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Check out our list of free Media Monitoring Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

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On TV? Find it on TVEyes. Global search engine for television, radio and podcasts. TVEyes Inc. is an international broadcast media monitoring company based in Fairfield, Connecticut. The company provides a television, radio and podcast monitoring platform that enables its users to search, view, report on, analyze and archive, US (national and all 210 DMAs) and major market international media content. TVEyes proprietary, web-based, speech-to-text and advanced audio/video search software has b

TVEyes is fantastic for tracking segments and there are a lot of options for setting up custom terms. I also like that the clips are easy to edit... Read review
Brian A.
Easy to use. Cost effective. Clients love it. Great way to keep tabs on issues and clients on local tv and radio. Love being able to pull all... Read review
(423)4.3 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$29 / month

Mention is a social listening and media monitoring solution enabling brands and agencies to understand audience perception across social media and the web. By using Mention you can easily monitor what is being said online about a brand or a product, get comprehensive analytics on their industry, and measure the impact of your marketing and PR activities. Start listening to your audience! Founded in 2012, Mention’s customer base exceeded 750,000 users in over 125 countries, with over 4,000 ente

Nadia G.
I think that Mention is a very useful tool, allowing total customization of alerts. Being able to configure monitored pages, sources, keywords and... Read review
It is ideal, which I have access to review the publications, and it is also easy to configure. It should be noted that it has good support and... Read review
(1,002)4.5 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0

Semrush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaS platform that enables businesses to optimize their online presence across all key channels. Semrush data and insights are trusted by 6,000,000 marketing professionals and over 1000 top media outlets worldwide. With more than 50 tools within the software, data for more than 140 countries, integration with Google and task management platforms, Semrush is now must-have software for digital marketing teams across the world.

SEMrush is a highly useful marketing service for any specialist, as it allows the implementation of robust strategies, which enable to capture the... Read review
Its workflow from content research to creation saves me a lot of time. Read review
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Entry Level Price:$2,399 Annually 3 Users

Onclusive is the data science company for marketing and communications. We use artificial intelligence to reveal which strategies drive actual business outcomes, and leverage advanced marketing technologies to deliver a brand’s most valuable content to its intended audience, at scale. The result is thousands of high-performance campaigns around the world. Onclusive helps you get smarter. We empower you; to increase performance, to demonstrate value. We make communications the hero by combining

It purports to solve for a long-standing pain-point for marketing and comms teams. It can show analytics in a matter of seconds on an easy to read... Read review
Going with AirPR was a no-brainer. Their clientele include some of the largest companies in the world who's names you trust. PR is an important... Read review
(40)4.8 out of 5

AlphaSense is a revolutionary AI-powered search engine for market intelligence used by financial firms and corporations across industries and geographies. With more than 2,000 enterprise clients - including 70% of the world's largest investment firms and 50% of the S&P 100 - our mission is to enable knowledge professionals to acquire critical business insights and data with speed and conviction. AlphaSense’s search technology leverages AI and natural language processing to parse topics, co

AlphaSense's smart search saves time looking for quality case study examples. The tool allows you to bookmark, highlight and annotate specific... Read review
I like the interphase that easy to navigate. Customer service always accessible and very helpful Read review
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Entry Level Price:$39 / month

Mentionlytics is a Web & Social Media Monitoring tool that tracks mentions to any keyword provided on the entire web (News sites, forums, blogs and ANY other website) and Social Media (Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Reddit etc).

The platform is easy to use, quite understandable and has many interesting features to use at your demand. Read review
Brian S. M.
Time saving aspect, ease of use, sentiment scoring and concise dashboard of analytics. Read review
(16)3.8 out of 5

Signal AI is an AI-powered business intelligence and media monitoring company that aggregates, analyses, and provides business leaders with insights into digital, print and broadcast media, news, and regulatory data. Signal’s cutting-edge machine learning enables businesses to track their competitive landscape, changes to regulation, and monitor their reputation—empowering them to make smarter, faster business decisions. For more information on the Signal AI platform, visit the Signal AI website

We do not see any positive qualities associated with Signal Media. Read review
This was a great service that allows you to send push notifications to folks on web browsers, like Safari or Google Chrome. I liked the ease of use... Read review
(24)4.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:25 000 rub/mo

Brand Analytics is a Social Media Monitoring and Analysis System. - Data acquisition from all sources, namely social networking sites, video hostings, map services, public channels and messenger chats, review websites, forums, blogs, marketplaces, online media, newspapers, magazines and federal channels. - All types of messages and data: message text, recognized picture texts, video transcripts, check-ins, stories. - High number of metrics and message attributes, coupled with configurable data-

Fast data collection Search by image and subtitle Huge base of sites Almost round-the-clock support and assistance from managers, always meet all... Read review
One of the best monitoring systems! + Convenient tools + Works fast +Able to work with images + Excellent technical support + price Read review
(24)4.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 14 days free

Diffbot provides a suite of products built to turn unstructured data from across the web into structured, contextual databases. Diffbot's products are built off of cutting-edge machine vision and natural language processing software that's able to parse billions of web pages every day. Diffbot Knowledge Graph Diffbot's Knowledge Graph product is the world's largest contextual database comprised of over 10 billion entities including organizations, people, products, articles, and more. Knowledge

Ryo C.
Before using Diffbot, we considered building our own scraping system. This would have cost us at least 4 weeks of development time up-front and 1-2... Read review
Diffbot is powerful and simple to use. Users from basic to advanced levels of technical expertise can use Diffbot and extract content from the web... Read review
(187)4.6 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$49 per month

Brand24 is a simple, yet reliable social media monitoring solution. Thousands of companies of all sizes use Brand24 to identify and analyze online conversations about their brands, products, and competitors across the web. Brand24 empowers its users to stay updated on what's being said about their businesses online, get customer insights, engage communities, identify sales leads, improve social customer service, reach out to influencers and monitor their competition. It's a solid and affordable

Eric S.
The main thing that Brand 24 does that I wasn't able to find in any other tools in this price range is the ability to find mentions in individual's... Read review
Oak N.
I like that Brand24 monitors different platforms and finds stuff I would not have found doing web searches. We even found a tricky competitor... Read review
(12)4.2 out of 5

alva is a leading solution for integrated Stakeholder Intelligence analytics. We collect, analyze and report on stakeholder sentiment to help the world’s leading companies better manage their stakeholder relationships and link reputation metrics to value creation. Our powerful content monitoring and analytics technology will tell you what’s happening in real time, 24/7, so you can make the right decisions, create value and drive positive change.

The fact that you can compare the different airlines , their safety, the price and and the route to your destination is awsome. Read review
(31)4.1 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$29 monthly

Awario is a social media & web monitoring tool that will help you track brand mentions, monitor competitors, find sales opportunities and influencers, and engage with your audience online.

Unique and different from Hootsuite, etc. - specifically geared toward mention management. Read review
Kaitlyn L.
Awario has great analytics - it shows mentions' locations, languages, sources, etc. It's easy to filter out unnecessary authors. In the end you... Read review
(4)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$39 Monthly

Newslit is a next-generation news monitoring and research tool for PR professionals, investors, researchers, marketers, salespeople, lawyers, and business owners. We continuously track the most comprehensive set of important news sources and integrate social signals from thousands of top business influencers. We are scanning over 100,000 sources and are ingesting almost 1 million stories per day, and growing. Our product gives a competitive advantage for businesses and teams, saving very valu

It is easy to use. It has great media monitoring features that allow you to follow the transmission of news online on websites and social media. It... Read review
(8)4.9 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$200 per month

Anewstip is a one-stop PR platform that helps entrepreneurs, PR professionals and marketers search for relevant media contacts (journalists, editors, bloggers, influencers, etc.), build media lists, send personalized pitches or bulk press releases, and monitoring online and twitter mentions. 1) emails and phone numbers of 1 million journalists, editors, bloggers, and media outlets. 2) search for relevant media contacts based on their tweets. 3) search for relevant media contacts based on their

Marina T.
Very simple interface and great way to find journalists Read review
Rachael H.
I like the price of Anewstip - as a freelance publicist, I cannot afford a high cost. Anewstip lets me get my work done quickly without breaking... Read review
(3)3.8 out of 5

When a public event affects your brand, your team can't spend hours or days crawling through data before you react – you need to easily understand the public reception now. Turbine Labs' Segment provides PR and Communications teams with an organized and comprehensive view of any event or topic. The Segment provides human-curated insights on top of machine-processed data, which means the delivery is both fast and meaningful. And with Intelligent Routing, you can feel confident that the informat

Turbine was easy to use and easy to learn Read review
this technology takes out a lot of hard work from the office. With its quick data collection and analysis tools, we can feel confident in quickly... Read review
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Entry Level Price:0

Better social news filtering. With no artifically low limits (100 filters at your disposal), near real time alerts (under one minute in most cases), and Slack support your content marketing team will gain the edge needed to build a solid presence.

Fast notifications straight to a slack channel. I use Syften to keep track of whenever or company or competitor gets mentioned online in forums or... Read review
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CARMA is a global provider of media intelligence solutions. We deliver what matters with people on the ground in 43 countries over 5 continents. We provide media monitoring and analysis across all types of media including print, online, social and broadcast, allowing our clients to make well-informed business decisions. Our customized solutions combine the latest, cutting-edge technology with unrivalled human insight from a global team of researchers and analysts who provide valuable, relevant

(2)4.0 out of 5

Global enterprises, public sector organizations, and leading newsrooms rely on Dataminr’s AI platform to detect the most relevant, high-impact events and emerging risks in real time – so they can respond with speed and confidence. Dataminr Pulse is the newest product offering for businesses. Dataminr Pulse leverages AI to give you the earliest indications of business-critical information about risks to your people, your brand, and physical and virtual assets – so you can respond with speed and c

Mack R.
Dataminr gives us access to some big local breaking news stories, and allows us to interact with users on social media to better understand what's... Read review
Being able to monitor global news form one market. Read review

Fullintel offers a unique combination of talent, tools and technology for PR and communications professionals looking for expertly curated media monitoring and analysis software and services. Top-tier brands like Johnson & Johnson, Intuit, Bell Textron, Royal Caribbean International, and Shell trust Fullintel to manage their monitoring and analysis. Our analysts do the heavy lifting, so you don't have to.

0 ratings

Mediatree is a French leader in broadcast monitoring created in 2007 that offers and develops broadcast monitoring solutions to better respond to new technologies and customers needs. Our audiovisual research platform Keywords is designed to quickly find, discover and find a TV or radio coverage by keywords. This technical solution "listen", "record" and "index" audiovisual content anywhere in the world. Keyword guarantees you to be a tool for performance support to act as quickly as possible

0 ratings

Newsmeter is an online global news tracker service. It provides a robust online news media monitoring SaaS with an award-winning technology. Our platform traces the global news sources around the world continuously. We have gathered over 510 million news (to which we add more every 5 mins) to date from tens of thousands of sources. Users of Newsmeter have access to the following features: - Online user interface, which can be accessed online without the need for installation - Search news artic

Top 10 Free Media Monitoring Software in 2021

  • TVEyes
  • Mention
  • Semrush
  • Onclusive
  • AlphaSense