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    Aderant Spotlight is powerful business intelligence software that delivers critical insights to law firm decision makers through detailed analytics resulting in increased efficiency and maximum profitability.

    Atrium is a legal service for startups that specialises in providing legal advice from incorporation to exit.

    Beagle reads your contract in seconds and highlights who the parties are, their responsibilities, their liabilities, how to get out of the contract and more.

    BEC Docket Enterprise is a docket and legal calendaring application, used for critical date tracking and task management for all practice groups.

    From data archiving in Write-once, read many (WORM) format to case management with legal hold and advanced search and management reporting, every part of Behavox is methodically engineered to solve specific regulatory and business requirements.

    Bigle legal is a next-generation end-to-end document automation platform with a mission to transform the way legal teams operate. Focus on what makes your company great and say goodbye to monotonous tasks: create complex contracts in minutes using our secure cloud-based platform.

    Blackout is an automated redaction application for Relativity that redacts documents based on your criteria, streamlining your redaction workflow. Blackout automatically redacts - or highlights - words, phrases, or patterns, saving reviewers' time for QC, ensuring the fastest and highest quality review.

    Bodhala's industry-leading analytics platform allows business-savvy GCs and legal operations professionals to run their legal departments in a demonstrable data-driven and cost-efficient way.

    With helpful and intuitive document preview and interview features—as well as ways to reflect client preferences immediately—you’ll wonder how you ever got along without this drafting system.

    CaseFilePro is a customizable set of tools intended to act as a framework for the utilization of legal training and expertise. It is up to the user to know, understand, and comply with local, state, and federal laws as they apply to the acquisition, utilization, and safeguarding of the data this system allows to organize.

    CaseloadPRO is an affordable and easiest to use probation case management system. No Hardware. No Software. No Long-Term Contracts.

    Manage and analyze your case data with ease.

    Citepad is an application that provides legal-specific buttons on your computer screen.

    Beautiful, simple value-based pricing to eliminate any doubts!

    Track and organize every version, comment, signature, and schedule on your legal transaction so your team always has the latest information about every aspect of the deal.

    CoCounselor is the an advanced practice management solution built exclusively for personal injury lawyers by personal injury lawyers.

    Easily and efficiently review communications with patent-pending innovation

    Accurate legal entity management requires superior oversight. CSC Entity ManagementSM makes it possible.

    Capture the record with bold recording and playback features supported by a full range of customized software, hardware and multimedia solutions. Enjoy premier-quality audio and video thanks to advanced BIS Digital microphones, speakers, cameras and components. Take advantage of video conferencing capabilities to enhance courtroom participation. Add the latest in HDMI presentation technology and translation tools to streamline proceedings, while ensuring accurate, fair and trusted jurisprudence.

    dealcloser is a transaction management hub for legal professionals that brings you and your clients together on a deal, transforming and modernizing the deal process. Client relationships are at the core of any law firm and even small transactions require significant client interaction. Whether you have one or many deals on the go, use dealcloser to ensure that each client feels like they’re your priority.

    Realtime transcription browser used to preview a testimony as it is being given.

    Depo a litigation software tool designed by a trial attorney for trial attorneys. Streamline your direct and cross-examination and reduce your trial management and preparation time by up to 50% or more!

    DirectLaw's Virtual Law Firm Platform turns your law firm's web site into an interactive, online law practice.

    Docket is a calendaring and time management written specifically to address the needs of a law office. Docket allows you to keep track of those unforgiving dates and deadlines in litigation.

    Docket Enterprise is a docket and legal calendaring application, used for critical date tracking and task management. It provides the efficiency and risk management your firm needs to organize and protect your critical dates.

    Legal Tools has been designed by an experienced attorney to provide maximum functionality to perform common tasks on the go.

    Doxly is a legal transaction management platform for corporate law firms and attorneys that streamline legal transactions through both the diligence and closing process.

    EasySoft Family Law Solutions it is a divorce and state- specific software that automate family law practice for more accurate and more efficient forms, worksheets and data collection, it includes Divorce Financials, NJ Case Information Statement (CIS) Software, EzSupport- NY and EzSupport- PA. Easy Softs Real Estate Closing Solutions is a software for real estate law practice it includes EasyCDF, Easy HUD, Real Estate Documents and Easy Amortization.

    The Diligence Accelerator allows attorneys to work through the due diligence process more quickly and accurately by extracting content from legal documents, populating due diligence summary templates, and bringing the attorneys directly to the most relevant portions of the contracts being reviewed.

    Enkrypt Legal-Pro is a full featured practice management software built around a secure messenger that seamlessly connects attorneys and clients. Enkrypt brings together automatic client updates, on the fly scheduling and case management, and secure document exchange.

    FARO Reality is a crash reconstruction software that allows you to use 3D measurement technology to recreate crashes, with crash scene analysis, crime scene analysis and more.


    Start with a well orchestrated legal hold. fermata legal hold promotes defensibility at the start of litigation. fermata makes your staff more productive and your legal hold more accurate, while relieving burden on IT.

    FileTrail is records management & information governance software for AmLaw 200 firms.

    The proliferation of mobile is transforming how small law firms manage their businesses and interactions, providing them with greater flexibility and agility. The ability to tap this mobile anywhere, anytime approach requires great productivity and communications applications and on-demand workspace and services. Mini law firms spend almost 10 percent of their revenue on office space, and this does not include the overhead of a receptionist. FirmVO Virtual Offices offer Law Firms the chance to reduce their expenditures and reinvest these dollars back into their businesses, while also enabling them to capitalize on the opportunities of mobility.

    FormsTemplates is designed to be an easy-to-use tool that enables users to create, save, print, share, and sign their legal documents online.

    GAIN Entity Master is a comprehensive business application for cleansing, matching and maintaining Entity Data. It uniquely enables data managers and operations, as well as compliance and risk management professionals, to increase and maintain the quality of reference data related to the entities they interact with and are exposed to.

    The Global IP Estimator Online is Quantify IP's flagship Intellectual Property (IP) cost estimating software that accurately estimates the costs for a single patent, trademark, design, or utility model family. The costs are estimated based on meticulous research of IP legislations in 150+jurisdictions. An array of user customizable features makes the Global IP Estimator Online straightforward and easy to use. These features include estimating translation costs based on number of pages or number of words; defining associate charges; and excluding specific stages of the IP process.

    Escrow Solutions for Software & Source Code, Intellectual Property, Digital Assets & Commercial Transactions

    HighQ Collaborates tailored legal solutions allow firms to improve efficiency, reduce costs, strengthen client relationships and capitalise on their competitive advantages.

    ImmiCompliance is a cloud-based, end-to-end immigration case and compliance management software. It is equipped with a wide array of tools for the automatic generation of forms and for the streamlined workflows of the front and back offices. In addition, the application promotes the efficient processing of tasks with its communication hub that enables team members and different departments to collaborate with each other seamlessly. In addition, ImmiCompliance affords law firms and diverse corporations with a 360-degree view of immigration laws and standards. It addresses the associated requirements with powerful feature sets. Apart from that, the solution has a wide-ranging customization capability to suit varied and changing needs. Moreover, ImmiCompliance has dedicated portals for applicants where they are walked through the requirements to expedite their immigration process. Overview of ImmiCompliance Benefits: Collaborative Application With ImmiCompliance, companies, law firms, and immigration applicants can look forward to a streamlined immigration process. The solution makes that possible through its portals dedicated for different kinds of end users as these interfaces are where they can input information into forms to ensure that every detail is correct to prevent bottlenecks due to even the littlest errors. Automated Processing Though Immigration can be a lengthy and overwrought procedure, ImmiCompliance makes it less so for firms and corporations with its automation functions. All stages of the process, from case initiation to completion, are put into auto-pilot for efficacious fulfillment. That is further facilitated by workflows that can be customized to adapt to each office section’s unique workings. Customizable Questionnaires Each immigration case is unique and so are its associated questionnaires. But drawing up a new one for every instance is a time-consuming procedure and further extends the immigration process. However, ImmiCompliance abstracts the need for the manual generation with its customizable case questionnaires that law firms and companies can adapt to distinct cases. Electronic Forms Rather than requiring applicants to fill up paper forms, immigration law practices and enterprises can proffer them electronic forms instead. ImmiCompliance aids them in this by providing users access to a library of USCIS forms. And in case the agency makes changes to their documentation, the software updates those forms in two business days. Overview of ImmiCompliance Features Prospect & Enquiry Management Client Management Appointments & Advanced Calendar Tools Google Calendar Integration Case Creation from Enquiry Immigration Forms Engine Custom Forms Custom & Standard Questionnaires Secure Document Management and Sharing Document Checklists Case Timer & Integration with Billing Custom Case Types Case Workflows & Automated Tasks Case Notes Customizable Templates Support Letter Templates Case Assignment Management Paralegal & Office Admin Modules Document Assembly Case Archival & Safekeeping Connection Management Communication Hub Secure Client Portals Reminders & Alerts Email Templates Invoicing & Payment Processing QuickBooks Integration Staff Management Access Control Management Scheduling & Custom Workflows Task Manager Compliance Module What Problems Will ImmiCompliance Solve? Applicant Data Gathering In every immigration case processing, attorneys and paralegals are required to collect information from applications and petitioners. Oftentimes, names and other details are captured incorrectly, resulting in bottlenecks as forms and case files need to be reworked and corrected. But they can avoid such instances with ImmiCompliance, as the software has connection management, secure client portals, and communication hub for applicants and petitioners to input data into the system by themselves. Features: Connection Management, Communication Hub and Secure Client Portals Document Templates Attorneys need to compile numerous documents for a complete immigration case. Most of these are generic legal forms whose fields can be modified to accommodate specific application, petitioner, or case details. However, manual updates result in errors. But with the ImmiCompliance templates, users can avoid those mistakes and even reuse the forms in the future for similar cases. Feature: Customizable Templates Time-Keeping & Invoicing Most attorneys handle multiple cases in a day, making time management a challenge. ImmiCompliance’s automated time tracking and invoicing features make it less so, as attorneys are enabled to seamlessly switch between cases. That is because the solution automatically captures and reflects times into invoices. This saves practices a lot of time and ensures that bills are accurate. Moreover, the integrations with QuickBooks and Google Calendar makes these features more robust. Feature: Case Timer and Integration with Billing, QuickBooks and Google Calendar integration

    With ImmigrationTracker you create highly productive teams and keep your legal staff focused on high-skill activities. Unlike other immigration case management systems, ImmigrationTracker allows you to automate every phase of your immigration casework

    InterAct RMS brings the benefits of cloud computing to law enforcement records management, report writing, and investigations.

    IOLTA Trust accounting software is an easy and safe cloud based solution.

    Semantic patent search over the US and European patent databases. Send a raw text query, receive a list of patents indexed by conceptual similarity.

    Where Attorneys Go To Hire Freelance Lawyers.

    BizCruite is an ATS that provides candidate evaluations, interview scheduling, and summer intern program management for healthcare industry.

    FRAUD RISK MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR TODAYS DIGITAL TRANSFORMATION Authentication of documents, individuals, entities Identity management of entities, people and their role in the company Human Network of Certifiers