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A bot is a software application that automates or carries out tasks for other programs or users. Productivity bots work as add-ons to software tools, providing additional features, organization, or automation on top of the foundational features of the product. When a bot is connected to a software platform, it boosts the utility of the existing tool that the team already uses. Productivity bots can be added to a variety of software types, but team collaboration is the most prevalent.

To qualify for inclusion in the Productivity Bot category, a product must:

  • Be an automated program that executes based on specific prompts or inputs
  • Be deployed as an add-on to another software tool
  • Use AI to make intelligent decisions or provide information in an intelligent way
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Results: 94
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    BIBIT BOT IS AN ARBITRAGE TRADING BOT, that trades for you almost without any risks. You can choose any world currency and any world exchange. It is the easiest way to earn money.

    Bouquet makes it easy to get to know your data by making access to KPIs, answers and analytics simple and natural - like a friendly conversation.

    Smart, secure way for your teammates to search across work apps.

    Captain Feedback is an assistant designed to facilitate quick and structured micro-feedback in a team.

    Conclude is a bot designed to help users make better decisions from within Slack.

    Dino helps you unlock thoughtful feedback, learn more about each other and showcase your team to the world.

    Dockbit turns complex software deployments into simple and manageable workflows, so is not needed to spend much time in tinkering and more time creating awesome software.

    Duuoo is a smart assistant that develops manager's relationships with their teams through one-on-one meetings.

    Eventumbot is an event communication and automation platform powered by Artificial Intelligence and chatbot technology which helps event organisers to save resources on event management, provide better service to event attendees and help them to communicate more easy.

    Fireflies is a conversation tracking platform that can automatically record, transcribe, and analyze customer calls. There is gold buried inside customer conversations. Quite specifically, audio calls have tremendous amount of data that cannot be unlocked till today. We're using the latest tools and processes in machine learning, neural networks, and voice analytics to help large scale organizations unlock value from calls. Fireflies is partnered up and integrated with large scale CRM systems and video conferencing platforms.

    A collaboration desk for Slack. Frame is an essential Slack add-on for customer success, solutions, and partnership teams.

    Guideblocks is an interactive user assistance tool that extends web apps to provide dynamic, contextual help, user onboarding tours, in-app messages, and more.

    Guidewiser is a hotel guest communication platform powered by artificial intelligence and chatbot technology, and designed to help hotels and short term rentals provide better travel experiences and get more direct bookings.

    Hillo lets you track your Trello boards activity at a glance.

    Ideakeep is a Slack bot for idea management. It helps you to ideate, vote and discuss your ideas in an organized way.

    Infermedica provides Symptom Checker chatbot for patients that uses AI to perform a preliminary diagnostic interview. Infermedica assists patients in making decisions regarding their symptoms and allows healthcare companies to save money by making sure that patients use the proper services to treat their health issues.

    InviteRobot provides recurring payments and automatic invites to slack team immediately after they paid.

    Ishmooz is a Slack integration that enables teams to post classified ads with their teammates.

    an AMA Q&A slack app that increases meeting engagement, company transparency and fuzzy feelings

    The Kwalys platform can generate chatbots , callbots, connected to your websites and your social networks.

    Run your stand-up meetings faster in Slack.

    Lita is a chat bot that connects with various chat services.

    Nestor is a programmable team Slack bot,

    Niles is a real-time wiki that turns chats and docs into team knowledge.

    Checking your email, planning a meeting, working with your addressbook... it has never been so easy.

    Our virtual assistants are highly skilled in both clerical and specialized duties.

    SalesboxAI is a next-gen AI powered Sales Automation platform for Sales and Marketing. SalesboxAI brings a powerful human dimension to automation, allowing you to setup an AI persona to converse with each of your marketing leads, engaging and qualifying leads via natural, two-way email conversations.

    Sidetracked is the newest feature packed companion to keep track of your phone habits, to combat phone addiction, and to kickstart a productive day.

    Your intelligent assistant, to measure, analyse and improve your time use

    Standup Jack is a Slack bot for standups.

    Swingmail Bot is a email and task bot.

    Synoptica is an artificial intelligence-based software platform designed to provide information on the companies that are important in real time.

    TaskOnBot is a Team task management & collaboration tool for Slack

    Veamly is your priority workspace across your collaboration tools. It is a desktop app that connects to your different tools like slack, Jira, and Zendesk, puts them in one place then aggregates and prioritizes the different conversations into one feed on top of them. It helps you process all your conversations faster with several augmentation features and helps you focus on your actual work.

    Virtual Assistants India hires virtual assistants for Administrative Services, Bookkeeping, Web & Graphic Design, Real Estate Tasks & more.

    Votum is a Slack app enabling users to run polls, crowdsource and vote on ideas, questions, meeting topics, etc.

    Vymo is an intelligent Personal Assistant for Sales & Service teams. Vymo app detects agent activities automatically and predicts next best actions. We have been able to improve productivity metrics, such as Conversion %, TATs, Engagement, etc. by over 30% within two quarters for over 50 large enterprises. We have over 65,000 sales reps as users across US and Asia. We are funded by Sequoia Capital and recognized by Gartner as a Cool Vendor in CRM / Prescriptive Sales. Vymo was founded by Yamini Bhat, an IIM-B / McKinsey alum and Venkat Malladi, a Columbia Univ / Google alum.

    Wade & Wendy is building conversational AI chatbots to improve the hiring process. It equip companies and people with insights and recommendations to make more informed hiring decisions.

    Wecountable automates your meeting process, streamlining how you track progress and discussions, ending wasted time, money, and frustration.

    Wonderus helps teams work smarter by making knowledge available where they already work. Easily create a lightweight glossary and acronym decoder for your team and make it available in Slack and a Chrome extension.

    Workgrid Software delivers purpose-built, intelligent and compelling software that unleashes your productivity and enables you to focus on the work that matters.

    Software for automating computing tasks. xStarter will help you to automate each and every process in your computer.

    YellowAnt is a AI-driven virtual assistant that helps manage all workplace application.