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Best Lead Capture Software

Lead capture software is used by companies to find new sales opportunities. Since most markets are very competitive, companies must discover new business opportunities ahead of the competition. Lead capture software is used by salespeople to identify new customers by using information gathered from various sources including direct from leads, sales reps, marketing practitioners, or customer support agents.

Capturing new business opportunities is only the first step in the sales process. In addition to lead capture software, companies need to use other lead generation solutions such as lead mining, lead scoring, and lead intelligence, as well as solutions like sales performance management and sales intelligence, to turn opportunities into actual sales.

To qualify for inclusion in the Lead Capture category, a product must :

  • Provide features to create and manage lists of potential customers based on information gathered about them
  • Allow users to capture leads using different types of devices and using multiple sources like email, website, social media, or events
  • Include options to easily export and import lead data to and from various formats like plain text, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Integrate with sales and marketing software solutions to transfer lead data between them
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    Say goodbye to the days of collecting and importing business cards, our lead retrieval software scans and stores all leads electronically. This lets you capture more useful data and still focus on what's important, the interaction.

    Linkgage is a tool that allow users to promote their products, services, anything by adding a branded Call-To-Action to the links they share

    ListJenny™ is a search tool which finds sales leads & prospects for you. Say you need Marketing Managers in Transport from Sydney. Or Software Testers from California. Or HR Managers in Manufacturing from London. Voice Actors in Perth...the choice is yours

    Free Lead Generation & Callback Software Get more inbound sales calls from day one. Call back your customers in 25 seconds and increase conversions on your website. LiveCall enables communication with website users and increases the number of inbound sales calls up to 125%. How does it work? A potential customer sees our widget. He is being asked to enter his phone number on a fully customizable pop-up and when he does that, LiveCall automatically calls your sales manager, dials the customer and connects them to a single line. All this as quick as 25 seconds!

    Get more clients, faster. With Artificial Intelligence, Lydi helps businesses to increase their sales greatly.

    MVF's platform helps ambitious businesses grow by delivering high volumes of new customers.

    End Buying Customer focused Sales and Marketing management for companies who sell through Partner Channels. Enhance your sales process today!

    NurtureBox is a free plugin to convert more of your online visitors into qualified leads through educational content.

    Our browser extension enables you to find personal and professional email leads with the click of a button.

    We know you're part of the dawn patrol - up before everybody else and making it happen.

    Packed with Powerful Easy-to-Use Features that Capture More Leads and Grow Your Sales Conversions

    Opt Intelligence is a lead generation tool enabling businesses to capture leads through their posts in Facebook.

    OutboundWorks offers an account-centric sales development solution.

    Overtok is a multi-channel visual communication platform drives high quality leads and unique experience. Overtok changes the outdated process of making calls from digital assets and allows SMB to use in-site video calls, messaging and voice calls with online users on any web page, social page or app.

    The Pivian Resource Center is search engine and mobile optimized "out-of-the-box" and customizable: Use your own branding and domain, integrate it into your website and get started in minutes! The Pivian Marketing Cloud – consisting of the Pivian Resource Center, Pivian Lead Database and Pivian Marketing Analytics – will push your inbound content marketing and Marketing ROI a bit further.

    Predictive was built in partnership with salesforce and is specifically tailored to work well with salesforce Campaigns and Engagement Activities to get the results you need in a competitive environment

    Qwardo is an intelligent customer engagement and personalization platform that empowers marketers to capture higher quality leads and drive revenue.

    Retainly is a marketing automation software designed to help internet businesses, SaaS products, media publishers to convert more leads and retain customers using email, SMS, push and in-app messaging.

    Rocketism specializes in offering sales development support.

    SalesStream is one of the best Lead Generation service provider. That provides companies with an accurate, efficient and simplest way to build lists of prospects based on need.

    Salezeo is a lead generation solution designed to identify unknown web visitors.

    SeniorVu is a integrated marketing and lead-generation platform designed for senior communities in search of future residents.

    SimpleLeadCapture is a lead capture page publishing platform.

    Add call-to-action on any content you share.

    snapADDY is an intelligent contact data assistant for sales, marketing & recruitment staff. Instantly capture leads & contact data and export them to your crm!

    TSL Ping Tree is a hosted platform for real-time online lead generation professionals who operate many-supplier and/or many-buyer lead exchanges.

    Untorch is a fully automated referral program for email sign ups.

    UpSellits robust reporting engine provides marketers with all of the metrics they need to evaluate performance, analyze visitor behavior and optimize marketing efforts for maximum impact across every channel

    Validar vCapture Product Matrix includes Lead Capture, Lead Manager, Lead Import for AppExchange, helping to improve close rate and lower costs per qualified lead.

    Vendisys delivers sales lead solutions powered by artificial intelligence and designed to help marketing and sales teams meet their lead gen goals.

    Visiblee identifies anonymous website visitors and provides high quality leads for B2B companies. The Visiblee proprietary technology gathers information about website visitors by identifying IP-addresses, cookies, and metadata via a script installed on the website. Additional relevant business information is gathered in real-time by powerful search engines from external web sources and databases. Taking into account our clients’ specific target market and customer behavior the leads are scored by our machine learning algorithms.Thus the sales pipeline is immediately fed with multiple high quality and scored leads. The additional information gathered really makes a difference and turns anonymous visitors into actionable leads. Each lead is automatically integrated into an email nurturing program, which guarantees the visibility of the customer’s brand and reinforces the ROI.

    Welcome Mat is a Wordpress plugin for lead capture.

    Our app will show a fortune wheel to your visitors miliseconds before leaving your website, engaging them to spin the wheel & get a discount to buy your products

    Beautiful Widgets to Engage and Convert your Visitors

    Youreka is a Salesforce-Native forms application that is perfect for field sales visits, inspections, surveys, and assessments. Youreka enables data capture of all types and help reps make better decisions while in the field and offline. Youreka forms for data capture are easy to create! Sales - Youreka forms pre-fill with relevant Salesforce data and tell field sales reps in real time the next best actions to take while they’re on site. Youreka enhances how field sales reps cold call, do data collection, qualify leads, and sell. Salesforce Communities & Web Forms (Web-to-Anything) - Your customers, applicants, and partners deserve smart surveys, assessments, and forms too! Host forms on your website or send a form directly to your external Salesforce contacts or community. Customer & Field Service Management – Youreka forms simplify data collection for your customer service reps when they’re in the field and offline. It guides reps through service inspections, surveys, and assessments to help them make better decisions.

    Zembula enables marketers to create and embed interactive experiences that are optimized for conversion.

    ZOE is a full life-cycle Enterprise Lead Engagement software robot.

    Zoom Analytics' conversion optimization platform converts visitors while still in the website using smart on-site targeted campaigns.