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Optometry software is used by ophthalmologists to manage patient treatments, as well as prescriptions for medications, glasses and contact lenses. As opposed to traditional medical practices, optometry involves managing a large variety of optical instruments and aids. Optometry software is used to match treatment options with optical aids.

When not delivered by optometry solutions, integration with electronic health records is required to access patient data. Integration with point of sale software is also important to manage sales. Integration with accounting systems allows ophthalmologists to process payments and assess the profitability of their business.

To qualify for inclusion in the Optometry category, a product must:

  • Manage optical inventory for one or multiple locations
  • Capture and manage patient information, including treatments and optical aids
  • Provide portals for patients to book appointments
  • Create prescriptions and manage refills
  • Generate bills and deductibles, and provide multiple payment options
  • Ensure compliance with regulations such as HITECH, HIPAA, PQRS, or ICD-10
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    PCS Cheltenham's Practice Management System is a comprehensive suite of modules designed to simplify daily operational procedures for all staff within a practice.

    QuikEyes mission is to provide affordable, easy to use Electronic Medical Records and Practice Management Software to Corporate and Small to Medium size Private Practices.

    SpeedyClaims is an on-premise tool that allows small clinics and single-provider offices to manage CMS 1500 insurance claim forms. It is compatible with most Windows operating systems.

    Uniwide is an on-premise hospital information system that helps hospitals, nursing homes and medical centers systematically computerize all of their administrative processes.

    Uprise is a completely cloud-based practice management and EHR solution.Uprise automatically populates diagnosis, treatment, orders, special testing, and patient education, all based on practices.

    Visionplus Practise management is an internet based management software simplifies Optician day today workload and reduces time consuming tasks for practice reception. Visionplus saves time, improves efficiency and delivers fast and reliable results.

    VisionProPOS is a complete Practice Management Point of Sale (POS) Solution for small to large enterprise optical offices and retailers.

    Acuitas activEHR 2.0 is an integrated suite of ONC-ACB 2014 Edition Certified CEHRT applications; it is recommended to mid-sized and large ophthalmology and optometry practices.

    Acuitas Enterprise is an off-the-shelf Enterprise class system designed to meet the needs of a modern optical retail chain.

    Blink Optician Management Software has been developed to provide a comprehensive but compact package capable of converting your practice into a paperless environment.

    CureMD Ophthalmology EHR is an unmatched solution advancing Ophthalmologists' reliance upon technology to replace inefficient manual processes. The system enhances safety, quality and efficiency, while minimizing cost in an Ophthalmology setting.

    Eminance is a comprehensive medical management and patient record keeping system that any practitioner could want. Eminance caters for both the medical and general practitioner, and at the same time ensuring that the needs of the IPA, funder and provider are catered for.

    Eyecom3 offers Optometrists an intuitive, certified EMR and Practice Management solution that merges all practice operations into a single comprehensive solution.

    EyeFormatics, Inc is an eye care specific EMR & PM integrated system .

    Eye Max is the complete optometry clinic management system to manage patient schedules, billing, and more.

    EyePegasus EHR is a modern, enterprise-level electronic health record (EHR) and complete practice management system specifically designed for eye care.

    Filopto Eye Care Practice Management System is designed for optical shops, optometrist and ophthalmologist. Proven to save time and increase efficiency Filopto is equipped to help you manage your business. The Eye on Your Business module gives you a dashboard view of how your business is doing. Filopto is comprehensive and uses a simple workflow navigation system that gets users able to easily use the system within a few minutes. Filopto’s built-in wizards also help users complete the more complex task they may encounter. Filopto provide the following modules and tools: Patient File, Prescription Manager Appointment Scheduler, Appointment Waiting List, Recall Manager, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Electronic Medical Record (EMR), Equipment Connectivity, Invoicing/Dispensing, Lab Orders Manager, e-payment (credit card and e-check) support, Inventory Manager, Purchase Order Manager, Promo Pricing Manager, Rolodex, Patient Accounts Receivable, Insurance Accounts Receivable, Insurance Manager, Insurance Claims Submission(U.S.: CMS-1500, Canada: NS MSI, BC MSP, OHIP, Manitoba Health, Alberta Health and Manitoba Blue Cross), Claims Manager, Vendor Manager, Employee Manager (Basic or Enterprise Version), User Security Manager, Communication & Marketing Manager, Forms Manager, Educational Info Manager, Report Manager, Ask a Question query tool, Eye on Your Business Manager, QuickBooks Desktop Connector, Point of Sale support, Bar Code support, LIVE Help and Support via online remote connection, and over 600+ user customizable forms and reports.

    GetWellNetwork, Inc. is the Precision Engagement health care company. GetWellNetwork's solutions engage patients and families, empower clinicians and deliver outcomes that matter.

    Comprehensive examination recording. Sketching tool incorporated within the exams. Easy printout of patient prescription on completion of examination. Record domiciliary visits in real time.

    Our EHR seamlessly tracks Meaningful Use measures allowing users to effortlessly apply for Medicare or Medicaid incentive programs.

    Enhance practice efficiency, streamline workflow, simplify compliance and improve patient care with Nextech's Ophthalmology-specific EMR solutions. Document each patient encounter with unmatched speed and specificity.


    KeyChart is designed exclusively for ophthalmologists. Prescriptions, referral letters creation, color drawing, equipment interfaces.

    KeyMedical's Practice Management Suite is the 20-year evolution of four physician information systems which has been refined and updated to accommodate today's physician practices.

    MacPractice is dedicated to developing, implementing, and supporting the premier practice management and clinical software solutions for doctors who prefer to use Macs.

    ADS has been providing healthcare automation solutions continuously since 1977 representing an extraordinary history of stability and reliability in the industry.

    Made for use on your iPad, our Electronic Medical Assistant brings a new approach to cloud-based EMR healthcare systems. Created by physicians, this touch-based ophthalmology app intuitively adapts to your unique style of practice by remembering your preferences so you can deliver outstanding care faster.

    myCare Suite from Eye Care Leaders is for single-source access to a wide array of integrated software and services solutions for your Ophthalmology or Optometry practice.

    OD Link is comprehensive practice management and EMR/EHR software for maintaining patient records, exams, appointments, inventory and dispensing for retail, billing and insurance information, recalls, referrals, and more.

    OD Online is a comprehensive practice management and certified EHR software for maintaining patient records, exams, appointments, inventory and dispensing for retail, billing and insurance information, recalls, referrals, and more.

    OD Professional is a comprehensive digital office administration system that creates a paperless office enabling optometrists to better manage their time, increase their productivity and make their clinics more efficient.

    Optisoft is the market leader in ophthalmic practice management software with more independent practices using our software for opticians than any other ophthalmic software solution.

    Perfect Care EHR makes it easy to customize your electronic medical records to meet your data needs and design preferences, no matter what size your workload is.

    See2020 is a web-based, oththalmic practice management to help you make better decisions for your business and your customers.

    See20/20 offers the ability to access up-to-date live patient records, view diary activity, prescribing rates, dispensing averages and stock movements for the practice or across the group is invaluable when controlling your business.

    Secure Reliable Affordable comprehensive software to manage patients database along-with demographic data, examination and history records, daily-diary cum CRM with in-built SMS.

    Ability to search UPC codes and check-in inventory automatically

    Status Orama is the standard software for Industries in Greece & Cyprus, for the Management of optical products importers, optical shops and chains.

    TCPL HMS is an on-premise medical solution for hospitals and clinics of a variety of sizes. The solution is suitable for general practitioners but solutions for a variety of specialties are also available.

    Electronic patient consent forms and automated workflow for front desk, technicians, and residents in ophthalmology clinics.

    UniCharts is an electronic medical records (EMR) system for general practitioners, consultants and small clinics. It enables users to create refills, notes, charts, referral letters and messages.

    Vision2020Online is a POS (Point Of Sale) and PM (Practice Management) system online with NO software to install.

    WebSystem3 is a web-based software that automates patient communications and provides patient engagement solutions.

    WINK is the world's first TOTALLY FREE Practice Management System & Electronic Health Records System for Eye Care specialists. WINK's PMS & EHR software manages all operations of an optical retail store.

    Winx Pro is a complete solution assisting you in managing the administrative, financial and insurance aspects of your eyecare practice.