Best Pest Control Software for Small Businesses

    Products classified in the overall Pest Control category are similar in many regards and help companies of all sizes solve their business problems. However, small business features, pricing, setup, and installation differ from businesses of other sizes, which is why we match buyers to the right Small Business Pest Control to fit their needs. Compare product ratings based on reviews from enterprise users or connect with one of G2's buying advisors to find the right solutions within the Small Business Pest Control category.

    In addition to qualifying for inclusion in the Pest Control Software category, to qualify for inclusion in the Small Business Pest Control Software category, a product must have at least 10 reviews left by a reviewer from a small business.

    Top 6 Pest Control Software for Small Businesses

    • PestRoutes
    • Jobber
    • GorillaDesk
    • PestPac
    • SalesRabbit
    • Pocomos

    Compare Small Business Pest Control Software

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    (273)4.4 out of 5
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    Entry Level Price:$199/month

    PestRoutes software and mobile applications power the business of pest control. Over 1,300+ pest control companies rely on PestRoutes to automate all aspects of their operations making them more efficient from the office to the field all while helping to grow their business. In fact, 93% of customers report that they are extremely satisfied with PestRoutes. As the fastest-growing pest control software company in the industry, PestRoutes offers a customer-centric software with modern, secure, Cl

    (115)4.2 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Entry Level Price:$29 per month

    Jobber makes home service easy for everyone. From the customer’s request to the moment you’re paid, Jobber's easy-to-use app brings everything together to make the entire job and customer experience seamless. No matter what industry you work in, Jobber’s field service management software is customizable to fit your process. Schedule jobs more efficiently, optimize routes, send quotes and invoices via sms, and get paid on the spot. With a mobile app, 1-on-1 training, and simple setup, you’ll be

    (38)4.9 out of 5
    Entry Level Price:$49 per month

    GorillaDesk has helped thousands of business owners just like you grow their business, organize their operations, empower their technicians, and wow their customers with one powerful, easy-to-use tool. Best of all, it doesn’t matter what industry you work in—pest control, lawn care, pool cleaning, or something in between—we have everything you need to build the business you’re dreaming of: an all-in-one software solution and world-class Customer Success team.

    (72)3.9 out of 5
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    PestPac by WorkWave is the proven, complete end-to-end solution for pest control companies of any size. Pest control businesses are empowered by a fully scalable solution capable of being customized to fit their varying operational needs and business opportunities. Whether you’re a single location or a national enterprise, serving residential or commercial customers, PestPac’s robust, flexible solution adapts to the way you run your business and increases capacity with your existing resources.

    (200)4.4 out of 5
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    Entry Level Price:$0 1 User Maximum

    SalesRabbit optimizes every aspect of your sales and management process. Track leads, manage areas, collect data, and crush sales records with our field-proven approach. “Sales production has increased by 35%+ per year since we started using the system.” - Marc Cram, DishOne We achieve these results by improving every aspect of your organization: CANVASSERS View demographic data and homeowner details Schedule appointments, share leads and notes Show videos and digital presentations CLOSERS S

    (10)4.8 out of 5
    Optimized for quick response
    Entry Level Price:$0

    Pocomos is an end-to-end software that handles everything from D2D sales to routing, scheduling, invoicing, payments, and automated reminders all in one place. Flexible software allows your company to become an unstoppable titan of efficiency. Create E-contracts in the field, take payment on any mobile device, and complete work orders on the go. Get what you want for one flat fee. Increase sales with robust sales tracking tools. Increase operating efficiency with our powerful report suite. Rou

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    Learn More About Pest Control Software

    What is Pest Control Software?

    A pest control company has many different considerations when servicing their clients. The office must schedule appointments and direct field workers, while field workers must assess each case and determine the best solution for each individual customer. Pest control software can aid with invoicing, scheduling technicians, creating an inspection report, workforce tracking, and more. Pest control management software is intended to be an end-to-end solution for pest control businesses and those in the pest control industry, helping with day-to-day operations for both the back office and field service agents.

    One of the most important aspects of pest control business software is the ability to submit work orders and make appointments for field technicians to perform the requested service. Some software solutions come with a mobile app that allows pest control technicians to create an invoice, write reports, request materials, track the time of each job, and even research the best pest management methods all while onsite. Some may even have in-house training features to keep technicians on top of the the latest techniques.

    Why Use Pest Control Software?

    Many pest control companies likely have some kind of pest control scheduling software, a workforce tracker, a means of creating service contracts, and some kind of customer service tool. However, while these are all crucial to operating a pest control business, it is much easier and less expensive to use a software solution that accomplishes all of these things and more. Pest control software is designed to help manage every aspect of your business, allowing users to spend more time hard at work helping customers manage their pest problems.

    Who Uses Pest Control Software?

    Anyone who works in general pest control can benefit from using pest control software. Those in the back office will utilize the scheduling, invoicing, accounting, and field technician management features to interface with customers and to ensure each pest control job is completed on time. Field technicians may be able to use the software on a mobile device while they are in the field to document the pest problem, request materials, schedule follow-up appointments, generate a pest control invoice, and research best practices. Some solutions may even have a client portal where customers can make payments, schedule visits, and interact with employees if there is a customer service issue.

    Kinds of Pest Control Software

    Scheduling – For any business that offers a service that requires visiting the home of a customer, scheduling is extremely important. The business must know its availability to perform any given service and where its technicians are at any given time. Scheduling features help pest control businesses know where their technicians are at any moment and when they are available to help another customer. Some services, such as fumigation, can take several days to complete, so the office must be able to schedule appointments around such services, while ensuring the customer in question is not displaced longer than necessary.

    Workforce tracking – Similar to scheduling software, workforce tracking software allows a business to know which of their field technicians are available and where they are working at any given moment. This is helpful when customers need to reschedule or a technician is running late, because the office can quickly and easily redirect technicians or update customers when there is a delay. For pest control businesses this can be crucial, since some jobs may require multiple technicians and take several days to complete. Knowing how many technicians are free for consultations allows the business to reach more clients. Some workforce tracking features include route planning, which ensures technicians reach as many customers as possible as efficiently as possible.

    Inventory management – Pest control businesses utilize a variety of chemicals and other tools to perform basic services, so it’s important to accurately keep track of available inventory. Many pest control software solutions will contain some form of inventory management, so field technicians are always able to perform necessary services. Some pest control solutions will allow field technicians to put in a request for the required chemicals or tools, which enables the office to better track their inventory needs and stay ahead of their usage. Inventory management may also extend to available vehicles (since all that equipment needs to get from point A to point B) and the inventory within each vehicle.

    Knowledge source – Pest control is not always an exact science. Certainly there are tried and true methods, but field technicians must also consider that many of these methods are toxic or may structurally damage a customer’s home. Some pest control software includes the ability to create a knowledge source where technicians can look up the best and least invasive method for, say, termite control. The ability to do this onsite is especially helpful, since every job is different and will require slightly different work and a nonspecific amount of time. Customers can benefit from this practice, since it means more accurate estimates delivered more quickly.

    Invoicing – Any service-based business needs to be able to create, send, and organize invoices quickly and easily. Many pest control software solutions contain invoicing features that make it easy to create and send invoices for the work that has either been contracted or completed. With a mobile app, technicians can create an invoice onsite and send it to both the main office and the customer. Some pest control software includes accounting features, so the invoice can automatically be dealt with accordingly. The more efficient the invoicing process, the easier it is to ensure a cash flow. Easy collaboration between field technicians and the main office can eliminate headaches for everyone involved.

    Documentation – Pest control involves many different forms of documentation. From contracts and invoices to reports and photographic documentation, pest control software tools can streamline many of these processes. Mobile apps especially give field technicians the power to create documents and share information with both the main office and other technicians. Much like a CPQ tool, pest control software may be able to create, send, and approve contracts, making it much easier for both customers and the main office. Reports need to be accurate and organized, which is much easier when reports can be made using a mobile app onsite. Eliminating paper forms makes it much easier for field technicians to remain organized and spend more time performing actual pest control.