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    All of the G15 investment banks and some of the world’s largest energy and commodity companies trust SmartDX to help them simplify trade and relationship documentation for all market participants, across all asset classes and product types. SmartDX accelerates all documentation processing for both the sell- and buy-side.

    Solink is a cloud-based loss prevention solution for multi-site businesses.

    Collateral allocation module that allows you to monitor your concentration capping, netting rules, derogation, and pledge allocation.

    SQN Banking Systems fraud detection software products are a critical step towards overcoming the growing problem of fraud across the various payment channels. Our fraud detection solutions can detect check fraud, credit card fraud, debit card fraud, ATM fraud, ACH fraud, wire fraud and mobile fraud.

    SQN: Safe Deposit is a safe deposit management and fraud detection application with virtual safe box for easy document access and visitor logs functionality.

    Sticky Advisor works with you to ensure we are helping your business succeed the best it can with your daily activities.

    The Stock Investment Guide provides users with easy-to-use tools to use historical stock data to analyze historical growth trends, project earnings, and sales, and determine Buy, Hold, and Sell prices.

    Zuput helps startup investors use Machine Learning to generate better returns

    SutiAMS (Asset Management Software) helps to locate assets while reducing the risks, manual tasks, costs and errors associated with misplaced assets.

    We have Virtual Banking Cards, What next? Here it is! A Top security ensured Application and a complete alternative of Plastic Card, Card Swipe Machines and no paper print usage for every transaction. Yes! It is effective GREEN INNOVATION for Banking, Insurance and Retail Industry.

    TDI Direction Change Indicator is an oscillator indicator which identifies the market entry point for placing trades by taking into consideration the values of RSI (Relative Strength Index), Trade Signal Method and Market Base Method.

    TDI Flat Market Indicator is an oscillator indicator which works in a separate window. It is based on RSI (Relative Strength Index), Trade Signal Method and Market Base Method. It identifies the flat market behavior which helps in determining when to enter the market.

    Working at high pace, with dispersed teams across multiple locations means you need a technology that enhances the way you collaborate on corporate and commercial transaction

    The Madison System is a browser-based commercial loan system for origination, portfolio management, and loan review.

    Structure and evaluate any financial product or trading strategy fast and accurate.

    Stop wasting your life KNOW WHEN IT'S TIME TO SELL YOUR COMPANY

    Tinubu Square is a financial risk management software that enables organizations across the world to significantly reduce their exposure to risk and their financial, operational and technical costs with best-in-class technology solutions and services.

    A real data hub. Tricast Base gives access to a lot of functions to update your data.

    Tricast Claims includes two segmentation techniques which provide very useful analyses : Classification and Regression Trees (CART) for finding the profiles having a specific type of claim and Multiple Correspondence Analyses.

    Tricast Create a Rating includes four models. But what they have in common is that they are built with an intuitive interface allowing a fast learning. Training new statistician or actuarial staff is a matter of days.

    To improve customers' fidelity, to increase cross-selling and, at the same time, to get from the portfolio the list of policies more likely to buy an additional contract or an extended coverage and to assist sales persons offering the customer at the front office the most appropriate product.

    Find over and underpriced profiles using multidimensional analysis techniques. Simulate the impact of pricing changes.

    Make insurance calculations. Tricast allows you to use your company's transactional data to make insurance calculations, such as the exposure (calculated by Tricast prorating in days).

    To see past trends and discover where the company is going. To understand what are the key drivers, comply with new standards and simulate management actions.

    Trovata is an open banking platform that lets companies instantly know how much cash they have, forecast more quickly, and manage cash flow with precision.

    Online, Mobile and Web tools that make it easy to engage clients, help them understand your product and purchase it. Customise for a specific requirement; scale at minimum cost and adapt quickly as conditions change. Benefits include increased reach, deeper client relationships and corporate agility.

    Automate the full lifecycle of your accounts payable workflow and help improve collections with a cloud-based e-invoicing and payment system.

    VendorlyTM is a platform that is designed to help streamline due diligence, maintain documents and monitor vendors. You can help enhance your protection and increase operational productivity by utilizing our managed services.

    Vendorly™ Transact is a user-friendly software-as-a-service solution that can automate your ordering lifecycle to improve operational efficiencies and help reduce risks, all from a cloud-based environment.

    VertexFX is a currency exchange software that allows an online trading system introduced as a package of holistic solutions to BackOffice, client trade station and Server side, Market Makers, Clearing houses, Brokerage firms and other dealing rooms.

    Vigilant trading software which gives you an Automated solution for Centrally manage and track compliance pertaining to insider trading and insider trading tracking, compliance control and tracking, set up trading policy, announces opening and closing of trading windows, preclearance approval, capture trade details.

    Insurance broker automation system on Salesforce Cloud that makes customer engagement, lead generation, and marketing easy.

    VUE Wrap-Up is the leading OCIP/CCIP administration technology platform designed to automate and streamline the administration of controlled insurance programs for the construction industry

    Go mobile and create a digital client experience that propels your firm to the forefront of online interaction. Wealth Access solutions for advisors helps you tell your clients a complete wealth story with 100% transparency

    The team's exposure in software implementation, Product ranges starts from Wealth Management Software ERP system which is currently used by more than 2500+ CFPs and MF Advisors across 400+ cities in India who are providing professional advisory services to 25,00,000+ satisfied Online Portfolio users across the globe, which makes Wealth eoffice one of the India's largest Wealth management software providers in India.

    Our extensive experience and unique skill sets in the business and technology aspects faced by Financial Services Companies puts us in the best position to provide highly independent and valuable advice to our clients.

    WeConvence is a browser-based solution for enterprise resource planning for SMEs.

    XAP is a platform that scales out stateful applications in high-performance low-latency environments. It is designed to support eXtreme transactional applications such as OMS (Order Management Systems), pre-paid systems, trading, and market data; and real-time analytics applications such as profit-and-loss analysis, reconciliation, and Value at Risk.

    global banks have leveraged Xelerate to drive customer experience and thus increase the life time value of the customers. You can create innovative and personalized offerings in real-time, backed by intelligent insights from customer data. Pre-empting and managing risks will also lead to improved profitability.

    Xemplar Fleet is a mobile-based risk management solution purpose-built for Commercial Auto Carriers. At the core of this solution is a powerful Telematics engine that delivers actionable insights using real-time driving data.

    Forexware's XW Trader provides brokerages with an easy to use, flexible and fully customizable white-label platform.

    This indicator indicates the highest highs, lowest lows of the market. This indicator makes a pattern of zigzags by observing the changes in the market. This indicator shows a Support line which observes from the zigzag pattern and places the line accordingly so that the trader can place orders. This indicator shows a Resistance line which observes from the zigzag pattern and places the line accordingly so that the trader can place orders.

    Zoot Enterprises is a global provider of advanced origination, acquisition and decision management solutions for financial institutions. We offer comprehensive and flexible platforms for specific business needs that include loan origination, fraud detection and prevention, data acquisition, and more.

    Zuput helps startup investors use Machine Learning to generate better returns