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Pricing solutions are used by companies to define, manage, and analyze the best pricing strategies for their products and services. While prices for products and services are initially created in ERP or CRM solutions, pricing software provides flexible features that offer sales teams the option to set customer-specific pricing as well as discounts and rebates. Pricing software includes data analysis functionality that tracks the impact of pricing strategies on the profitability of sales, which helps companies increase win rates and margins on their deals. Pricing solutions can be used to help define initial price lists or to help provide sales reps with dynamic pricing based on a specific selling scenario. Common integrations include CRM, ERP, e-commerce, and CPQ solutions. Pricing solutions are expected to integrate with ERP or CRM - the principal repositories for pricing data - to allow users to share pricing information with all parties involved in a sales negotiation process (e.g.: customers, sales managers, etc.)

To qualify for inclusion in the Pricing category, a product must:

  • Include functionality for salespeople to create custom pricing for individual customers or categories of customers based on factors such as volume, payment terms, contract terms, the customer value, sales targets, and objectives
  • Support pricing methods, such as demand-based pricing, which helps estimate how pricing could change based on customer demand and the perceived value of the products and services offered by a company
  • Provide analytics to assist salespeople in determining the best pricing strategy based on all the criteria mentioned above, and to help sales estimate the profitability of each sale, product line, customer category, etc.
  • Integrate with solutions like ERP and CRM where basic pricing is created, as well as with ecommerce, CPQ, and retail solutions to deploy new pricing strategies right where the customer shops or quotes are created
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    Navetti delivers pricing solutions for Value Based and Market Driven Pricing, based on customer perceived value and competitive market environment.


    Optimus Price is an AI company founded by scientists from the Barcelona Supercomputing Center

    Paarly Solution is a very powerful competitor monitoring solution that monitors online products to give retailers a birds eye view of the competition. The solution is specially designed for e-commerce retailers and product manufacturers.'

    Perfect Price delivers artificial intelligence for price and revenue management. By coupling powerful AI and third-party data, our dynamic revenue and price optimization software empowers companies to stay ahead of constantly changing market dynamics and customer behaviors. Our software automates pricing changes, predicts demand, and adapts to market conditions in real-time. Trusted by brands such as Getaround and Thrifty Car Rental, Perfect Price enhances even the best pricing experts.

    PriceBeam's cloud platform takes care of all the details and hard work of doing pricing research. All you have to do is describe your target market and your product or service.

    PriceEdge Analyze allows you to simulate the effect of implementing new prices and equips you with a set of reports to track the actual effects achieved in the market.

    PriceGrid is a service which provides pricing strategies and analysis. Technology monitors pricing and allows users to gain competitive intelligence.

    Learn how you can increase your sales by 2% through market investigation.

    ProfitWell serves over five thousand subscription companies, including B2B companies like Autodesk, Atlassian, and Zuora, and B2C darlings like Meetup, Blue Bottle Coffee, and Lyft.

    Quote more, quote faster and win more orders. Eliminate manual effort and reduce errors.

    Bidding on government contracts, or RFPs, can be a tedious and time-consuming process. It is absolutely vital to be accurate and competitive in your pricing. The last thing your business needs is to be denied a contract due to defective pricing. RFP requirements often include special reporting formats and data submissions. If you are using a homegrown or spreadsheet based pricing system, these types of requirements can take lots of manpower to complete. There is a better way! Your pricing tool shouldn’t hold you back; it should have your back. PROPRICER’s proposal pricing software replaces those complex, error-prone spreadsheets of the past. Changes that took days or weeks to process can be done with PROPRICER in a few simple keystrokes. Some of PROPRICER’s benefits include: - Streamlining the contractor’s proposal pricing process standardizing pricing - Saving time; the user can respond to more RFPs in less time and win more contracts. - Offering a collaborative working environment. Multiple pricers and estimators can work on different aspects of the pricing at one time. - Producing custom reporting and outputs required in the RFP - Updating a rate once and have it reflected throughout the proposal. - Eliminating formula errors that can happen in spreadsheets

    PROS Control, a dynamic pricing management software, replaces your spreadsheets and manual updates with a single source of truth for comprehensive and centralized pricing management, pricing strategy and execution.

    PROS Guidance is a patented segmentation approach, that includes micro-segmentation, price management, pricing optimization, forecasting, and capacity optimization.

    Prudsys is a realtime analytics system and personalisation solution.

    pVelocity is a pricing optimization software for rapidly connect actual cost data associated with products, customers, assets, and materials, in real-time, from all relevant business systems.

    It's an easy-to-use, visually engaging, and interactive software request form builder reimagined specifically for providing AUTOMATED price quotes and estimates.

    Quotix is a web-based application that provides you with accessibility, meaning that you can access your customer data, leads, quotes and invoices from anywhere in the world.

    We empower big companies to make big revenue decisions in pricing, products and promotions to drive millions in revenue uplift and eliminate wasted time. Our hybrid approach blends Artificial Intelligence with Human Intelligence to deliver predictive analytics at scale. These flexible solutions enable our clients to act immediately and adapt strategically.

    SellerGro is complete E-commerce tool for Amazon sellers that helps sellers increase their revenue by 30-200%. We provide 3 services: 1) Amazon repricer- Automatically keeps your price competitive 24/7 so you win more Buy Box with less effort. 2) Product Research Tool- Helps sellers research and identify highly profitable items that the seller currently doesn't have, but which, if they do, can drive more sales. 3) E-commerce Price Monitoring Tool- Monitor your competitor prices, find out their fulfillment type, ratings, shipping times and other such metrics to help you devise the perfect strategy to compete with them. The tool also allows Manufacturers to monitor MAP violations among Resellers.

    SignalDemand provides predictive analytics and optimization for commodity based value chains. Through on-demand software and services, SignalDemand delivers real-time recommendations to help make complex price, supply, mix and purchasing decisions across products, customers, channels and suppliers. Using patented, comprehensive mathematical models to process thousands of variables, SignalDemand enables better day-to-day decision-making and increased profit margins.

    Sniffie helps ecommerce companies to follow competitor pricing, top selling products, availability and other relevant activities with market intelligence data. You can extract any data from web and turn it into knowledge.

    Strategic Pricing Solutions is a pricing consulting firm helping clients improve their pricing strategies, analytics, and pricing processes.

    Stratinis is an agile and quickly expanding software company, specialising in helping companies in doing better business internationally. Business is continuing to internationalise and companies face challenges in managing their business across multiple countries, from brand development to international customers who are capable of exploiting differences in pricing. Stratinis offers software solutions to corporate customers in the United Kingdom and around the world to address these international challenges.

    Stratinis Pricing Suite Enterprise Edition is a web-based application which offers a full pricing suite with functionalities including Price Analytics, Price Optimisation, Price Execution and Price Administration. Data exchange with enterprise systems (ERP, CRM, etc.) and other sources (promotional tools, Excel files, etc.) that contain pricing data is established in order to ensure accurate and timely availability of data to carry out analytics.

    Putting together a quote for an order can be complicated and time consuming, potentially risking revenue and customer satisfaction. With Swift1 software, your quotes will be faster and better and your customers happier.

    ToolQuote - Interactive Quoting Software for Moldmakers. ToolQuote is a mold quoting software that helps you efficiently put together your quotes quickly. ToolQuote is completely customizable to the way you quote tools currently.

    Track, compare and analyze retail competitive insights. Obtain recommendations for optimizing your pricing, based on real-time competitive information. The accurate and detailed information, available from our highly configurable software solution, helps you develop the best possible competitive pricing strategy, gives you the means to translate the strategy into action, and allows you to monitor execution and results.

    Vendavo® Price Optimization Manager allows you to empower your sales team to negotiate more confidently with optimized deal specific target prices that are aligned with how customers value your products. Create pricing segments, quantify the pricing power and pricing risk of each segment and calculate the optimal price for every deal. Deliver pricing guidance to the front lines along with logical rationale and supporting data.

    Vistaar maximizes price differentiation through the use of science-based segmentation. This method combines sophisticated statistical techniques with business analysis to accurately model customer willingness-to-pay. Vistaar's Price and Promotion software predicts buyer response to pricing variables at a granular, segmented level. The user receives guidance for deal and list pricing that maximizes objectives within the context of business rules, capacity constraints and strategic targets.

    Zilliant offers flexible, end-to-end pricing and account growth solutions, from streamlined price list management to advanced, actionable AI-driven pricing and sales guidance. With Zilliant, sales and pricing professionals can benefit from the industry’s most complete solution set, powered by the most advanced technology, and supported by the best customer experience. Zilliant SaaS and expert support empowers organizations to maximize the immediate value of every transaction—and the lifetime value of every customer. From management of price lists, pricing workflows and approval processes, to rules-based pricing adjustments, agreement updates, and enterprise-wide rollout, to AI-driven pricing optimization and account growth guidance, pricing and sales professionals can now access everything they need within a single, seamless platform. This not only enables users to save time and effort when executing routine tasks, it also empowers them to focus more on strategy, efficiently ensure alignment throughout the organization, and consistently deliver measurable value.

    Zilliant Price Manager is a flexible price management application that enables pricing teams to set, manage and adjust prices according to their chosen pricing approach, calculate the impact of these price changes against their KPIs, update price lists and matrix prices, and automate the roll out of price changes. - Replaces Excel - Centralizes all price lists in the cloud – scalable & secure - Manages multiple price lists and currencies - Flexible rules & formula engine - Provides real-time analytics of the impact of price changes on KPIs before publishing prices to market - Automates mass updates of price lists, quotes & agreements