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    ABCFastDirectory is a software help to manage the member directory and create telephone or photo directories.

    Alliance Virtual Offices provides premium virtual office and telecommunications solutions for companies all over the world. Alliance combines three central components necessary to service mobile and work-from-home professionals: People, Place and Technology.

    AlstraSoft Video Sharing Script is enterprise level audio, photo and video sharing software that offers a feature-rich solution.

    Approved Contact automatically syncs open dates and times to facilitate secure cross-company discussions with trusted business contacts.

    Virtually everything you need to easily create one-of-a kind monthly and yearly calendars

    AudioWeb is a personal audio website for Windows. AudioWeb creates a personal website on your computer allowing you to play your mp3 audio files through any web browser. AudioWeb excels at playing sequential audio files, such as in an audio book or podcast. provides a set of APIs and tools that instantly enables businesses to recognize devices, and consumers across devices.

    AutoMail is a mailroom management software that improves customer communications and optimizes mailrooms by providing one source for designing, processing and delivering customer documents in a graphically appealing and cost-efficient.

    CallMyList is a thriving software as a service (SaaS) company providing innovative voice broadcasting and call center software to a variety of industries. We specialize in Robo calls, Ringless Voicemail and SMS messages. The types of customers we send calls for are political campaigns, ticket sales, event reminder, account reminders, collection calls and many other use cases.

    AyaNova service management and work order software includes workorders, dispatching, scheduling, preventive maintenance, quotes, contracts, notifications, inventory tracking including serial numbers, custom fields, equipment tracking, custom reports, QuickBooks interface, and mobile web browser interface.

    Batch Files is a tool which allows users to process bulk file operations. Manual, automatic, or scheduled modes are available. Files can be merged, split, or zip processed.

    Bric is a mobile app that digitizies business cards and facilitiates exchange and management of business cards from mobile. The user can also Call,SMS,Email from the app and is notified each time a contact changes job,roles or location.

    Bryntum makes UI components and tools for enterprise javascript development. Our products includ scheduling and Gantt charts as well as testing tools and error monitoring tools.

    Designed for a business with a mobile workforce with 5 or more employees

    POSitively Business is a point of sale software that allows users to make their own custom changes.

    Byron is an US-based virtual assistant to companies provide teams and individuals with a reliable resource that can handle administrative tasks.

    CA Dispatchis an online, interactive report distribution management and archive repository system designed to reduce paper consumption, is a report distribution management system that manages report production and distribution from the report planning stage to the time it is printed.

    With, you can quickly and easily find a suitable date and location for your group event!

    CDXStreamer™ Tools and Excel Apps

    Checkeeper is an online check registry that lets you print checks on your own check-stock or on totally blank white paper.

    CiAN Text Replacer is a powerful and easy-to-use Mass Text Replacement Tool.

    cleanDocs is the only product on the market that offers two points of defense against sending unsecure emails: metadata cleaning and email recipient checking. The metadata scrubber removes more than 100 different types of metadata that could be hidden within Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, and PDF/A documents in milliseconds. Most global data breaches happen when an email is sent to the wrong person. Our recipient checking email add-in applies a second layer of defense against human error over email since users confirm their actions are as intended upon clicking Send. cleanDocs is available to individual users, small-to-medium businesses, and large-scale enterprises.

    Clevver Mail offers digital postboxes with online mail management, scanning, and forwarding services.

    Offers single conversion options that cover pretty much any file type you are starting from.

    Cloud Supply is a Simple Office Supply Software

    The ComputerProx TF2000 automates the locking of the PC when you step away. The TF2000 uses ultrasound to detect your presence. When you leave the proximity of the PC, the TF2000 automatically locks the system without requiring any keystrokes from you!

    Connected Software is a leading provider of software for client-side email and address book migration, including solutions for Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, Microsoft Exchange, AOL, and Lotus Notes. Connected Software is credited with a long list of innovations in the industry, including being the first to offer migration support for Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express, Netscape 4, and AOL email and address books.

    Contactous is a platform designed to convert business cards to revenue and uncover quality leads and relationships in organizations by providing clean data from all business cards.

    contentCrawler is a powerful document processing tool that offers a fast and accurate Optical Character Recognition module and a file Compression module, working separately or together. Convert image-based files to text-searchable PDFs with a framework that runs independently in the background 24/7. Compress file size to save space in your Document Management System or content repository. The best part is that staff no longer have to worry about OCR or Compression as a workflow. contentCrawler is a solution that IT administrators can leave running in the background for automatic processing of up to 17,000 pages per day. Staff will be able to search for and find every file, every time. Contact us today to learn about pricing and what contentCrawler could do for your organization.

    ConvertCalculator uses easily set up formulas much like Excel, which manages any complex calculation.

    Plastic card printing software. Print membership, ID and loyalty cards. Barcode, magstripe, database & variable images.

    DataCycle Reporting is an Excel-based automation reporting tool. It extracts data from databases and designs reports for web or email delivery. Business intelligence can be viewed by users and developed into charts or advanced dashboards.

    DataNumen BKF Repair(DBKFR) is a tool designed to repair corrupt Microsoft backup(BKF) files.

    DataNumen CAB Repair(DCABR) is a repair tool for corrupt CAB files.

    DataNumen DBF Repair is a repair tool for corrupt DBF files.

    DataNumen Outlook Password Recovery is a FREE tool to recover password from encrypted Outlook PST files. If you forget the password of an encrypted PST file, then with this tool, you can easily recover the password and access the contents in the PST file.

    DataNumen NTFS Undelete (DNTU) is a recovery tool for deleted files and folders on NTFS systems.

    DataNumen SQL Recovery (DSR) is a repair and recovery tool for corrupt SQL Server MDF and NDF database files.

    DataNumen TAR Repair (DTAR) is a tool for repairing corrupt TAR files.

    DATA-SCAN, using advanced data-capture technologies, automatically capturing the data of your forms and questionnaires (paper and online) by document scanning. The software feeds instantaneously your informational system (IS).

    DataStock helps download comprehensive, clean and ready-to-use pre-crawled web datasets from wide range of industries spanning across the geography. This solution is ideal for those who are looking for off-the-shelf datasets to perform analysis and gain insights.

    DAT MAIL is the easiest post-presort product to implement, integrate with your current systems, and use with positive results - right out of the box

    Devart Excel Add-ins allows clients to work with database and cloud data in Microsoft Excel as with usual Excel spreadsheets. With Devart Excel Add-ins you can get exactly the data you need with visual Query Builder or with SQL and refresh the queried external data in a workbook.

    Exchange public folder sync for calendars, contacts, tasks, posts/mail. Sync your global address list (GAL) to mobiles.

    DocAuto offers SharePoint management solutions.

    DocFactory is your one-stop multichannel solution for complete digitization across the enterprise. Automate the capture and conversion of all your content with additional benefits such as Electronic Server Signature and easy PDF export. Trade inefficient manual processes and stacks of paper for streamlined, integrated content management.

    DocShifter is a comprehensive document compliance software solution.

    Offers Records Management, Document Scanning and Conversion, and Consulting.

    DoNotType believes that paper as a device of data storing and forwarding can be replaced by electronic platforms. In this way we can save more trees, water, energy, and thereby more living space for our children.