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Market intelligence software gathers publicly available information about companies and individuals from a variety of sources and uses it to create records or combine it with existing CRM data. Contact information, locations, financials, recent news and press releases are typical data sources mined for information and linked to the record. This combined profile provides companies with a more complete view of current and potential customers, identifies market opportunities, and informs decision-making. Market intelligence solutions are most commonly used by planners in marketing and sales departments to establish lists of likely prospects and determine the best means of outreach.

There is notable overlap between market intelligence software and sales intelligence software and/or marketing account intelligence software because several features are similar. For instance, market intelligence is focused on the initial stages of account-based marketing, including identifying prospects and building an accurate picture of relationships between decision-makers. Lead scoring and data quality are also often included in market intelligence software, and integrations with them are common among the rest. However, the ability to alert users to changes and provide basic insights based on existing data is what differentiates market intelligence from other lead capture software.

To qualify for inclusion in the Market Intelligence category, a product must:

  • Collect granular prospect data from sources external to the user company
  • Create and/or populate contact records and target lists with gathered data
  • Ensure accuracy and quality of information
  • Alert users to changes in profile information
  • Provide actionable insights about markets and potential leads
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    Marketrac provides lenders, title companies and builders with an interactive, robust means to measure competitive market share and volumes by geographic area, transaction and loan type

    A sampling tool that can work alongside interviewing systems with an optional panel management module for online applications.

    Using MightySignal for Business Intelligence, you can spot gaps in the market that no one else can see. Then, you can create high-level strategies to attack those gaps and profit.

    The Mining Intelligence Companies and Properties Data Application offers you a wealth of global mining data at your fingertips. Get access to curated data from thousands of mining companies and their properties. Along with financial, production, and reserves and resources data, the application allows you to identify and/or compare mining companies and properties based on specific aspects that interest you, such as commodity exposure, ownership, geography, or development status of projects.

    The Onsense market intelligence platform is your one-stop source of market information and insights.

    nexoya is a Marketing Intelligence platform that empowers you to make data-driven decisions. nexoya provides you valuable insights into your marketing data and actionable advice on how to improve your marketing performance with AI.

    Nice Insight is a business division of That's Nice LLC that offers marketing intelligence reports to give clients a clear understanding of how their industry perceives their business

    NorthPage offers digital marketing intelligence solutions empowering marketers to grow their digital performance.

    Monitor hundreds and thousands of companies daily, both public and private on business-critical topics.

    Relevant, real-time insights about customers, competition, and market trends in a single place.

    Orb Intelligence provides companies with high-quality, reference database of company information that forms the data backbone of a modern B2B data-driven sales and marketing organization. The product includes firmographic data for companies (names, addresses, corporate linkages, industry classification, revenue, number of employees, websites and IP addresses), enabling customers to enrich and manage their sales and marketing data.

    The world needs your opinion! Make a difference today.

    Hemlock automatically aggregates all the stuff your competitors do online and lets you analyze and explore it through a simple, calendar interface.

    Price2Spy is an online price monitoring, price comparison and repricing tool for small to large online retailers, manufacturers / brands and distributors from a variety of industries all over the world. The software helps eCommerce professionals to monitor, analyze pricing data and reprice products, depending on their market strategy. Users are offered both pricing acquisition as well as multiple reporting mechanisms for analyzing data. Analysis helps organisations identify pricing opportunities, such as which products are under-priced or if the price can be reduced, but still to remain within the desired profit margin. Price2Spy's API enables tight integration with the organisation's own software, and allows automatic price matching in accordance with the competitor's. If the price changes are within a certain margin or above a given threshold, the brand's own pricing can be updated automatically without any action needed. Price2Spy is capable of monitoring websites that are built to shield off monitoring applications. You can virtually see the pricing of your competition even if their websites don’t want to be monitored. The Repricing module enables you to define your own pricing strategies identifying which products can go up / down in price, and get these prices changed in your online store. In case you're using one of the supported platform such as; Shopify, Magento, BigCommerce and etc. Price2Spy gives you the ability to integrate it with one click and perform real time repricing according to your own pricing strategies. There is little to be done from your end in order to get the system up and running. Price2Spy offers tutorials, demos and online support to help users along the way.

    PrivCo is the go-to-source for valuable insights into the financial health, market position and trajectory of U.S. private companies, including truly private companies—a universe that comprises the majority of U.S. companies but that is not widely covered by deal-focused resources. Discover new targets or augment your due diligence with PrivCo’s industry-leading U.S. private company intelligence.

    Always focusing on the needs of customers and consumers - with the Agile Insights software.

    Red Flag Alert is a business information database with records on every UK and Northern Ireland business. Red Flag Alert allows you to effectively assess the financial health of a business with detailed business reports, monitors any changes in circumstances in a business through real-time e-mail alerts, identifies and targets your ideal business prospects through an online search function with options for basic and advanced bsuiness demographics search. offers real-time data on companies & decision makers.

    Social Standards allows you to objectively measure your brand’s health and performance in comparison to the market so you can discover and deliver actionable business insights. By tapping into the largest unfiltered consumer data set, social media, Social Standards will help you identify brand sentiment, new opportunities, partners and audiences for targeted promotions. Social Standards then provides you with powerful analytics to answer the two most important questions: how effective were my efforts and why? is an internet-based service for finding new leads, checking clients and researching the competition.

    SpotLite is a price tracking solution for retailers and brands of any industry, size and geography. It can track prices of any online retailer as well as Amazon and eBay sellers and stores.

    Research Now SSI is the worlds leading global provider of first-party consumer and professional data based on extensive, proprietary market research panels.

    StatTrac was specifically designed to meet the needs of franchise owners. It is a web-based solution for tracking and retrieving reliable, statistical information from multiple units in an accurate, consistent and timely manner.

    StatWizards is committed to making these tools accessible via Excel add-ins at no sacrifice in functionality. For experienced users, StatWizards provides a huge boost in productivity

    Market and Competitor Information Management System

    StreetWise empowers you to outsmart your competition. We use data-driven insights from your network and our in-house industry expertise to deliver qualified customers and more sales opportunities.

    TEA Software is for companies who are concerned about website traffic, TEA Software is a traffic quality management solution that provides actionable insights for click traffic performance.

    T4S allows you to carry out a full research of a project market, even if it is just an idea. To run the analysis all you need to do is to provide a small description and some additional information.

    TROVE delivers one-of-a-kind data-powered predictive science by fusing your data with its dynamic and powerful sources of data, then applying the absolute standard in predictive science, its relentless curiosity and attention to detail pay off for its partners in startling predictive insights and the ability to scale them.

    VALUER is a digital platform that intelligently matches corporates with the most promising startups. Valuer helps corporations, accelerators, and investors find, high potential startups that specifically fit the corporation's strategic innovation requirements. In order to achieve this, Valuer developed a platform that uses crowdsourcing and artificial intelligence to detect, predict, evaluate and select startups that are particularly relevant to large companies.

    Discover, contribute to, and create industry topics, organizations, companies, and people. Become a part of the new business information community.

    Venture Scanner is your analyst and technology powered startup research firm.

    Venturesource provides a comprehensive database of focused research on the VC industry

    Zignal Enterprise is a modern media intelligence platform for communications, marketing and executive teams. Harnessing the power of real-time and predictive analytics, Zignal surfaces insights from news and conversations across the entire media spectrum, allowing teams to make faster decisions with confidence, achieve better outcomes and identify strategic opportunities.

    Zirra is a pioneer in data driven insights and artificial intelligence, which provides in-depth company analysis. The insights are compiled into Premium Insights Report and are complemented with personalized commentary derived from our expert community and ecosystem surveys

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