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    ACT uses easy-to-learn yet powerful XML and IronPython programming languages that enable even non-expert users to create custom apps for their advanced workflows, in days instead of the weeks or months usually required. Unlike typical software programming, you do not require any commercial Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for ACT. Instead, ANSYS provides an easy and intuitive development environment with complete documentation, templates and predefined applications to guide you through the process

    ANSYS Aqwa software addresses the vast majority of analysis requirements associated with hydrodynamic assessment of all types of offshore and marine structures. These include SPARs, FPSOs, Semi-submersibles, Tension leg platforms, Ships, Renewable energy devices, and Breakwaters

    Chemkin-Pro includes the Reaction Path Analyzer. Employing an interactive visual display, the Reaction Path Analyzer provides a clear view of dominant reaction paths, facilitating mechanism development and reduction.

    ANSYS DesignModeler is an engineering CAD software that provides modeling functions for simulation that includes detailed geometry creation and CAD geometry modification.

    ANSYS DesignSpace is a tried and tested structural analysis solution for engineers and designers looking to leverage the validated and widely used ANSYS Mechanical solver in the same environment as higher level tools. The same intuitive and powerful tools that enable fast setup, solving and post-processing are available to DesignSpace users. A tree-driven environment that provides a logical top to bottom workflow with meaningful feedback means that even occasional users can be productive

    ANSYS DesignXplorer is an integrated ANSYS Workbench application that leverages the parametric and persistent power of Workbench for parametric analyses so you can efficiently explore, understand and optimize your design. DesignXplorer includes correlation, design of experiments, response surface creation and analysis, optimization and six sigma analysis

    ANSYS Discovery AIM makes upfront simulation easy by combining intuitive, guided workflows, accurate simulation results and optimization in a complete simulation tool. Integrated geometry modeling based on ANSYS Discovery SpaceClaim technology helps you create new 3D concept models, or edit/repair existing geometry.

    ANSYS EnSight is more than the leading post-processor and visualization software program: It is a data fusion program. It consolidates data from multiple engineering simulations and other sources to help explore and explain complex systems and processes. It handles simulation data from a wide range of physics from fluids, structures, particles, crash, electromagnetics and more. And it imports data from experiments, wind tunnels, imaging systems like MRI, and images and animations. With EnSight, you can create and communicate the best looking, clear, highest resolution simulation results on datasets that were previously thought to be too big to handle

    With the ANSYS HPC software suite, you can use today's multicore computers to perform more simulations in less time.These simulations can be bigger, more complex and more accurate than ever using HPC. The various ANSYS HPC licensing options let you scale to whatever computational level of simulation you require, from single-user or small user group options for entry-level parallel processing up to virtually unlimited parallel capacity.

    ANSYS medini analyze implements key safety analysis methods (HAZOP, FTA, FMEA, FMEDA) all in one integrated tool. It supports the efficient and consistent execution of the safety-related activities that are required by applicable safety standards. medini analyze is well integrated with other engineering tools and enables safety analysis based on design models by utilizing standards like SysML

    ANSYS optiSLang optimizes your product designs by combining the powerful parametric modeling capabilities of ANSYS Workbench with the robust design optimization (RDO) methods of optiSLang. The optiSLang toolbox includes modules for sensitivity analysis, optimization and robustness evaluation that you can easily drag and drop into a Workbench project to form an interactive process chain. This process workflow enables your engineering teams to improve product performance, identify optimization potential, quantify risks and secure resource efficiency. ANSYS optiSLang is also available outside of Workbench with its own powerful process integration framework

    ANSYS PowerArtist is the comprehensive design-for-power platform of choice of all leading low-power semiconductor design companies for early RTL power analysis and reduction. PowerArtist enables you to perform physical-aware RTL power budgeting, interactive debugging, analysis-driven reduction, efficiency regressions and profiling of live applications, while also enabling a seamless RTL-to-physical methodology for power grid integrity

    This product features functional and architectural system modeling and verification in a SysML-based environment. It provides a strong foundation to deploy model-based systems engineering (MBSE) processes and best practices. A key feature is the capability to generate consistent and comprehensive interface control documents (ICD)

    SCADE Display is part of the ANSYS Embedded Software family of products, which provides you with a versatile graphics design and development environment for embedded Human Machine Interfaces (HMI)

    SCADE Suite is a product line in the ANSYS embedded software family that provides you with a model-based development environment for critical embedded software. With native integration of the formally defined Scade language, SCADE Suite is the integrated design environment for critical applications including requirements management, model-based design, simulation, verification, qualifiable/certified code generation and interoperability with other development tools and platforms.

    SCADE Test is part of the ANSYS Embedded Software family. It provides you with a complete testing environment for requirements validation and test case creation and management. It also lets you automate test case execution both on host and on target, measure coverage and manage test results for any SCADE application

    ANSYS TurboGrid software includes novel technology that targets complete automation combined with an unprecedented level of mesh quality for even the most complex blade shapes. The desired final mesh size is defined (and, optionally, the blade boundary layer resolution), and all the other steps are performed automatically to produce a mesh of extremely high quality. Grid angles are exceptionally good, mesh sizes transition smoothly, and high aspect-ratio elements are generated in the near-wall regions to resolve these regions efficiently and capture boundary layer flows accurately

    APX has continuously provided innovative technology and service solutions for the energy and environmental markets.

    ArcSite is the simple, fast way to draw & markup blueprints and floor plans. Take photos and associate them with drawings, manage your own shapes with properties like materials, create your own forms, share and co-edit with coworkers, it is as easy as pen & paper. As a standalone app, ArcSite can also be integrated with AutoCAD, Salesforce, GIS, and/or other cloud apps.

    AutoQ3D CAD workspace helps you to make drawing and designs easier and faster. The tools are arranged and available for easy access.

    AutoScan works out the Bill of quantities for all Major items, required for building construction. Data can be further edited even after extracting the data from the drawing. Customizable deduction methods for doors, windows, skirting & dado from plaster.

    BabaCAD is a LISP and DWG-compatible CAD software.

    Powerful digital construction software solutions

    Bingo-as-a-Service is a solution helps to carry out supply chain/procurement consolidation and/or reduce time-to-market and time-to-design for medium to large enterprises.

    Cadmatic eShare is an engineering CAD software that combines all the information sources of a plant or ship so that the project and plant/ship information and documentation are easily accessible via a single, user-friendly interface and 3D model. It speeds up and eases information searches and ensures that the information is trustworthy.

    CAD Parser is an MRP software that resolves inaccuracy issues and eliminates manual errors by making the bill of materials (BoM) extraction process an automated and efficient process.

    CADTalk can transfer a ERP in low time with manufacturing routings and bills of material as well as inventory and item record creation.

    A really easy web-based platform for finite-element analysis running in the cloud.

    CAMplete TruePath bridges the gap between all popular CAM systems and the milling machine. It provides everything needed to analyze, modify, optimize and simulate 5-Axis tool paths in an integrated 3D environment.

    Carlson Takeoff is a cut/fill volumes and data prep program that can estimate jobs using paper plan digitizing, PDFs, or electronic CAD files.

    cofaso is a plant design software with electrical cad solutions and technical support.

    COLIMO is a post-production tool designed with the main objective of changing scenes after the rendering process in real time without losing quality.

    connectCAD joins up all the phases of a design project letting you keep track of the components of any interconnected system - from audiovisual and broadcast to IT and home automation systems. connectCAD is an add-on to Vectorworks® for designing broadcast, audio-visual, lighting and IT networks, or any other type of connected system. It links schematic diagrams of interconnections and signal flow with cable lists and layout drawings showing equipment locations, all in one integrated design package.

    CoSimLab helps to setup and run co-simulations by defined signals for easy interpretation due to realistic demonstration.

    Countfire is an automated take-off software that provides simultaneous automatic counting of symbols, across all PDF drawings within a project.

    Creo Elements/View Express is the world's highest performance 3D CAD visual collaboration solutions.

    Import & export plug-ins for CAD software

    CAD libraries for software vendors, to read and write CAD formats

    CrossManager is a standalone software allowing you to convert files from most CAD formats. With Cross Manager, You just need to select one or several CAD files to translate them automatically in the format you want.

    Manage all CAD, Project & Office data, BOMs & downstream to ERP. Non CAD users can also manage Project & Office data, E-mails & Workflows, all with Full Audit history. View your data online, 24/7 wherever you are.

    DFA Product Simplification software utilizes an intuitive question-and-answer interface that identifies opportunities for substantial cost reduction in a product. By applying industry-tested minimum part count criteria, the software finds parts that can be consolidated/eliminated while maintaining 100% functionality. The outcome of a DFA-based design is a more elegant product that is both functionally efficient and easy to assemble. DFA re-designs also have the added impact of increased quality and reliability, faster development time, and require fewer suppliers. DFM Concurrent Costing® software provides an immediate, thorough understanding of the primary cost drivers associated with manufacturing your product – and establishes a benchmark for what your product "should cost." Additionally, DFM guides you through an assessment of alternative processes and materials to help you generate various design proposals. Cost results update automatically as you specify tolerances, surface finishes, and other part details. Gradually, as you choose effective shape-forming processes and consider how to modify part features to lower cost, your product becomes cost optimized. The use of DFM Concurrent Costing® and DFA Product Simplification together is what constitutes DFMA®. Engineers use DFA to reduce the assembly labor within a product through the consolidation of single function parts into more elegant, multi-functional designs. The DFM software is then used to help the design engineer quickly compare the costs to produce each alternative design. The DFMA® software package gives engineers an early cost profile for each product design and provides a basis for planning and decision making. Such analyses, when performed at the earliest stages of concept design, have the potential to greatly influence manufacturing and other life cycle costs before they are solidified and become locked in place.

    DocMastR - allows any person who receives an email transmittal, to download a document, with or without registration.

    DPI-8 Handheld 3D Scanner lowers the barrier to 3D scanning for the construction market. It provides datasets that are dimensional, measurable and shareable to eliminate any guesswork or interpretation back at the office.

    Earthworks is a civil engineering related cutting and filling quantity calculator. It also generates reports in various formats of CSV and PDF. It takes the basic paraments to form the longitudinal section of the road along with the proportions ratio of cuttings and fillings.

    easyRAUMpro is a user-friendly 3D CAD software for the professional creation of accurate 3D visualizations of hotels, event venues and meetings.

    Greenheck is the worldwide leader in manufacturing and distributing air movement, conditioning and control equipment

    EngView Suite is specialized CAD/CAM software for boxes and POP/POS displays.

    e-SPECS for Revit is a software that link, sync & integrate Revit with construction specifications using e-SPECS and automating the creation of manual.

    FEATool features an easy to use graphical user interface (GUI) allowing full access to functionality such as geometry and CAD tools, grid generation, defining equations and multiphysics couplings, FEM assembly and solvers, as well as postprocessing.