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    This SaaS solution enables you to visually plan based on consumers' actual buying behaviors, guided by data science and analytics. With the near-limitless scalability and agility of JDA Luminate Assortment, the power is back in your hands.

    Gain Access to Millions of New Customers by Featuring your Part Listings on eBay Motors.

    The MatrixPlace Community helps Retailers and Manufacturers connect, as the # Retail Sales Software that gets your Products into Retailers!

    Mi9 Intelligence is a robust retail analytics platform suited for enterprise-level retailers that ensures everyone from junior buyers to senior executives has access to hyper-accurate metrics. Mi9 Intelligence dashboards incorporate powerful predictive analytics that can be created and fine-tuned by users on the fly.

    Better serve customers by creating a single view of inventory across your online and physical store locations.

    Myagi centralizes brand product training, retail skill building, and communication tools to let your frontline staff deliver unforgettable customer experiences every single day.

    Omnia's Feed Manager is a channel management software for retailers. Create, manage and optimize all product feeds in one place. Connect to internal and external marketing channels with pre-populated channel templates. Use filters and (competitor) pricing data to optimize feed content.

    Integrating Hadley is fast, simple and allows you to reimagine the ways you engage with your consumers.

    OpenRMA is a computer and any Repair Shop Repair Tracking for Computer, Mobile Phones Technicians and Repair Centers. Mobile repair, laptop repair computer repair tracking.

    OxeBox is a paperless smart bill receipt platform for any retail and restaurant business. OxeBox enables any retail business to provide easily customizable smart receipts to their customers without any additional cost and also get actionable analytics & feedback.

    PC Repair Tracker is a service management and repair shop tracking that provides built-in POS, store inventory management, and employee timeclock.

    Proximity Platform that helps developers to create location-aware mobile apps in a matter of minutes.

    Our store platform puts cutting-edge capabilities in the hands of sales associates to drive engagement and ensure that every interaction with your customer is memorable.

    Qline is a cloud-based queue management system.

    QMAGIK offers an integrated queue management and customer flow management software solution.

    Quant Retail is a cloud solution for the management of retail space, product categories, planograms and SELs. In Quant, our clients draw and manage the floorplans of thousands of stores and publish hundreds of thousands of planograms every year. Thanks to the smart automatic generating of planograms optimized according to sales based on user-defined templates it is possible to maintain the planograms in up-to-date state also in large sales networks with diverse stores without increasing demands on human resources.

    Repair Pilot is a customizable designed to track repair orders, manage customers and jobs, print labels, upload images and signatures.

    RetailEZ the field service software aids in clear communication be it sales and order management, escalating stock outs, competitor info, planning and tracking field sales staff activity. The convenience of working offline from a mobile, getting instant reports and SKU and doing multiple jobs with a single app ensures higher effectiveness and productivity.

    Retail Integration is a POS software for retail shops.

    RevCascade is a dropship automation platform that connects retailers with all their brands, streamlining product and inventory data exchange, merchandising, transactions, and everything in between. Manually managing vendors' disparate data feeds and order fulfillment methods, emailing spreadsheets back-and-forth, and adjusting product and inventory information is an operational and data nightmare for retailers that can lead to costly mistakes. With RevCascade, however, retailers have one do-it-all platform through which every vendor's data feed is consolidated and synced automatically to their sites, product assortment and pricing can be collaborated upon and agreed to in-platform, transactions are automatically relayed to suppliers for their easy fulfillment, and shipments, invoices, and returns can all be managed. With increased operational efficiency and streamlined relationships and communication with all their vendors, retailers are able expand their dropship programs and rapidly scale their ecommerce revenue.

    RSRS is a powerful & flexible Computer Repair Shop solution for any technical department dealing with the repair of office automation equipment. It offers a wide range of tools that enable any company to streamline their processes, improve productivity and efficiency, and as a result enhance profitability.

    At InContext, our virtual solutions are powered by ShopperMX™-- the world’s first cloud-based virtual reality simulation and shopper insights platform that enables users to create and test new shopper experiences in hyper realistic 3D virtual store simulations. This cutting-edge enterprise virtual reality platform gives you the power to create engaging shopper experiences no matter your industry. Retailers and manufacturers gain in-depth perspectives and insights for faster, smarter, more profitable business decisions that effectively speed up innovation and improve profits.

    Reach customers. Build your brand. Grow sales. SnapRetail: The essential online marketing tool made for Main Street.

    Solink is a cloud-based loss prevention solution for multi-site businesses.

    Solink audits every transaction, notifies you of suspicious events and presents all the evidence.

    Cloud-based platform that enables retailers to create and send promotions to smartphones over any mall guest Wi-Fi network.

    With over 15,000 locally owned Cell Phone stores across the United States, these small businesses are the true face of mobile phone services and plans, serving the wireless needs of individuals and families.

    StoreLevel is a local visibility platform which provides consumer brands with real time in-store execution monitoring using crowdsourcing.

    SunLync is an operations manager, security guard, administrative assistant and equipment maintenance supervisor all in one!

    Aspen is a first-of-its-kind, Customer Efficiency Solution, that helps retailers keep a stronghold on its post-purchase customer services costs while delivering responsive, convenient service capability. Aspen packs within itself a powerful shipment visibility and a wholesome returns management application that can plug into your online and offline store making the customer experience easy and seamless. At the same time, Aspen helps retailers retain revenue from the returns operations. Contact us to give Aspen a spin.

    Swirl's proximity-based indoor mobile marketing platform allows retail brands to deliver targeted messages directly to shoppers.

    Tab inStore is an online platform for retailers to monitor their tablets, manage their content, and visualize real-time metrics.

    Xtreme Locator is an easy to use software, built to help spread your business

    thisopenspace is an online community marketplace for people to list, discover, and book unique short-term spaces for any occasion.

    Registrar that provides retail strategies and self-management solutions for domain names under new TLDs.

    Uniqodo is cloud-based software for a coupon, voucher or discount code marketing campaigns.

    UNO is an integrated multi-portfolio retail loan and Liability management solution that covers most of retail loan application processing, servicing and collection management integrated with online accounting entries.

    Silkron specializes in Smart Vending and Automated Retail platform which enable the customers globally with smart vending and self-service features and functionality to the vending machines and retail automation.

    VoucherMatic is an intuitive tool for voucher, coupon & gift card management that helps you bring New Customers, Enhance Loyalty of existing customers and Increase Sales.

    Vynamic Mobile Shopper is a mobile self-scanning solution designed to allow consumers to scan their own items while shopping.

    Walkbase, a STRATACACHE company, is the leading location analytics and marketing platform for retailers and airports to measure, optimise and personalise the customer experience.

    Coinbase Crypto to eGift Cards. Spend your Coinbase cryptocurrency with your favourite high street retailers

    Access the leading gift card brands, globally, in real time.

    Incentivise more purchases, drive more conversions. Offering gift cards as unique post-purchase incentives

    Sell gift cards to consumers directly online. With an end-to-end, managed e-commerce solution