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    Deluxe partners with small businesses and financial institutions to accelerate growth and solve their marketing challenges.

    Modern, easy-to-use point-of-sale and store management software for antique stores, vendor malls, and consignment shops

    Bookly is an online bookkeeping service designed for small business owners.

    Discovery Data offers a consolidated view of the financial services industry, including 40000 firms and over 2 million professionals.

    IndraStra Global - Strategic Analysis and Information Services Provider with Zero-sum solutions, primarily focused on data-driven analysis, assessment, forecasting, and online media intelligence, based upon "O.O.D.A." Framework.

    Agile Payments specializes in e-payment solutions for applications and software of all kinds. Payment solutions include ACH processing, credit and debit card processing,

    Altvia Correspond Premium Edition provides an way to reach and engage audience, from prospects to investors. This solution is comprised of Market Edition and Investor Edition and is fully integrated with AIM, the Private Equity CRM solution on the Salesforce platform.

    American Family Insurance thrives by conducting its business in accordance with the highest ethical standards and the law at all times. Integrity is part of its culture and always has been.

    Anaxago brings together investors looking for new ways to invest and unique investment opportunities in real-estate and in startups. Anaxago contributes to the development of a financial model that helps the economy give individuals direct access to tomorrow's businesses. By allocating a portion of their savings to financing start-ups, the community participates in the development of the economy, of innovation and of employment.

    Be inspired for all the right reasons. Invest into early-stage businesses that have the potential to be the next big thing. You can begin building your investment portfolio from 5,000 upwards and own shares in the businesses. This means you'll share in the success if there is a buyout from later stage investors or an IPO (Initial Public Offering). Occasionally, this can happen quickly, but generally these are long term investments.

    Experts advise you personally, compare the terms of various banks and find the cheapest loan for your project.

    Cash Payment Solutions GmbH with its most popular brand "Barzahlen" is a berlin-based Fintech company offering an innovative and highly competitive payment infrastructure system with over 12.000 POS in the DACH region.

    Founded in 2010, Berexia is a leading global services company, providing a wide range of services and solutions in consulting, digital, new technologies and Innovation.

    BERGFRST is a modern crowdfunding platform for real estate. Instead of the industry-standard subordinated loan, BERGFRST offers its investors a classic bank loan. In addition, investors have access to a trading venue where they can sell their investments independently of maturity or participate in other projects. Real estate companies offers BERGFRST standardized access to fresh money with equity character. This "mezzanine capital" puts them in a position to realize several projects in parallel.

    BTB Israel is a P2P lending platform in Israel. BTB enables the general public to do what the bank does, and to receive the interest that the bank charges. BTB's technology, together with analysts and professionals, locate and sort quality borrowers, determine appropriate interest rate for the loan, and manage the entire course of the loan.

    Birdee is a digital saving management solution dedicated to Mass Affluent investors. With Birdee, through a combination of powerful algorithms, everyone can invest, even if they have no personal fortune, nor advanced knowledge in finance. They can select a portfolio in function of their personal goals, or an investment theme they believe in. And they can easily follow their investments performance through a clear monitoring tool.

    Bitbond is a global business lending platform.

    Bnk To The Future is a global online investment platform that brings financial innovation and technology investment opportunities to investors.

    Borro Private Finance is a boutique lender that provides loans against luxury assets. Borro Private is a lending solution for clients throughout the UK and US, specializing in Fine Art, Classic Cars and Jewelry & Watches, with total funding in excess of $400 million.

    Canopus EpaySuite is an end-to-end software solution designed for the automation of payment systems, e-money issuers and payment service providers in conformity with regulatory requirements.

    Capcito is a web-based platform that provides invoice financing and SME lending solutions.

    Cashare is a crowdlending platform in Switzerland with P2P loans.

    Change Labs developed and launched an A.I-powered award-winning API that identifies personal financial behaviors and predicts short-term cash flow events.

    The Charity Bank Ltd. operates as a special purpose bank. The Bank offers low-cost loans to charities and social enterprises.

    CODE Investing is a leading alternative debt finance marketplace for SMEs, offering businesses an efficient and cost-effective way to get the right business loan. CODEsecure, encrypted platform has digitised most of the borrowing process, making it more efficient. CODE offer SME borrowers a variety of loan instruments (unsecured and secured loans, term loans, asset backed, real estate and convertible loans), before matching them to potential lenders.

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