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    Global AutoCorrect saves you time and helps you to focus on what you're writing by automatically and intelligently correcting your spelling as you type.

    With the meeting tool in Goalspot, you can prepare for, facilitate and follow-up on your meetings all in one spot. Custom agenda items keep your meetings on track. Easily assign tasks & goals from within your meetings. Visualize the progress of all tasks & goals. Automatically generate meeting minutes. Sign up free trial today!

    Best Online Essay Service - Find Writer for Your Paper

    Designed for Enterprise mailers. Know the delivery impact of each and every mailpiece.

    ID2Office is an Adobe InDesign to Microsoft Office and Apple Keynote conversion solution.

    Digital library solution, i-lib caters to multidisciplinary needs, allowing web based access to all types of digital data of an organization. Unlike i-doc, this software has an integrated viewer for not just text formats, but also multimedia formats like MP3, MP4, WAV, AVI, MPEG and picture formats like .jpg, jpeg, .png, .bmp and .tiff.

    iLost is the search engine for lost & found.

    Invu Document Management is a software that works with existing Microsoft and business applications as a core part of processes,documents can be imported electronically from MS Office, emails imported and paper documents rapidly scanned in.

    Digital Visual Management solution for Lean, Agile, Project Management, Brainstorming practices that offers real-time collaborative experience for multi-site teams.

    FREE Online file sharing, share large or small files with friends and family around the world. Share large files up to 5GB for free...

    itrezzo is the web-based solution for contact management. Match global address list to almost any cell phone. Adjust open and private date-books to any clients.

    Store and sync your files to Kdan Cloud. Instantly upload files from Kdan's apps or website. Access your files across iOS, Android, Windows, and Mac. Create links to files and share them with others. Share links from the web with password protection. View and manage files directly from your browser. Get premium features in Kdan's flagship apps. Fax documents straight from your mobile device. Convert high quality documents or videos. Connect with creatives worldwide through Kdan's communities.

    Knoema Datafinder helps users to find data and statistics for your research and other needs.

    E-commerce monitoring solution to prevent an online store from losses. Kuoll gets data about errors and e-commerce analytics events, real-time data analytics determines critical issues. Kuoll shows critical errors on the dashboard and sends alerts.

    With our automated Return Mail solution, you can reduce overhead due to manual handling of returned mail for payroll, mailing, printing and collections.

    Your organization collaborates on documents every day.

    Live Blog is an open source, web-based blogging platform for moment-by-moment coverage of live breaking news, made for professional journalists.

    LockStep Work Instruction software is an easy-to-use documentation tool. Specifically, it is an efficient, template-based work instruction solution. All versions are feature-rich and scalable single-user applications.

    Lost and Found Manager helps companies run their lost and found systems so that they can get better at returning items.

    Software for managing the smart locks of your spaces remotely and directly from your desktop, iOS and Android devices.

    Macabacus offers a suite of productivity add-ins for Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.

    MacroView DMF is a fully functional document and email management that allows you to manage and organize files and documents in SharePoint, to navigate your file structure using a tree view, and access data using search panels all without leaving Microsoft Office.

    Best PST password recovery tool which is used to recover, remove or reset Outlook data file password instantly. Ensure how to recover forgotten passwords of PST files & remove its protection. It removes the password from a PST file in a single click and reset the password of an Outlook data file without the old password in few clicks.

    MailSite Fusion is a windows email, calendar and contact server with over-the-air push to all types of smartphones, Full native Outlook sync, a sophisticated AJAX web client and a calendar and contact sharing server, which can synchronize and publish to many other clients.

    USPS® CASS Certified Address Verification Software

    Free Windows Admin Tools, helps the IT Administrator in day to day desktop management routines.This windows tool helps in operations like Remote desktop connection, Remote task manager, Software inventory, Remote shutdown, Remote restart , Wake on LAN tool, System inventory tool, Perform Group Policy update, Hard disk space monitor, Remote command prompt, Remote device manager, Local Users/Groups List, Network Share Browser, Join/Unjoin Computer, Currently Logged On User,Laptop Battery Power Monitor from a single console. Download Now from this link

    View, highlight, and share the best parts of web pages with My Markups. Highlight texts on any webpage, news article or blog post with Chrome extension or our mobile app to keep everything organized and accessible. Collect the most relevant information in an efficient and simple manner. Sync and access your archives from your mobile devices or desktop at all times. offers free and non-binding virtual office search in most big cities. It is an increasingly popular choice for businesses all over the world

    Rulers provides Palm OS users with an on-screen ruler to measure small objects. allows you to organize meetings effortlessly over organizational boundaries: no passwords, no registrations, and no downloads. creates a shared online space for meeting collaboration, including files, shared documents, notes, and agenda.

    Binary Bakery is the ultimate meby bar tool.

    Meridian is a networked PDF printer engineered for server-side rendering.

    MetaSight enterprise networking software accelerates networking with colleagues, customers and suppliers.

    Enable your clients to report their lost items through a system that unites offices of railways, airports, and hotels across the world.

    Momentum Dashboard is a productivity tool replacing new tab page with a personal dashboard featuring todo, weather, and inspiration.

    Welcome to My Efact Paperless Office, My Efact is a paperless office system that gives you scanning, secure email, archiving, and all the other features of a powerful online document management system.

    B2B Document and Information Transfer

    NoticeBoardPro is a free online notice/bulletin board.

    Numerador is a Windows Visual Bates Numbering Software for printing numbered forms, invoices, vouchers, raffles, tickets, ID cards, or any printed work with Sequential Numbers and Variable Data on it. Your definitive bates numbering software!

    OfficeLuv creates happier and more productive workplaces by centralizing office ordering through one platform. With dozens of vendors and thousands of products, OfficeLuv consolidates all your ordering to help office management teams order supplies and groceries, manage vendors, gather employee insights, and analyze office spend.

    OfficeMaps is an interactive office floor plan and staff directory application. Deployed in the cloud or on premises it helps staff find the people, places and things in the business through a variety of location and attribute based search options. Integrate with Active Directory to populate staff lists, then expand with detailed profiles to include the details most important to your business – such as languages spoken, industry experience or current certifications. Record the details that facilitate collaboration and flexible work practices, like working days, current status and work location. Map business locations down to individual floor levels within the building and pin assets, facilities and people to particular locations. See which desks are available at any given time to accommodate visiting staff and support hot-desking arrangements.

    Office Timeline is a free timeline template collection was created for professionals who need outstanding timeline presentations that will thrill clients and impress management.

    Office Timesheets is a web-based commercial timesheet that is a highly configurable timesheet tracking and management software application designed to adapt to the specialized needs of project-driven organizations that require employee time capture and time reporting for accurate job costing/accounting and/or billing of professional services.

    Administering critical information and data to define business success can prove to be an arduous task. Managers leave nothing to chance when it comes to information management. The time lost in searching for the right information is an opportunity cost to the organization.

    The Onit Board Kit Distribution App lets you centralize all information, notify members of new or revised documents, and access to the most current information.

    Welcome to Onyx Graphics, the market leader in powerful and reliable wide format and grand format RIP and Print Workflow Software. We offer a variety of different solutions, specially designed for low, mid and high volume printer businesses.

    OpenLM is an enterprise software system that lets you monitor and manage the use of licensed software products in your organization. Our core product OpenLM Core lets you monitor the usage of software in your organization for the purpose of verifying compliance with vendor licensing agreements, optimizing usage, forecasting software licensing requirements and maintaining an effective ratio of floating licenses to users. It can be deployed on your organizational network or you can opt to use our secured cloud implementation and be free of server administration overhead completely. Our other products, OpenLM App Manager and OpenLM License Router provide application and license management functionality at your end user workstations.

    OpenTextAlchemy provides long-term, secure fax storage for faxes exchanged with RightFax fax server.

    ATS OST to PST Converter Software is a solution designed to recover corrupted message items such as mail message, calendar, events, contacts, tasks, notes, drafts etc.

    OutWit Hub is an automated scraping tool thatextracts information elements and organizes them into usable collections.