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    Powertech Antivirus (formerly Stand Guard Anti-Virus) protects your servers running Linux, AIX, and IBM i from viruses, worms, and malware threats. For more information, visit:

    Prestashop block user/bot by IP, country or user agent module helps to ban the unwanted traffic from spam bots and users based on their IP, country and user agent.

    PrimeKey NPKD is a complete system for handling National Certificates within epass solutions.

    InfoArmor Employee Protection Solutions deliver low-cost and proactive identity and credit monitoring as well as corporate security intelligence and training. When organizations provide employees with innovative and relevant benefits they attract and retain talent. PrivacyArmor solutions defend employees, their families and companies from evolving cyber threats that cause data breaches and financial losses.

    PrivacyKeyboard is a solution that can provide every computer with strong protection against all types of real spy programs and hardware keyloggers, both known and unknown, currently in use or presently being developed worldwide.

    PrivateCore enables enterprises to deploy servers in outsourced environments while maintaining data security.

    Projectfusion is a simple to use and secure platform to share confidential files between organisations including law firms, corporations, banks and governments. Projectfusion offers maximum security hosting in the UK, EU or US with ISO 27001 accredited hosting. Share files with individuals or entire teams with granular security permissions. Projectfusion is intuitive, and easy to set up and manage. Close your deals quickly, and more efficiently with Projectfusion. Users receive their own dedicated cloud capable of managing all data rooms and files securely. Projectfusion allows users to group content into distinct data room sites, copy content between sites and organize content with tags. By using file tags, individuals can retrieve files quickly and easily. To enhance and maintain document security, Projectfusion facilitates SecureView encrypted display, anonymous site creation and defined user permissions. Projectfusion focuses on the user-experience as well including automated tools, a drag-and-drop uploader and unique one-page index documents on data room site information. Users can also record audit trails, configure rules and workflows and generate real-time reports. Moreover, since Projectfusion is available as a native iOS application, users can upload and access files conveniently from their iPhone/iPad.

    Prot-On is a tool that helps to protect your documents, controls access to all files, and supports activity tracking for any channel.

    SysInfoTools PST Split is utility tool that reduce the large PST file size into small manageable parts and incorporates high end scanning methods to split PST file and ensures complete safety of the original PST file.

    PureSight CSDK/OEM integrated into Internet security suites/appliances to provide content filtering capabilities to the offerings.

    IT Security Search is a Google-like, IT search engine that enables IT administrators and security teams to quickly respond to security incidents and analyze event forensics. The tool's web-based interface correlates disparate IT data from many Quest security and compliance solutions into a single console and makes it easier than ever.

    Recovery Manager for Active Directory enables you to quickly restore your environment without taking AD offline but still maintain business continuity.

    QuickLicense combines protection, flexibility and user convenience to prevent software piracy and manage any software license. Configure many license types and advanced features with a few mouse clicks, then bind the license to your software with minimal or no programming.

    A professional Visitor Management System (VMS) that streamlines the visitor process for organizations of any size. R?ndivoo simplifies and enhances the visitor experience as an all-in-one solution for sending meeting invites, checking in, badging, receiving notifications and obtaining digital signatures.

    Redknee PCS (Policy Control Server) gives service providers more control over how their network resources are used.

    Rocket Aldon Lifecycle Manager software automates everything that happens from the time a change request arises until the time of delivering software into production.

    Samhain is an open-source file integrity monitoring solution for logfile analysis and file check scheduling.

    Arm security IP extends across the system with processors and subsystem protection (both hardware and software), as well as acceleration and offloading.

    SAVP helps fast track vulnerability detection and remediation with vulnerability intelligence, exploit data, asset learning, workflows and personalization.

    Secudrive Disk Erasure is a one-click solution to completely and simultaneously wipe all data on multiple PCs to restrict data recovery and leakage.

    AppViewX SECURITY+ simplifies management of security policies, provides easier verification of existing policies, audits policy changes, and keeps track of deployment processes.

    Semperis is a provider of Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions, addressing challenges surrounding the operation of active directory in hybrid IT environments.

    SISA is a payment security specialists having a presence in 40+ countries providing payment security assurance services, training and products to over 2,000 customers across the globe.

    STO (Security Tokens Offerings) list with analysis. Get rating, listing, and calendar of top STOs ongoing, upcoming, funded. STO procedure, regulations, legal.

    Vyapin Virtualization Management Suite enables you to manage your Hyper-V based virtual machines from a central desktop application. The application allows you to audit and report Virtual machines and Hosts across your network. You can periodically check for VM sprawl (uncontrolled/unplanned growth of VMs) by discovering all the VMs in your network and identifying active, inactive and infrequently used VMs. You can then perform insightful actions to optimize and govern your VM infrastructure better.

    VNS3:turret is a secure, redundant network with integrated dataflow and compliance tools.

    Whistic is a cloud-based platform designed to allow companies to assess the security risk of their vendors.

    WiFiSUIT is a security app that is checking a connected wifi is safe or not. Process a security check of connected internet for a safe internet environment and tell you about how safe is it.

    WipeDrive allows corporations and government entities to securely and permanently erase data from hard drives, removable media, and mobile devices, providing a cost-effective, secure, and socially responsible way of recycling and retiring computer storage. WipeDrive is the world leader in secure data destruction.

    Vicorp voice biometrics utilise advanced biometric pattern analysis to power a range of new speech applications