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Mobile development platforms give developers a single environment possessing all of the tools developers need to create a mobile application. Most platforms are geared toward creating iOS or Android applications, but others are cross-platform applications and provide an environment with specific native tools. Others will possess hybrid functionality and tools to create applications across multiple operating systems. Companies in need of a mobile application provide their developers with a platform to write, manage, and deploy mobile applications. This process usually takes place entirely within a development or IT department, but can throughout a small company or individually. The products can be used to create anything from games to e-commerce applications. Mobile development platforms possess similar characteristics to an integrated development environments (IDE), but are geared specifically toward mobile applications. Many mobile development platforms also possess tools for mobile app testing, mobile app optimization and mobile app debugging.

    To qualify for inclusion in the mobile development platforms category, a product must:
  • Have a mobile-specific development focus
  • Possess front-end mobile development tools for UI/UX creation
  • Possess back-end development tools for data services
  • Possess tools for mobile application testing
  • Provide a software developer’s kit with additional tools for actions such as collaboration debugging, or code analysis
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    Configure.IT is a cross pletform mobile applications development platform that allows you to "develop" Mobile Applications for iOS and Android, Complete Backend and APIs - with NATIVE source code, WITHOUT coding! No template based work , you can create your own idea , we have demo projects and samples available for few of popular mobile apps created within plateform. CIT platform deliver backend API and data panel source code in PHP ( codeIgniter framework ) and iOS source code in swift and Android source code in Java , all help available to easy customization of source code.

    Convertigo Mobility Platform is an open source MXDP (Multi eXperience Development Platform) able to downstream Enterprise in house digitalization developments for Mobile Web and desktop using a Unique Low Code approach. Convertigo technologies usually divide by 10 to 50 development costs and time to delivery for Enterprise B2E B2C and B2B projects. Convertigo embraces all type of mobile development technologies from web apps to native applications, using de facto standard technologies.

    GeneXus™ is a Software Development Platform that simplifies and automates the tasks of creating and evolving enterprise applications and multi-channel user-experiences. GeneXus uses Artificial Intelligence techniques to create software, enabling truly incremental development of apps, providing a low-code, future-proof development platform for the leading execution platforms and languages, and the most popular DBMS.

    Convert Your Magento Store into a Native Android and iOS app with ease using MageNative Magento Mobile App Builder. The Magento App builder will replicate your store without compromising the website functionalities and potential. 30 Days Free Trial. MageNative Magento Mobile App extension provides a flexibility and the easiest way to build the mobile app. With the help of the MageNative app, the admin can convert the Magento® website into a featured mobile app consisting of all the website functionalities. - Supports Android and iOS mobile platforms. - Attractive and User-Friendly Layout, Multi-Lingual and RTL Support - Synchronized Native App - Sort, Filter, and Search Options - Exclusive 30 Days Free Trial App Key Features: - Attractive and User-Friendly Layout: Provides an attractive and user-friendly layout that makes the users to instinctively experience, how to use the interface. - Multi-Lingual and RTL Support: It supports multiple languages and the right to the left theme. In the right to the left theme, writing starts from the right of the page and continues to the left. - Native App: An application program, developed for the use on a specific platform or device. - Synchronization: The app is synchronized with the website. - Supports all product type: It supports all type of the products available in the Magento store. - Search: Enhanced search feature available to search the required product in the app based Name, description, Category of the product. - Push Notification: Using Push Notification the MageNative App sends the user a notification message regarding any new offer or any other app-related messages without the user actually opening the app. The notification is pushed to the mobile to draw the user’s attention towards the latest happening in the app, even when the screen of the tab or mobile is locked, and the app that is pushing the notification is closed. - Social Login: A single sign-on technology is used that allows users to authenticate themselves on MageNative App by connecting through a social media such as Facebook and Google. Thus, offering an option to register, log in with their regular social login ID and password rather than going through the regular process of registration for using the App. - Native Payment Gateway: Provides the NATIVE PAYMENT GATEWAYS that makes the application run smoothly and even faster on the transactions performed by the users. - Voice Search: You can search the product with your own voice. Other Features: Support all the payment method available on the Magento store. Homepage Promotional Banner Promotional Deals Product Social Sharing Google Maps Google Analytics Customize App Design Filters Sort Coming Soon Feature: Reward Points Pin Code Checker Customizable Theme

    Our Enterprise Mobility System is 100% Code-Free, eliminating the need for custom programming through an intuitive, user friendly point-and-click Interface

    Mobile Roadie is the most powerful mobile app creator for iPhone, Android, iPad and Mobile Web. Build, host, and create apps in minutes.

    INTRODUCING The #1 Mobile App Builder For Small Business.

    Comprehensive cloud-powered tools and services will make your hybrid mobile app development process with PhoneGap/Cordova simpler.

    On The Job is an application designed to help you track your time and expenses, and bill your clients by easily and quickly creating professional invoices. On The Job is straightforward and easy to use letting you focus on what's important.

    The App Builder is a flexible suite of enterprise application development specializing in corporate employee mobile apps.

    Wappler is an advanced visual web and mobile applications builder – create your projects in a great visual way by using only creativity and combining many components and workflows.

    Secures and manages the connectivity between mobile applications, external APIs and services and internal enterprise resources so companies can quickly build secure enterprise-grade mobile apps. Read more

    Wowza GoCoder Software is designed to simplify mobile app development with cross-platform API to capture and stream live video and audio.

    Adianteapps is an application development software that is a tool for easy and fast mobile app building.

    Mobile Apps distribution system for Continuous deployment, Beta testing, Feedback, Bug reporting & Enterprise App distribution.

    AppMixture is a mobile app builder for e-commerce websites.

    AppsBuilder enables users to create and publish native mobile applications.

    Appscend is a fully featured mobile application platform that enables you to develop, manage, optimize and monetize cross-platform, native mobile apps.

    With App Spot, you can make an app for your WordPress blog on the spot.

    Appzio platform allows full stack developers to create native apps for iOS and Android just from the backend.

    Bambuser’s robust end-to-end live streaming platform, easy to use mobile SDKs and powerful API allows for integrating live video broadcasting and playback in any mobile app.

    BLE Mobile Apps is a one stop solution for all BLE app development needs.

    BrightXpress is a simplified mobile app development platform for creating enterprise-grade mobile data collection apps.

    Catavolt provides flexible, scalable and secure enterprise mobility architecture for today’s most demanding enterprise challenges. Catavolt Extender combines a “no data at rest” secure platform, real time control in the cloud, and the ability to rapidly create engaging mobile user experiences without coding.

    CreateMyFreeApp is an online mobile app builder.

    cue-me is a context-aware, multimodal, mobile application development platform that enables natural interaction with applications in a device independent way.

    All-in-one platform to easily build beautiful mobile apps. No coding needed.

    FASTBuild was designed from the ground up to support parallel compilation. The optimized main build pipeline is designed to be as thin as possible, dispatching build tasks to worker threads to maximize parallelism.

    Transform Your Enterprise with the Power of Mobile

    MacOS app for visual quality check right inside iOS simulator.

    Protect the enterprise data and applications that matter with our secure workspace — it’s BYOD friendly, extensible and designed for enterprise mobile security.

    GoMaps creates branded GPS map apps for businesses, non-profits, and governmental agencies.

    Hoodoo is an online DIY app with CTL(Create, Test,Launch) methodology ideal for any one looking to establish mobile presence, from independent bloggers, individual artists to small and medium businesses.

    Infinite Monkeys is a mobile app builder and app publishing platform.

    With LexisNexis Software Development Kit (SDK), you can quickly build or adapt existing mobile applications and connect to our Global Telematics Platform using a suite of common technologies and processes.

    The Primas Group has provided application development, software solutions, and professional services to some of the largest contact centers in the industry since 1994.

    Mag+ is a mobile app creation and distribution software that allows you to distribute content to the 1 billion+ mobile devices in the world.

    Welcome to this Free Mobile App Builder!

    KODULAR Much more than a modern app creator without coding

    MOBIDONIA, THE SWISS ARMY FOR BUILDING MODERN, FUTURE-PROOF MOBILE APPS. Packed with all the gems and goodies you need to create iOS or Android apps, Mobidonia is one of the best app makers.

    With ServiceNow Mobile, you can manage departmental workflows on any device and swipe to make approvals without even unlocking your phone. Designed for the worker on the go, Mobile lets you manage incidents and collaborate with your team from the palm of your hand.

    Mobile Flow's platform provides a set of toolkits to create, manage and deploy mobile solutions across all mobile channels. Solutions can be created to take advantage of Mobile Messaging, Video, Internet, Multimedia, Apps and Location Based Services

    MobiZippy is a technology platform that merchants can use to build super-fast mobile apps in record time and at a very affordable cost. MobiZippy's mobile apps are native apps providing great performance and features an offline catalog that ensures users get the best possible mobile shopping experience no matter what the network conditions. Covering from mobile Web to iOS and Android native apps, MobiZippy apps feature one of the best conversion rates in the industry.

    Mowbly is an Enterprise Mobile Application Development Platform

    MediaLooks SDK is a development kit that allows the developer to create multimedia applications. SDK add such functions as Capture, Play and Time Shifted playback, moreover your application will be able to process multiple multimedia file formats like WMV, WAV, WMA, AVI, MPEG-2, MPEG-1, MP4, AAC, MOV, XVID, etc). SDK includes tools to create market-ready application, including sample applications, support and updates.

    Phunware Inc. is the pioneer of Multiscreen-as-a-Service (MaaS), a fully integrated enterprise cloud platform for mobile that provides companies the products, solutions, data and services necessary to engage, manage and monetize their mobile application portfolios and audiences globally at scale.

    Experts at TRooTech believe that a perfect mobile application is a result of a crisp business requirement, apt technology that suits the application and a touch of an expert to make the best out of the idea and achieve best results.

    Build rich and responsive Web and mobile applications natively with Natural.

    NEONTO Get Ready for a Sea Change Industrialized software development.