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    Copy DVD disc to a blank DVD disc with perfect 1:1 ratio and compress DVD-9 to DVD-5 for your need. Backup DVD disc to DVD folder or DVD ISO image files with original quality for your Mac DVD Player. Burn local DVD folder or DVD ISO files to DVD disc with super fast copying speed on Mac.

    Convert general video and HD video to DVD disc on Mac. Make DVD folder and DVD ISO image file with MP4, AVI, MKV, M4V, WMV, M2TS, MOV video, and more. Customize the DVD video like defining DVD menu template. Add background music/picture, put opening film, and edit audio track/subtitle.

    Convert 4K/1080p HD videos and common videos like MP4/MOV/M4V/MKV/FLV/AVI/WMV, and more on Mac. Convert a DVD to any HD and common video and audio file. Edit videos and improve video/image quality on Mac. Personalize video with video enhancer, rotate, crop, watermark.

    If you have some DVD discs and want to watch the videos of the discs on other devices, or convert videos of various formats to MP4, this powerful MP4 Converter can help you. You can even convert DVD or video to different devices-supported formats, such as MP4 for iPhone, iPad, iPod even Apple TV, etc. This allows you to play videos at any time on any device. It is very easy that you share your videos with others.

    Convert 4K/1080p HD video to MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, MKV, FLV, MP3 and more than 200 formats. Rip DVD to video like MP4, AVI, WMV, MOV, MKV, FLV and more. Edit video with clipping, cropping, adding watermark, rotating, adjusting brightness and more. Enhance the video quality in multi-method automatically.

    The combination of DVD & Blu-ray disc/folder/ISO file creator on Windows and Mac (macOS Mojave supported) easily.

    Convert video or audio files to iOS devices, Android devices, USB flash drives or external hard drivers easily. More importantly, all supported formats like MP4, MOV, MTS, AVI, WMV, MP3 and more will be intelligently converted to compatible ones during the conversion.

    Convert video or audio files to iOS devices, Android devices, USB flash drives or external hard drivers easily. More importantly, all supported formats like MP4, MOV, MTS, AVI, WMV, MP3 and more will be intelligently converted to compatible ones during the conversion.

    ViewTrac is your comprehensive video and multi-media solution for Salesforce.

    AppSally is the #1 marketplace for growth. The platform is built by a team of digital marketing experts with decades of experience in marketing.

    Auto AnNotate is a social media marketing software that helps users to create annotations for the promotion, select target videos, track and monitor the campaign. It helps to promote youtube videos and channels.

    Beamr is a video management software that helps users to create better quality videos.

    Superior video quality balanced with ultra-efficient real-time performance up to 4Kp60 with 36 cores. Content-adaptive encoder used by industry leaders who demand perfection with advanced features like HDR-10, Dolby Vision, HLG, WCG, and up to 14-bit support. Supports a wide range of platforms including x86 on Windows, Linux, and Mac. Profile support includes HEVC Main, Main10, Main 12, and other HEVC profiles.

    BG Video Delivery enables content owners to deliver videos on Web sites and in applications that start instantly and play smoothly.

    Broadcast Operations Control Center (BOCC) is designed to maintain and improve the quality, reliability and availability of your media streams. It is a managed solution for customers looking to offload (or supplement) proactive monitoring, alerting, live support and mitigation for their OTT video streams to Akamai media experts

    Brancher puts you in the driver's seat by adding multi-choice buttons at certain moments throughout the videos. You'll need to decide what path you want to take by tapping the button choices. Each button creates what is known as a branch that splits off into an alternative path in the story. The number of paths is unlimited and only bound by the creator's imagination. Brancher makes it possible for anyone to easily create multi-choice videos and share them with their friends.

    Bravo enables marketers to instantly capture video from customers, users and fans - right over the web. Companies such as Indeed, Act-On Software and Pearson are using Bravo to launch user generated video campaigns, including video testimonials, video contests, customer stories, product reviews and more. Loved for its beautifully simple interface, Bravo can capture video from any browser, smartphone or tablet.

    BridTV is an enterprise platform for video management, streaming, encoding and monetization.

    BTS Enterprise is a software designed for broadcasters who require a comprehensive business solution that can be tailored to meet specific needs.

    Burst enables broadcasters, media companies, rights holders and brands to instantly deliver mobile video to broadcast, OTT, digital and social platforms at low-cost.

    Cameratag is a video processing solution.

    Video is widely used by a hugely diverse number of companies with many differing use cases. That is why Cantemo Portal has been built to be flexible and agile, meaning it can meet your needs, no matter your size, type, or video usage needs. is a video competition league built for maximizing value to viewers, content creators, and advertisers.

    Chimpanzee offers traditional film scheduling & budgeting features at an affordable price.

    Make an impact with immersive presentations.

    Catch your audiences where they're and make them part of the story. Easily and quickly create an engaging interactive video experience.

    ClipShare is a video sharing PHP script.

    Coconut is a video encoding platform for developers and teams, since 2006. We're making video encoding easy, through a well-designed and very simple

    DEFlicker is your solution for problematic high frame rate and timelapse footage!

    1. Largest Ecommerce Video Database DemoUp offers the largest ecommerce video database. More than 1,500 brands and 100,000 videos can be embedded on your online shop. Connect your shop to our video database and matching videos will be embedded automatically on your product pages. Add-to-cart conversion rates for those who watch these videos increase by an average of 95%. 2. Pushbutton Integration Connect your shop in less than 3 minutes. Just copy the DemoUp tag into your product page template and you‘re done. DemoUp scans all your product pages and automatically embeds the matching videos from our database. From this point on you will always have the newest video content from brands live in your ecommerce shop. 3. Get More Visitors with Video SEO Our built-in video SEO tool automatically informs search engines about your product videos and will integrate rich snippets into search results. You will get more visitors through improved rankings and higher click-through-rates. 4. A Dashboard for Insights Get all relevant key performance indicators for your videos. Our platform measures conversion and sales, not just eyeballs and impressions. Dig deep into our data and see at what second viewers are dropping of your videos and which kind of videos performs best.

    DE:Noise uses frame-to-frame motion tracking to reduce noise and other artifacts.

    Digital Rights Director is a complete online media distribution platform based on Windows Media DRM that allows digital media content owners to effectively sell audio and video online with 100% copyright protection for both streaming and downloadable media files. Digital Rights Director prevents your streaming audio and video files from ever being stolen or played without your consent.

    EZDRM offers a wide range of options in DRMaaS, including a multi-DRM solution called Universal DRM.

    Dynamsoft Camera SDK is a programming API that converts document images taken with a camera into scanner-quality. It supports document edge detection and auto crop from a video stream.

    Ecamm Live puts the power of Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, and Twitch video streaming at your fingertips.

    Embedly is the source for embedding content and previewing links on the web. Embedly provides tools for custom media integrations and audience insights.

    enCaption3 R3 is an automated hardware/software system designed to automatically generate captioning on live or recorded video.

    EngageOne Video is interactive, personalized video which customers can control, deciding in real-time which content to view and when to interact with it.

    Enterprise Surveillance Manager (ESM) is an enterprise-class video surveillance management and recording application designed to operate with commercial off-the-shelf IP cameras, servers, switches and storage.

    EuclidIQ specializes in providing improved video compression performance for HD and high motion videos for video-enabled devices.

    Explee is a cloud-based application that allows users to create visual and dynamic animated videos.

    The Intertrust ExpressPlay cloud DRM system provides complete, end-to-end content protection that meets even the toughest Hollywood standards. ExpressPlay is the only multi-DRM technology available across all popular platforms and formats. Our service is cost-effective and easy to integrate, and our platform is very scalable both in terms of use of elastic cloud and of geographical coverage.

    Eyeview delivers one-to-one video marketing solutions that drive sales and return on ad spend. Video can do more for marketers. Outcome-based video marketing goes beyond media delivery metrics and directly connects to business resultsÑfrom online conversions to foot traffic and offline sales.

    FieldsKit provides smarter deinterlacing and better workflow options for interlaced footage.

    Fishbole is a powerful video presentation platform for sales and marketing teams.

    Connecting with your customers through interactive video and online focus groups generates more impactful market insights and helps you make customer-focused decisions that drive brand loyalty. With FocusVision InterVu Now, it is easier than ever to see your customers for yourself and get close to their truth, all within an instant, with no special software required. Just click then start your session.

    For remote viewing to captivate your team, it should have the same qualities of being there in person. Now, with FocusVision Live Video, you can live-stream and record high-quality video from focus group facilities, ensuring that entire teams can see for themselves from any location.

    FocusVision Video Insights is a secure, centralized video management source where all of your insights can be accessed whenever and wherever you need and shared across your organization. Get closer to your customers by letting them Let your customers tell their truths for informed decision-making.

    Traditional film budgeting including globals, fringes, sub-groups, tax credits, deferments, 4th level budgeting, ratebook integration and expense tracking.

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