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Using mobile marketing software, companies can plan, implement, and control diverse marketing campaigns that target smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices within mobile web browsers, mobile applications, or mobile advertising. Retail stores, restaurants, airlines, and entertainment providers regularly use these platforms to engage mobile users with promotions, coupons, and surveys. Mobile marketing software can often collect a mobile user’s data, including web history and location, and use it to execute custom and timely interactions with existing and potential customers. This can lead to a quick turnaround in creating sales or gaining subscribers, as customers can take immediate action on their mobile device. Marketing teams can use these software solutions in conjunction with email marketing software and proactive notification software to maximize their visibility during marketing campaigns.

To qualify for inclusion in the Mobile Marketing category, a product must:

  • Enable the user to reach consumers through their mobile devices
  • Reach users through web browsers, push notifications, and in-app or in-game ads
  • Provide templates or design platforms for mobile ad campaigns
  • Track interaction data related to each advertisement
  • Be compatible with or offer proximity analytics software that helps target ads
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    Upaknee is a leading provider of email & SMS communications technology. We offer a robust platform, providing organizations with an easy and intuitive toolset as a means of online communication and engagement with clients, contacts, and supporters. Our specialties include email newsletters, campaigns, subscription centers, widgets, forms, SMS notifications, and more.

    Wappblaster is a Bulk Wapp sender marketing software

    3G Proxy is a proxy testing solution and lets you test user flows, analyze competition and run compliance tests using mobile carriers worldwide.

    Adikteev is a tech company that is funded by ISAI and Ventech.

    Campaign Manager is a customer experience orchestration platform that enables Adaptive Marketers™ to automate a consistently relevant Adaptive Customer Experience™ by simultaneously utilizing the latest state of each customer relationship across multiple campaigns and channels. As part of the Chameleon™ platform, Campaign Manager orchestrates a fully contextual experience through Omnichannel marketing automation delivering response driven personalization. This is underpinned by unprecedented ac

    Leverage Deep Insights for Effective & Automated Marketing for Superior User Engagement

    Mobile Data Management Platform.

    Attentive is a personalized mobile messaging platform built for innovative e-commerce and retail brands. Using Attentive’s patent-pending solutions, marketers can quickly grow a list of mobile subscribers and create a new top 3 revenue channel. Attentive automatically sends engaging text messages to each subscriber based on real-time data— whether it’s a cart reminder, a notice about an exclusive sale, or product recommendations. 350+ brands rely on Attentive and see strong results like 30%+ cli

    Location delivers relevancy and intent. Bluedot empowers companies (via their mobile app) to take advantage of real-world insights and uncover the right moments to message customers on their preferred channels. Bluedot’s mobile location technology enables brands and enterprises to delight customers - at scale. We deliver 20x location precision over other solutions. No hardware required.  Know where you’re customers have been, where they frequent and anticipate how best to engage them. 1:1 insi

    Cross-channel messaging platform to drive personalized, targeted and effective campaigns across any channel - email, sms, mobile apps, social, fax, print, and voice.

    Mobile discovery and engagement

    CityGro is a customer retention tool that offers loyalty marketing solutions for brands to engage and re-engage with their customers.

    DAEDALUS is a smart and powerful Adaptive Recommendations Engine that uses advanced machine-learning algorithms to recommend the right type of communication for each of your customers at any time, improving customer experience and maximizing the performance of mobile marketing campaigns.

    Our software allows businesses to send and receive text messages using their existing landline phone number.

    Bring transformation in the way you communicate to your selling partners.

    engageSPARK offers telephony and messaging engagement solutions.

    FollowAnalytics is a 1:1 Mobile Marketing Platform that helps you promote and monetize your mobile apps to support your brand and drive revenue.

    Helps businesses create conversations about their brand with innovative use of Text messaging and shortcodes.

    Tired of low performance with conventional in-app ads? Try Gadmobe's Full-Page Banner and Push Notification which target Android™ apps users in many ways.

    GLYTR is a mobile multimedia marketing tool.

    LeadsByCell provides a "text for info" solution to enhance advertisements while delivering automatic phone number alerts (leads). Great for enterprise or small businesses such as contractors, real estate agents, auto dealers, salons, restaurants, service providers, Craigslist sellers, and individuals.

    With more than a decade of bridging the gap between the digital and physical urban landscape, Connecthings is the leader in augmented location technology. Leveraging a deep knowledge of the city fabric, hyper-precise SDK location technology and machine-learning algorithms, Herow by Connecthings is a location-based intelligence and engagement SaaS platform that helps mobile applications understand the context of their users – in real-time – and give them the ability to deliver relevant, timely

    Hub IQ is a Mobile Engagement Platform that enables you to effectively reach and engage your audience on their mobile phone

    Icetrak is a UK based and owned company specialising in the supply of cloud based text messaging services to the corporate and SME marketplace.

    Inmoji is a consumer engagement platform for mobile.

    K2C Email is a suite that consists of Web Chat, Instant Call-Back, Email, SMS, Knowledge Base, Social Media and Workflow.

    Kaywa is a QR Code generator.

    Kite SMS is a Mobile Marketing platform for maximized advertising campaigns, with an accurate focus on target and customized messages.

    Komli provides mobile advertising and mobile app marketing solutions.

    Because of its applicability to almost every stakeholder in your business, Kookdokoo earnestly offers the highest communicative value compared to other apps. We, tailor it, to suit your need perfectly!

    Text-to-download form generator for mobile app landing pages.

    Improves User Engagement, Retention and Monetization with Intelligent Growth Formulas for your Mobile App.

    The platform that allows you to build cloud-based mobile apps at scale

    Maisie is a Facebook Messenger Marketing Chatbot for eCommerce. Generate more customer engagement and loyalty, convert more sales and grow your Messenger subscriber list.

    Manage is a mobile marketing and campaign software.

    MDirector has a strong experience in the technical aspects of deliverability and strong relationships with the top ISPs and E-mail providers.

    Meg is an easy mobile marketing automation platform that connects the Web, Native Apps, Social Media, and the Real World.

    Mobile Marketing Automation Platform (SaaS)

    Mobile Commons provides a two-way communications platform, enabling organizations to reach people with their mobile phones.

    MobileROI is a comprehensive cross-platform 'system of engagement' solution that empowers brands to automatically deliver personally targeted and situationally appropriate content, experiences, functionality and advertising based on customer knowledge and real-time signal data from beacons, smartphones and other connected devices. MobileROI removes friction from all aspects of the customer journey including loyalty programs and offers, in-store experiences, CRM and social advocacy, in addition

    Enables holistic customer engagement, and easily integrates with your EPOS and e-commerce channels for consistent, controlled campaigns

    Mobithink is a mobile affiliate platform delivering users to mobile apps.

    Moblin offers mobile app distribution and marketing solutions.

    Mobvista offers mediation and mobile advertising solutions.

    MoEngage is an Intelligent Marketing Cloud, built for the Mobile-first world. With MoEngage, companies can orchestrate campaigns across channels like push, email, in-app messaging, web push and SMS, with auto-optimization towards higher conversions powered by machine learning. Traditionally, marketing clouds are expensive to implement, hard to learn and rule-based. At MoEngage, we have built an enterprise solution that is easier to use, elegantly designed, fully integrated and is learning-based

    Mubiquo is a mobile marketing platform that enhances customer engagement with push notifications, location marketing, and locale mgr.

    mzCONNECT is a web-based mobile marketing platform for transmission of text marketing messages, mobile coupons, punch cards, and more.

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