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    This simple and free step-by-step wizard will guide you through the process of creating your own personalised buyer persona, company profile, and in addition, it also shows you the size of your market

    Datafinder offers self-serve predictive marketing suite offeringclients with relevant consumer data.

    Dataline offers comprehensive consumer database solutions.

    digitGaps is a global market intelligence company that provides market research insights, financial insights, strategic SWOT analysis, market dynamics (drivers, barriers, opportunities, and forecast), mergers and acquisitions, partnerships and investments, competitive intelligence, and news updates across 24 industry verticals and more than 80 markets.

    With Digsite Sprints, marketers and researchers can build a community in as little as one day and get presentation-ready results in just 24 hours. Use Digsite to find your target audience, capture their real-world experiences, ask 'why' questions, and help you optimize and iterate as you learn.

    DTScout provides global behavioural and demographic audience data.

    DueDil is an online tool that combines comprehensive sources of company information to uncover business opportunities and understand risks.

    Easy2FIND is a web-based platform that gives you complete access to CHD FIND. Query, target and filter our data to identify opportunities for your business or to find information on the industry. Select from 140+ fields to identify your desired dataset and begin taking action.

    Endole Insight helps businesses truly understand data in innovative ways, using an authentic, connected software. By transforming the way businesses learn, Endole Insight provides companies with the tools they need to analyse, understand and act, helping you grow meaningful relationships with absolute confidence.

    Event Registry is a system for real-time collection, annotation and analysis of content published by global news outlets.

    The most comprehensive comparative analysis tool for exporters and manufacturers in India.

    FirstLight is the marketing intelligence portal tailored to how your organization aggregates, analyzes, manages and distributes strategic, competitive and market insights.

    Follow is a plugin to gather competitive intelligence on any website.

    FunnelWise integrates with CRMs and marketing automation platforms to help companies gain focused, deep insight into their revenue funnel. The FunnelWise solution allows both marketing and sales to: - Drill-down into key funnel metrics shared by marketing and sales: movement, velocity, conversions and aging - Determine revenue drivers to optimize efforts - Attribute marketing effort and view funnel leakage - Understand marketing’s impact on revenue - Identify missed revenue with cross-funnel comparisons - Diagnose issues and quickly course correct with an early warning system - Set and monitor progress to goals with daily indicators - Eliminate manual reporting and data manipulation - Accelerate growth with intelligent recommendations - Compare performance by funnel stage and data segments FunnelWise offers more than a software solution, it comes with a methodology and funnel expertise to maximize the investment. The FunnelWise team works closely with clients to ensure the solution drives future growth.

    Geoscape helps our clients achieve significant growth by tapping into America's fast growing Hispanic and multicultural markets. We provide consumer intelligence via strategic business consulting, database-driven analytics and automated systems to help ...

    Easily install our quick customer surveys on your Website Immediately understand your customers with easy-to-read, in-depth reports

    GrowthIntel uses big data to predict and generate a list of highly qualified leads which increases the conversion rates.

    Consensus Point is a provider of prediction market research to global market research firms.

    Hyllo is predictive analytics software that allows organizations to better understand how their online efforts translate into real-world transactions.

    IndexBox is an AI-powered statistical database and tools for market analysts.

    The Marketing Genetics Database is sourced from more than 2,000 catalogers/retailers, subscriptions and donations over the past two years. These data sources are then enhanced with Infogroup's proprietary and partner demographic and psychographic assets, making it the powerful targeting database available today.

    Sapphire, a proprietary marketing database offered by Infogroup Media Solutions, is the powerful collection of email, telemarketing, and postal addresses in the marketing industry.

    Intelligence Plaza is a web-based market and competitive intelligence software.

    Intellizence is an award-winning, AI-powered business signal intelligence platform for enterprises that monitors changes in companies, industries and regulators of interest. Intellizence discovers and delivers hundreds of sales and risk signals (e.g. M&A, C-Level changes, business expansion) from comprehensive external unstructured data sources (e.g. news, press release, earnings calls) for revenue generation and risk mitigation.

    Intutel is a market intelligence cloud - a suite of monitoring & analytics tools to help brands/ marketers / market research companies

    ITONICS Ideation is an online platform that combines idea generation, expansion, rating, aggregation and collaborative selection in medium and large-sized companies, it supports classic stage-gate processes, idea competitions, ideation workshops and close and open innovation approaches and can be customized according to specific requirements.

    Jumpshot’s platform collects and houses anonymized clickstream data from over 100 million users, globally. This provides unparalleled insight into shoppers’ entire customer journey online. From search to browsing, streaming, final purchase, and beyond, you can now truly understand your target persona, build effective audiences, and optimize your digital marketing efforts.

    Jumpshot Plus helps track your competitors across the web by comparing performance by sales volume, conversion rate, price and more. Jumpshot Plus featuers help detect new entrants, category trends and seasonal changes and understand brand loyalty and cross-shopping behaviors.

    RTI builds a unique customer profile for every customer by observing their online behavior and collecting additional data from call center interactions and brick and mortar store systems.

    Klue is a market and competitive intelligence platform that helps Marketing and Enablement teams collect, curate, and deliver intel to Sales to close more deals.

    Knowledge360® is an enterprise competitive intelligence and knowledge management software that enables smarter and faster decision-making through a revolutionary approach to gathering, organizing and analyzing information. The subscription-based, software-as-a-service platform enables corporate development, marketing, sales, and product development teams to quickly find, view and share insights that inform strategic decisions. Features & Benefits - Customizable Dashboards - Collaboration & Sharing Tools - Knowledge Management with automated tagging - Configurable Alerts & Notifications - Trending & Analytics - Reporting & Exporting Data Collection & Enrichment - Enriched News & Press Releases - Social Media Monitoring - Job Postings and Trends - Premium Financial Data - Glassdoor Profiles - Patents, Adverse Events, & Clinical Trials

    10% bad email addresses in your data prevent you from reaching more than 40% of your customers, reducing the efficiency of your list to 60% at best. Use List Genie to reclaim the full value of your digital marketing campaigns.

    Manzama's Intelligence Platform helps professionals discover and share insights from news, social and other online media sources to strengthen client relationships and drive new business.

    Marketrac provides lenders, title companies and builders with an interactive, robust means to measure competitive market share and volumes by geographic area, transaction and loan type

    A sampling tool that can work alongside interviewing systems with an optional panel management module for online applications.

    Using MightySignal for Business Intelligence, you can spot gaps in the market that no one else can see. Then, you can create high-level strategies to attack those gaps and profit.

    The Mining Intelligence Companies and Properties Data Application offers you a wealth of global mining data at your fingertips. Get access to curated data from thousands of mining companies and their properties. Along with financial, production, and reserves and resources data, the application allows you to identify and/or compare mining companies and properties based on specific aspects that interest you, such as commodity exposure, ownership, geography, or development status of projects.

    It’s where sales and marketing theories play out in practice. Where you can find out what’s really going on at the coalface of consumer choice – in stores, on shelves, in service, on price tags

    MRP Prelytix's features and services support you at every stage of the customer acquisition journey.

    The Onsense market intelligence platform is your one-stop source of market information and insights.

    Nice Insight is a business division of That's Nice LLC that offers marketing intelligence reports to give clients a clear understanding of how their industry perceives their business

    NorthPage offers digital marketing intelligence solutions empowering marketers to grow their digital performance.

    Monitor hundreds and thousands of companies daily, both public and private on business-critical topics.

    Orb Intelligence provides companies with high-quality, reference database of company information that forms the data backbone of a modern B2B data-driven sales and marketing organization. The product includes firmographic data for companies (names, addresses, corporate linkages, industry classification, revenue, number of employees, websites and IP addresses), enabling customers to enrich and manage their sales and marketing data.

    The world needs your opinion! Make a difference today.

    Hemlock automatically aggregates all the stuff your competitors do online and lets you analyze and explore it through a simple, calendar interface.