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A bot is a software application that automates or carries out tasks for other programs or users. Productivity bots work as add-ons to software tools, providing additional features, organization, or automation on top of the foundational features of the product. When a bot is connected to a software platform, it boosts the utility of the existing tool that the team already uses. Productivity bots can be added to a variety of software types, but team collaboration is the most prevalent.

To qualify for inclusion in the Productivity Bot category, a product must:

  • Be an automated program that executes based on specific prompts or inputs
  • Be deployed as an add-on to another software tool
  • Use AI to make intelligent decisions or provide information in an intelligent way
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    Troops enables sales teams to collaborate on deals in Slack and acquire more customers by selling as a team. Bring Salesforce to Slack and set up intelligent workflows with Troops to empower your sales team to collaborate on deals, manage their pipeline and celebrate wins with custom GIFs. Troops helps world-class brands like Slack, HubSpot, Looker, WeWork and Intercom improve pipeline accuracy, organizational transparency and win rates!

    A Task Management App, At Your Fingertips & On The Web

    Simple Poll is a simple slack app designed to allow users to create native simple polls right within Slack.

    This is Olaph. He wants to support your team with their stand-ups.

    Jira Integration Plus for Slack supercharges the speed at which you create, assign, and transition work in Jira—without ever leaving Slack. The solution works for Jira Server and Cloud and a one time setup process enables the integration for all of your channels. Get more done in Slack with Jira Integration+

    Standup Alice is a bot designed to run asynchronous standup meetings.

    Jira is designed to allow teams to reach their full potential with powerful workflow and project tracking.

    Meekan Scheduling is an AI scheduling assistant, designed to match everyone's calendars in seconds.

    Geekbot runs asynchronous standup meetings in Slack. It enables users to experience non intrusive meetings that bring transparency to their team and stay focused.

    Trello is a visual collaboration tool that creates a shared perspective on any project.

    Productivity is wasted as employees juggle time-consuming admin tasks between priority work. is a chat-based productivity tool that helps employees to offload and automate everyday tasks including searching for files, scheduling meetings, generating documents and much more. Get back to your higher value work by using — all within your favourite chat platform.

    Polly is a survey software built for Slack and Microsoft teams.

    Zapier is designed to automatically move info between Slack and other apps.

    * Mashable: The 12 best apps of 2017 * Product Hunt: Mobile App of the Year * Macrumors: Best iOS apps of 2017 * TechCrunch: “A high-end Gmail replacement” * Fast Company: “This email app uses AI to keep your inbox under control” * Lifehacker: “The magic really comes from the app’s built-in digital assistant” * VICE: “Astro separates itself in one, major way: artificial intelligence” WHY ASTRO • Modern, intelligent features: Snooze, Unsubscribe, Send Later, Email Open Tracking, Priority Inbox, Unified Inbox, Calendar, and more, for Gmail and Office 365 email accounts • Astrobot: AI-powered email assistant that highlights important messages and questions, unsubscribes you from emails, and responds to hundreds of commands to help you stay on top of your inbox and calendar • Priority Inbox: Know which emails are most important with a focused inbox, powered by AI • Calendar: View and manage your calendar directly from the Astro app, including an agenda view with Snoozed emails, scheduled emails, and reminders • Slack Integration: Easily work across Slack and email. In Slack, read and respond to emails. In Astro, search for Slack messages and share emails to Slack channels • Astrobot Voice & Amazon Alexa Skill: Read, manage, and reply to emails hands-free by talking to Astrobot, directly from the Astro app or from your Amazon Echo AI-POWERED EMAIL ASSISTANT • Ask Astrobot: Responds to hundreds of natural language commands to manage, clean up, and search your inbox, add events to your calendar, set reminders, and learn how to use Astro • Insights: Unsubscribe and archive suggestions for messages that can skip your inbox • Reminders: Automated reminders to follow up on important emails, questions, tracked emails, time-specific requests and @mentions from other Astro users • VIPs: AI-powered contact list management, so you always know when a priority email arrives • Voice Commands: Manage your inbox by talking to Astrobot directly from the app • Daily & Weekly Update Emails: Insights that help you clean up your inbox and make it easier to know what to follow up on SMARTER INBOX MANAGEMENT • Priority & Other Inbox: Astro sorts your emails using artificial intelligence • Smart Notifications: Eliminate distractions by getting notified only when an email is important • Snooze: Swipe to read or respond to an email at a specific time or when you get back to your Mac • Email Open & Reply Tracking: Get notified when a recipient opens an email or get a reminder if you haven’t heard back on time • Send Later: Schedule your emails to be sent at exactly the right time CALENDAR • Unified Inbox & Calendar: Streamline your workflow and save time by viewing and managing your Gmail and Office 365 email accounts and calendars all in one place • Calendar Assistant: Add simple events using natural language • Complete View of Today’s To-Dos: Calendar includes events not only from Gmail and/or Office 365 accounts, but also Snoozed or scheduled emails and reminders, so you get a complete view of your day • Customizable Calendar Views: Choose which calendars and email accounts to display ADDITIONAL FEATURES • Customizable swipes • Fast search • Folders and Favorites • Email aliases • Signatures • Attachments - Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, Quip, iCloud • Rich text and emojis • iOS 11 support • Support for Gmail and Office 365

    Statsbot is helping you take control of your raw data, providing an all-in-one analysis tool for engineers and non-tech folks alike. Statsbot’s simple dashboards, seamless Slack integration, and premier customer service are helping teams everywhere get more out of their data. We’re experts in data analytics: we’re sharing not only a powerful tool but our industry expertise. Our platform is used by growing companies like Giphy to glean insights from billions of data points. Statsbot's key features for business users: - Insights. Business users can explore data on their own without the need to send requests to data analysts. Now everyone at your company can build complex reports, drill down to every record, and slice and dice data however they want. - Dashboards. Statsbot’s dashboards are always up to date, no need to load new data exports or wait hours before it loads. We use background caching to make your dashboards load extremely fast. - Smart Alerts. Statsbot can send you automated reports and smart alerts about spikes in certain metrics. For example, when a number of users suddenly goes up or down. You’ll never miss when something goes wrong (or really right) and can take immediate action. - Schedule reports to check metrics on a regular basis. It’s great to have real time metrics every morning, especially for non-technical people. - Share metrics fast and easy. You can share your data insights with the whole team, partners or investors right in a work chat, such as Slack or Hangouts. No matter which device. The benefits for data analysts: - Bring all data into one place. Statsbot works with terabytes of raw data from hundreds of data sources. You don’t need to optimize or transform data beforehand. -Transformation engine. Define your transformations using SQL and Javascript. No need to learn proprietary languages or navigate complex interfaces. - Statsbot is designed to work with Big Data. Data storage is cheap, but querying data is expensive. Statsbot makes your queries cost effective using a pre-aggregations layer on top of your data. - No ad hoc SQL. No need to write ad hoc SQL queries for every business request. Create a single source of truth across the organization and let your business users explore data themselves.

    GrowthBot is a chatbot for marketing and growth from HubSpot.

    Hey Taco! is a unique bottom-up recognition platform designed to enable individuals to recognize each other by making it fun and rewarding.

    Meeting Bot is a Slack-based personal assistant for organizing meetings.

    SnippetsBot is designed to offer simple weekly tracking and reporting on accomplishments, goals and obstacles for Slack.

    Hubot is an open source chat robot for companies, designed to bes easy to program using simple scripts written in CoffeeScript and runs on Node.js.

    The Insightly Assistant is a CRM chatbot for Insightly's paid subscribers.

    Jirio is a JIRA Slack integration bot app designed to let users create, manage and search JIRA issues from Slack,

    Teamline is the simple project management tool for Slack Teamline eliminates the need for clunky, time-consuming project management software It gives everybody in your Slack team a complete view of tasks assigned to them, across many projects. You can track and assign tasks, directly from Slack

    To-do is deishmed tp help users manage team work within Slack.

    AttendanceBot for Slack is a simple attendance management and time tracking system.

    BubbleIQ integrates Zendesk with Slack to help companies create more efficient workflows for customer support, IT, and HR teams.

    Calbot allows users to control their Google or Microsoft calendar directly from Slack.

    Cloze is a personal assistant for professional relationships.

    Daily Updates is a solution that allows users to get regular updates from their team on Slack.

    Howdy is a friendly, trainable bot that super powers teams by automating common tasks.

    Optimize your teamwork by collectively managing your external communications directly in Slack or in Microsoft Teams MailClark is a Smart Messaging Assistant, enhanced with AI, helping everydays 12 000+Teams from more than 70 countries. This solution optimizes teamwork by collectively managing external communications directly within their daily workspace Slack or Microsoft Teams. MailClark is made for Support, IT, Marketing, Sales or Management teams.

    Get emails sent to you delivered in Slack. Review with your team, comment and reply directly from Slack.

    Standuply is a Slack bot that automatically runs daily standup and retrospective meetings.

    Talla is a ServiceAssistant designed to allow HR, IT, and other teams to deliver a better employee experience, all through Slack.

    Tatsu is a Slack integration solution, designed to allow a team (channel in Slack) to perform standup meetings.

    With Voicera you "Turn Talk Into Action". Voicera is a voice collaboration platform that provides EVA, the enterprise voice assistant. EVA takes notes and identifies important moments in your conversations and then activates these notes into whatever collaboration system you use. We take what gets talked about and help it get to where your team gets work done.

    Yodel is a business phone system that allows you to make and receive calls directly inside of Slack using your existing phone numbers.

    Ace is a bot built to drive a team's productivity and make them more efficient.

    Agora is an idea-sharing app for your Slack teams.

    Ahoy.Ai is an autonomous meeting scheduler designed to find the perfect time to meet with just one email or Slack command.

    BIBIT BOT IS AN ARBITRAGE TRADING BOT, that trades for you almost without any risks. You can choose any world currency and any world exchange. It is the easiest way to earn money.

    Bouquet makes it easy to get to know your data by making access to KPIs, answers and analytics simple and natural - like a friendly conversation.

    Smart, secure way for your teammates to search across work apps.

    Captain Feedback is an assistant designed to facilitate quick and structured micro-feedback in a team.

    Conclude is a bot designed to help users make better decisions from within Slack.

    Dino helps you unlock thoughtful feedback, learn more about each other and showcase your team to the world.

    Dockbit turns complex software deployments into simple and manageable workflows, so is not needed to spend much time in tinkering and more time creating awesome software.