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Best Network Monitoring Software

Network monitoring software provides a baseline and tracks the performance of an overall computer network. These solutions detect problems caused by overuse or issues within the server and network connection. They also measure response time, availability, consistency, reliability, and the overall traffic of a network based on real-time and historical performance data. IT teams can benefit greatly from a network monitoring solution, or even free network monitoring software. If a network crashes or varies from the baseline, the network or IT administrator is alerted. These tools provide data visualization for administrators to increase understanding of the performance metrics. Network monitoring software provides similar functionality to application performance management software, but for an entire network as opposed to a specific web application.

To qualify for inclusion in the Network Monitoring category, a product must:

  • Constantly monitor the performance of an entire computer network
  • Create a baseline for network performance metrics
  • Alert administrators if the network crashes or varies from the baseline
  • Suggest solutions to performance issues when they arise
  • Provide visualizations for network performance data
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    ipSentry is loaded with many features designed for monitoring and alerting of all aspects of your network infrastructure, data, system performance, and environment.

    ITculate is a SaaS solution that address the challenges of managing medium size cloud applications. In an environment where nobody knows the big picture anymore, every important decision or troubleshooting leads to bringing in multiple people that knows the different parts or technology of the application. In some cases, not having the big picture leads to DevOps solving problems by throwing more resources at it. ITculate solves these issues, by discovering in near real time (agentlessly) the topology of the application and provides visualization and context for other activities such as IT operations, performance or real-time cost optimization, security and troubleshooting. ITculate allows navigating through the application relationship from the big-picture, services and all the way to the detailed elements. A topology and relevant metrics can be save or shared with other team members. Furthermore, ITculate expert machine knowledge module detects abnormal IT conditions or opportunities to optimize resources and save costs and provide proactive actionable recommendations.

    ITRS Geneos provides real-time monitoring of mission-critical trading infrastructure.

    ITSonar is monitoring software that enables IT organizations to better understand the performance of the services they deliver, become proactive in identifying issues before users do and addressing issues in a shorter time interval.

    NetFort LANGuardian is an inspection software that monitors network and user activity.

    Lanshark is a free filesharing tool for local area networks. Lanshark allows you to share files with other users in the same network more efficiently.

    LazyNanny is an off-premise monitoring guard

    LiveAction is an enterprise software company that simplifies the network for IT organizations to deliver continuous insight, service assurance, and precise control of their network infrastructure.

    LiveSP is a purpose-built platform for Service Providers to easily monitor the networks of their enterprise customers. Through the data collection from Customer Premise Equipment across their customers, LiveSP creates powerful insights used to plan, diagnose, optimize and report on application performance and end-user experience.

    The LoriotPro software is a powerfull and scalable snmp manager and network monitoring solution which enables availability and performance control of networks, systems and smart infrastructures

    MachMetrics continually monitors the speed of your website is a server and application performance monitoring platform.

    Mailscape is a Microsoft Exchange monitoring and reporting tool.

    Cymmetria's MazeRunner platform lets you dominate an attackers movements from the very beginning and lead them to a monitored deception network.

    Manage, automate, and ensure compliance for physical, virtual, and software-defined networks.

    Micro Focus Network Virtualization is designed to help capture and emulate real-world network conditions, so users can execute network performance testing to detect and remediate issues before app deployment.

    miniDBA provides a way to monitor and performance tune SQL Servers on the market.

    Mist delivers unprecedented scale and agility, and offers groundbreaking subscription services for Wi-Fi assurance, AI-driven assistance, user engagement, and asset visibility. Mist has an inline AI engine for unprecedented insight and automation. And enterprise-grade Access Points combine Wi-Fi, BLE and IoT for amazing wireless experiences in a cost effective manner.

    Marvis is the first AI-driven virtual network assistant. You can ask questions and get intuitive answers on par with a wireless expert.

    Fully featured Active Directory, Windows Network Remote Support Utility, quick user search, easy remote & logging archive, track users activity & remote to your network world wide.

    M/Monit offers proactive monitoring of Unix systems, network and cloud services.

    Motadata proactive network monitoring tool helps you with with network performance monitoring in a multivendor IT environment

    Munin is a networked resource monitoring tool that can help analyze resource trends

    Capsa, a portable network performance analysis and diagnostics tool, provides tremendously powerful and comprehensive packet capture and analysis solution with an easy to use interface allowing both veteran and novice users the ability to protect and monitor networks in a critical business environment. Capsa aids in keeping you assessed of threats that may cause significant business outage.

    Ne.Mo. Network Monitoring Tool was created and developed by people working daily on complex networks and wanted to put in a monitoring tool all that is needed to easily manage the entire network. From Networkers to Networkers.

    NerveCenter is an Uninterruptable Power Supplies Monitoring with NerveCenter's UPSCenter Application.

    NetOcean is a high-performance, purpose-built complete packet capture and store and analysis platform solution that offers support for real time and historical analysis of network data for 10Gbps+ networks. NetOcean extends its capabilities from record and storing to analyze till replaying everything captured that can be investigate upon. Investigation can extend to applications, ports, users, services and sessions. Thus, giving a complete, precise and real-time intelligence as to what happened and when it happened. Also empowering with a situational awareness, continuous monitoring, security alerts etc.

    At NIKSUN, we believe managing all aspects of global network monitoring and incident response is essential to every organization. With NetOmni, you are provided with the capability to instantly gauge the health of your network - all from a single access point.

    Netscan is a browser based network diagnostic service that can embed into product that informs about Websocket and WebRTC connectivity.

    Net Uptime Monitor is a simple internet connection monitor that alerts you to connection failures and records their exact time and length.

    NetVizor is network and employee monitoring software that invisibly monitors your entire network from one central location.

    NetFlow Analyzer is a solution for net admins to understand bandwidth consumption, traffic trends, applications, hosts and traffic anomalies, by visualising the traffic by network devices, interfaces and subnets, traffic segments and end users.

    Great Bay Software is an IoT security and operational efficiency leader providing comprehensive visibility and control over endpoints on the network so organizations can secure data, preserve customer trust and protect revenue. By delivering real-time insights into device identity, location and behavior, Great Bay helps organizations identify and respond to potential threats and improve operational efficiency, all while supporting millions of connected devices. For more information, visit: https//

    Network Probe is the ultimate network monitor and protocol analyzer to monitor network traffic in real-time, and will help you find the sources of any network slow-downs in a matter of seconds.

    Network Server Suite is a network server monitoring software for Windows, Linux, or AIX that manage all of network servers, services, applications, and devices from a single, mobile-ready console, view all messages and alerts across environment in real time within Enterprise Console.

    Nirad is a customizable solution to cloud manage and monitor Networking gear. It is licensed to OEMs who manufacture Wireless APs, Enterprise Firewalls and other CPEs installed in a SMB environment.

    Network Discovery Software to Inventory and Map Your Network

    NodePing offers a server monitoring and web site monitoring tool.

    Nsauditor is a powerful network security auditing tools suite designed for network auditing, network scanning, network monitoring, detecting vulnerabilities and more.

    Nubity provides SaaS-based, centralised public and private cloud manager platform to manage and monitor servers.

    Observium is auto-discovering network monitoring platform supports wide range of device types, platforms and operating systems.

    Observu offers website, server and API monitoring solutions.

    Self-hosted server and service monitoring

    OpsDataStore provides a solution to online service quality issues by combining a big data back end with a partner ecosystem.

    With Overseer Network Monitor, a user can monitor all network resources on his or her Windows-based system from a single desktop, using a graphic interface to check the system’s current status, history, and resources. Notifications can be set according to user-specified parameters and can be received via customizable text or email. The is free for two or fewer resources and comes with a 30-day free trial.

    PacketSled is a real-time network forensics and security analytics platform.

    Panopta is changing the way businesses monitor their network, servers, and applications with our advanced infrastructure monitoring platform. The rapid emergence of hybrid infrastructure environments has put a significant strain on operations teams; managing multiple tools leads to increased diagnostic delay and increased costs. Panopta centralizes your public/private monitoring, alerting, and reporting into a globally available SaaS solution. Whether you leverage public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise infrastructure, Panopta provides a single pane of glass into your infrastructure’s health.

    Is a leading risk management, access control and network visibility solution delivered seamlessly as a cloud service

    Portnox CORE is a solution for on-premise network access control, visibility and enforcement in real-time on all devices.

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