP-based SaaS enterprise workflow automation and management solution that caters to small and medium IT companies working with various verticals.

    agileSpecs combines agile specifications with requirements management and issue tracking. For the first time, integrate your specification into your agile process. Use your specification as an agile tool and turn it into your single source of truth.

    AP4 Project Managers is a file and task project manager for architecture, engineering and construction that connects your construction project files and tasks with everyone.

    The Complete project management platform for Agile teams. Get the panoramic view of every project! Atlaz is a simple, flexible and cost-effective solution that takes team communication and collaboration to the next level. From managing tasks and organizing project dashboards to reporting, time and progress tracking, Atlaz has everything a team may need to move the project forward and achieve their goals. Built on Agile, Lean and Kanban methodologies, Atlaz stands for visibility, adaptability and increased product value. It’s like JIRA but easier, like Trello but fuller. Feel the difference today! Join your team at

    Ayoga is a cloud-based construction project management and collaboration software that simplifies project management by driving a lean, project-centric approach. It organizes projects to provide the right information at the right time for you to strategize better, deliver project milestones, and take well-informed business decisions. Technology rich Ayoga features connect Stakeholders, Resources, Designs, Location data, Drawings, Documents and Field data for global collaboration on Web, Mobile or any desirable device or platform.

    Backlog is a project management and collaboration tool for teams that want higher productivity, greater visibility, and simple project tracking. Development teams can work together with Design, Marketing, IT, and more to release high-quality projects, faster. Reach your business goals with features that help you: - Get everyone on track. Organize your work and teammates with projects and tasks. - Stay in the loop. Your Activity feed and Watchlist help you keep an eye on relevant work and deadlines. - Track progress. Gantt charts and burndown charts visualize your progress as you go. - Keep the conversation moving. Use comment threads to leave feedback and ask questions right in tasks as you’re working on them. Features: - Projects: Organize everyone’s work into projects for better visibility and tracking - Issues: Create, assign, prioritize, and schedule tasks with your team - Subtasking: Keep related tasks grouped to stay more organized - Watchlist: Add important tasks to your personalized Watchlist - Comment threads: Keep a record of all discussions, changes, and decisions within tasks as they’re being worked on - Wikis: Create collaboratively edited web pages to refer to again and again for common questions and instructions - Bug Tracking: Easy issue and bug tracking to keep your projects running smoothly - Gantt Charts: Automatically generated and updated Gantt charts help you track work as it’s being completed against your project plan - Burndown Charts: Easily visualize how your project is progressing without having read every issue - Version control: No installation required, Backlog provides Git and Subversion repositories as well as a Web-based repository browser - File sharing: Store important docs and files right in the task or project you need them

    Bearbook Project helps you manage your projects, tasks and its time tracking & invoicing for client.

    Kickstart your content marketing Beegit centralizes your content creation while simplifying communication — keeping your team organized, informed and on schedule.

    Bontq is a user-friendly issue tracking and project management cloud-hosted system.

    Bric is a software that helps user to accurately plan team's calendar, user will know, who is working on what, how long projects will take and know the capacity for new projects.

    BrightWork is a SharePoint-based project management application that includes a range of practice templates and advanced cross-project reporting, that deliver immediate visibility and control, with the flexibility to evolve and mature as needed.

    BST Global provides integrated business management software solutions for architects, engineers, and environmental consultants.

    Cardinis Suite is the software developed by GFT for projects and programs management. It is designed according to PMI standard, in order to allow a correct execution of the Project Management processes. Anyone who has deepened the PM methodology finds in Cardinis the perfect application of the method. Developed in in over twenty years of experience in various market sectors, Cardinis is a WBS-Centric solution, web-based, fully customizable, integrated with the most diverse business systems (ERP, HR Suite, Ticketing Solution ...).

    Casual is an online project management tool that differs from the rest. It helps teams plan and execute projects as simple workflows online.

    Comidor ( is an online BPM platform with Collaboration, People and Project Management, Case Management and Workflow Automation functions which offers a variety of tools appropriate, not to say needed for all businesses! Features: - Business Process Management (BPM) with different types of business processes like cases, issues, tickets, projects, opportunities and more - Process Automation with BMPN 2.0 Workflows, Process Scheduling and Process Templates - Integrated communication with internal mails, chat, discussion boards and notifications - Interactive Calendar with drag-n-drop functionality, where personal/group/supervised tasks and events are placed. Tasks can be repeated and assigned to individuals, group leaders or whole groups. - Document Management System (DMS) to manage your personal, shared and public documents and Content Management System (CMS) to share knowledge with company - 360° approach for Account, Contact and Leads Management - Project Management with work packages that help prioritise work under any PM methodology - Customized Reports and Business Intelligence Tools - Quick Adds - Workbench with activity stream (and emails), processes that run and work to-do

    Comindwork is a online project management software for teams and businesses.

    CommandCenter is a business process management (BPM) tool that empowers you to build the most efficient organization possible and enables you to easily perform work based on strategic priority, returning more dollars for your effort.

    Conceptboard is a virtual collaboration tool, that boosts productivity and improves team collaboration. Conceptboard supports you in a wide range of use cases: from interactive presentations to product development to meetings or internal trainings. Work with teams, clients, and external partners across the globe. Get projects done with remote teams or in the same room, work in real-time or asynchronous. Conceptboard integrates seamlessly into existing workflows and speeds up your collaboration. A virtual tool for your work A flexible workspace that expands as you add content. Create and share as many boards as you need. Capture ideas, brainstorm, create moodboards, plan initiatives, and map out strategies. Faster feedback and review cycles Whether you're working on product packaging or coordinating multiple projects, Conceptboard speeds up the review and approval process, so you can get more work done with less effort. Live discussions on top of your content Add your drafts, ideas, email or website campaigns so you can review and optimize content together. The real-time workspace let's everyone collaborate as if they were in the same room, no matter their location. One space for your content & discussions Work with teams, clients, and external partners across the globe. Gathering and compiling everyone's feedback has never been easier. Mark up files and add comments. Everyone gets updates in real-time!

    The friendliest project management tool for task management, time tracking and team collaboration, COR helps project managers keep their work accountable and take your company to the next level.

    Doddle is a project management tool that allow teams to schedule work, manage quotes & speak to clients. management

    Boosts your classic & agile projects, resource management, DevOps, sales, customer care and overall user experience.

    Eclipse PPM simplifies the management of a portfolio of projects and constrained resources. Their best of breed solution focuses on improving project prioritization and execution, while improving communication and collaboration amongst stakeholders, project managers and resources. Eclipse PPM also helps solve the challenge of delivering projects and operational services with constrained human resources.

    eResource Scheduler (eRS) is a collaborative, multi-user employee scheduling, planning & management software. eResource Scheduler is specially designed and developed to enable organizations to efficiently schedule & plan their resources on project / events / Jobs etc. Its client - server architecture allows multiple users to collaborate and share data in real-time. This provides real-time visibility of resources across the organization, even if an organization is spread across multiple cities or countries. eRS can be easily configured to schedule employees / staff or custom defined resources such as rooms, equipment, vehicles etc. In this process, eRS employee scheduler also maximizes utilization at all levels of the organization. Ease of use and high level of configurability makes this resource scheduler popular among people who regularly schedule & plan employees and other resources.

    | your business esp. esilentpartner is web-based professional services automation software designed to unite people, projects and finances across the enterprise. The platform seamlessly blends work management and accounting into ONE system for firm-wide insights into projects, resources and profitability in real time.

    Feng Office is an integrated suite of designed to help your organization run better. Users can stay connected to customers, meet project deadlines, find information faster and grow their organization.

    fruux is a unified contacts and calendaring system that works across platforms and devices.

    Grapple is a project planning software that allowanyone to plan a project like a professional project manager that integrates with your existing project management tools.

    Productivity platform for work that is changing the way teams collaborate.

    GroupCamp provides project management and collaboration tools. Projects can be planned and milestones are tracked. Budget reporting and file sharing allow for easy collaboration.

    Project and Task Management solution from Hexnode helps you plan, organize and track all your projects easily. Collaborate seamlessly with unmatched speed and flexibility only cloud can deliver.

    Adds a lightweight kanban board to GitHub issues, instantly adding project management to your GitHub projects.

    Hygger is the product and project management tool with built-in prioritization for agile teams. Use Hygger to define what's important for your customers and then build it using Scrum or Kanban. Hygger helps agile companies to: • manage backlog and prioritize ideas, features and projects to make better product decisions • create and share product roadmaps to align the team on goals • build software using Kanban and Scrum to increase product quality • centralize all communication to improve cross-functional teams’ collaboration

    HyperSwiss delivers an online project management system that boosts team efficiency and individual productivity to higher levels by enabling them to prioritize their projects well, assign tasks to the most qualified individual, and align teams to your project goals faster and smarter.

    Ignitur is an advanced Project Management Software optimized for online marketing. With a Reboost reporting engine and a team collaboration option, you can easily monitor, analyze and strategize using real time data.

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