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    contentCrawler is a powerful document processing tool that offers a fast and accurate Optical Character Recognition module and a file Compression module, working separately or together. Convert image-based files to text-searchable PDFs with a framework that runs independently in the background 24/7. Compress file size to save space in your Document Management System or content repository. The best part is that staff no longer have to worry about OCR or Compression as a workflow. contentCrawler is a solution that IT administrators can leave running in the background for automatic processing of up to 17,000 pages per day. Staff will be able to search for and find every file, every time. Contact us today to learn about pricing and what contentCrawler could do for your organization.

    ConvertCalculator uses easily set up formulas much like Excel, which manages any complex calculation.

    Plastic card printing software. Print membership, ID and loyalty cards. Barcode, magstripe, database & variable images.

    DataCycle Reporting is an Excel-based automation reporting tool. It extracts data from databases and designs reports for web or email delivery. Business intelligence can be viewed by users and developed into charts or advanced dashboards.

    Progress ® DataDirect ® offers unique data connectivity solutions for enterprises needing to better integrate data across Relational, Big Data and Cloud databases.

    DataNumen BKF Repair(DBKFR) is a tool designed to repair corrupt Microsoft backup(BKF) files.

    DataNumen CAB Repair(DCABR) is a repair tool for corrupt CAB files.

    DataNumen Database Recovery(DDBR)(formerly Advanced Database Recovery) is a database recovery suite.

    DataNumen DBF Repair is a repair tool for corrupt DBF files.

    DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery is a FREE tool to recover password from encrypted Outlook PST files. If you forget the password of an encrypted PST file, then with this tool, you can easily recover the password and access the contents in the PST file.

    DataNumen NTFS Undelete (DNTU) is a recovery tool for deleted files and folders on NTFS systems.

    DataNumen Office Repair(DOFR) (formerly Advanced Office Repair) is a recover tool for corrupt MS Access MDB and ACCDB databases, MS Excel xls, xlw and xlsx files, MS Word doc and docx documents, MS Outlook PST files, and MS Outlook Express dbx and mbx files.

    DataNumen SQL Recovery (DSR) is a repair and recovery tool for corrupt SQL Server MDF and NDF database files.

    DataNumen TAR Repair (DTAR) is a tool for repairing corrupt TAR files.

    DATA-SCAN, using advanced data-capture technologies, automatically capturing the data of your forms and questionnaires (paper and online) by document scanning. The software feeds instantaneously your informational system (IS).

    DataStock helps download comprehensive, clean and ready-to-use pre-crawled web datasets from wide range of industries spanning across the geography. This solution is ideal for those who are looking for off-the-shelf datasets to perform analysis and gain insights.

    DAT MAIL is the easiest post-presort product to implement, integrate with your current systems, and use with positive results - right out of the box

    Devart Excel Add-ins allows clients to work with database and cloud data in Microsoft Excel as with usual Excel spreadsheets. With Devart Excel Add-ins you can get exactly the data you need with visual Query Builder or with SQL and refresh the queried external data in a workbook.

    Exchange public folder sync for calendars, contacts, tasks, posts/mail. Sync your global address list (GAL) to mobiles.

    DocAuto offers SharePoint management solutions.

    DocFactory is your one-stop multichannel solution for complete digitization across the enterprise. Automate the capture and conversion of all your content with additional benefits such as Electronic Server Signature and easy PDF export. Trade inefficient manual processes and stacks of paper for streamlined, integrated content management.

    DocShifter is a comprehensive document compliance software solution.

    Offers Records Management, Document Scanning and Conversion, and Consulting.

    DoNotType believes that paper as a device of data storing and forwarding can be replaced by electronic platforms. In this way we can save more trees, water, energy, and thereby more living space for our children.

    dox42 is an innovative software product for automatic generation of documents and data integration - flexible, powerful and intuitive

    Concept & Plans Overview Background & Pain Area Tableau help data-driven companies unleash the power of their most valuable data and help them in visualizing it for faster insights anytime anywhere. Connecting to underlying data, simple drag and drop to create beautiful and intuitive graphs, identifying trends and patterns, sharing quick insights with the set of users have become much faster with Tableau eco-system. But documenting all this process in order to get quick information about used data sources, dependencies, calculations, parameters, and unused sections is essential as auditing your workbooks will need all these details related to your workbooks created. Workbook documentation will quickly help you understand the component dependencies, calculations used, data source details, impact analysis and relationships associated to your workbooks. As Tableau does not give an inbuilt documenting option, a user has to create these documents manually which takes around 10-15 hours of resource time for documenting each workbook manually. With the increase in Tableau projects, creating detailed documentation and standardizing it has become a major challenge for Tableau users and organizations. Companies spend a lot of efforts in terms of resources, time and cost on standardization of manual workbook documentation process. Solution A new web-based simplified Tableau documentation tool designed to make the management and documentation of Tableau workbooks much easier, faster and simpler. It helps users put together documentation for all the workbooks created so your team can focus on Visualization rather than getting side-tracked by Tableau documentation. Doxami gives complete details of your Tableau workbook which includes but not limited to Data sources used, connection details, Workbook Components & hierarchies, Calculations, Parameters, Groups, sets, combined fields created, Unused fields and worksheets etc. Capturing all these details and documenting them will help a Tableau user in identifying data source dependencies, the impact of requirement or data source changes on overall workbooks and standardizing the documentation process. Key Features & Advantages of Doxami Customized reports as per your need: - Select the level of details you want to add in the report as per your need - Choose the color theme for your entire document with just a click - Customize your report by adding company logo, project name and brief about your report Easy to use application: - No software installation required. Just log in and start creating documents - Get all the workbook details on few clicks without even opening your workbook - Simple drag and drop tool built for non-technical users Easy export options: - Create & download attractive PDFs of your documents - Download PNG files to integrate with other documents - Simple & well-designed templates with option to customize based on your need Deeper insights from your workbooks: - Share multiple points of views on just a few clicks - Create detailed documents for deeper insights - Specify the exact level of details required for your documentation Smart and Intuitive tool: - Locate unused fields & worksheets visually - See the component dependencies in your workbook visually - Identify Hierarchies, User defined functions, Connection details easily Your data is secure: - Just drag TWB file to create your project documentation - We do not save your workbook data or end reports on our servers - Your data is always safe with you How It Would Work Creating Tableau documentation is always a time consuming and tedious job of the project life cycle. Doxami makes it easy 3 step process so you can enjoy creating dashboards without wasting time on documentation. Upload the TWB file: Doxami is a simple and secure tool to create your workbook documentation. Click and choose a TWB file or simply drag a TWB file inside the dotted area. Select Required Sections: Doxami helps you customize your report as per your project need. Select the required sections and decide the level of details you want to keep in your report. Download the report: Doxami gives you options to select the format of your report. Download the complete report in PDF format or download PNG files and integrate them in your project documentation.

    Driver Genius 18 Professional allows users to keep drivers up-to-date automatically and keep their PC running like new!

    DVD MovieFactory Pro 7 is DVD burning and authoring that lets design menus and burns DVDs with the favorite photos and videos, to share it.

    The Best All-In-One iTunes DRM Removal and Apple Music Converter which enables you to remove DRM protection from Apple music and convert both DRM-ed and non-DRM music/audiobooks to MP3 quickly and in top quality. Fully compatible with the latest iTunes and Available in 7 languages.

    EasyPost provides an address verification API to improve the overall deliverability of the packages.

    A Simple Cloud-Based MailMerge Service For Developers

    ElePub is an object database publishing software system that automatically generates pagers for paper, HTML and e-paper and automates process from content acquisition, editing and multi-lingual content storage.

    Engin is a cloud-based solution to replace paper and spreadsheet-based data collection. Engin is a fluid platform to build systems that transform business productivity and profitability by democratizing data, fixing information gaps, assist with management and compliance needs all at a comparatively low cost.

    Enstella EDB to EML Conversion to migrate EDB emails to EML file format.

    Enstella OST to EML Converter to recover OST data from corrupt OST files and convert OST to EML.

    EpiData Entry is used for simple or programmed data entry and data documentation. Entry handles simple forms or related systems

    Since 2006, e-Redact has delivered an advanced document redaction solution for irreversibly removing confidential and sensitive information from electronic files, documents, scanned output, or any other information source such as a database report.

    Facilities Booking is a booking tool designed to manage meeting rooms, conference rooms, venues, equipment, vehicles and others.

    Comprehensive, easy to use documentation and sample code will help you start converting files quickly - use our getting started guide to convert your first file within minutes.

    File Label Express is a modern, HTML5 web application with a responsive, clean and quick user interface. It is cross platform and cross browser compatible. There is no need to download third party runtime environments or clunky ActiveX controls. It is not necessary to run any particular operating system.

    Firework is the easy access to web applications. It turns them into desktop applications. Calendar, Mail, Drive, Slack, Trello & more.

    Flip PDF provides a quick and easy way to batch convert ordinary PDF files into stunning Flash & HTML5 publications that run on all devices (iPad, iPhone, Android phone), with amazing page flip animations and sound.

    Floor Plan Mapper transforms your office floor plans into an interactive, dynamic, clickable office employee map. Search and locate employees, meeting rooms and printers.

    Foldercrate combines online services like email, cloud storage, calendar, notes, friend list and chat in a single easy to use service.

    Fotopia Capture is an easy-to-use scanning application that integrates smoothly with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365. It is a cloud-ready application that can be accessed anywhere around the world and incorporates multiple features to make individual or batch scanning quick and accurate.

    Geosheets is a tool that enables quick and lightweight map creation directly from spreadsheet data, it give user the ability to perform geo lookups (latitude/longitude, region, state, etc.), calculate distances between points, and build customized maps.

    Ghostery's Marketing Cloud Management and Privacy solutions give businesses insight into scripts, tags and cookie data on their websites

    GitBook is a modern publishing toolchain.

    Global AutoCorrect saves you time and helps you to focus on what you're writing by automatically and intelligently correcting your spelling as you type.

    With the meeting tool in Goalspot, you can prepare for, facilitate and follow-up on your meetings all in one spot. Custom agenda items keep your meetings on track. Easily assign tasks & goals from within your meetings. Visualize the progress of all tasks & goals. Automatically generate meeting minutes. Sign up free trial today!