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Best Lead Capture Software

Lead capture software is used by companies to find new sales opportunities. Since most markets are very competitive, companies must discover new business opportunities ahead of the competition. Lead capture software is used by salespeople to identify new customers by using information gathered from various sources including direct from leads, sales reps, marketing practitioners, or customer support agents.

Capturing new business opportunities is only the first step in the sales process. In addition to lead capture software, companies need to use other lead generation solutions such as lead mining, lead scoring, and lead intelligence, as well as solutions like sales performance management and sales intelligence, to turn opportunities into actual sales.

To qualify for inclusion in the Lead Capture category, a product must :

  • Provide features to create and manage lists of potential customers based on information gathered about them
  • Allow users to capture leads using different types of devices and using multiple sources like email, website, social media, or events
  • Include options to easily export and import lead data to and from various formats like plain text, spreadsheets, etc.
  • Integrate with sales and marketing software solutions to transfer lead data between them
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    MailOptin is a lead generation, customer acquisition and email automation solution for WordPress sites. MailOptin converts your website visitors into email subscribers and customers, nurture and engage them with beautifully designed automated event triggered emails.

    ManyContacts is an attention-grabbing contact form sitting on top of your website that converts visitors into leads.

    Easily create signup forms for your site or social media. Customize our built-in database to segment and organize recipients.

    Personizely is a conversion marketing toolkit used to make the most of every website visitor by collecting their contact info, increasing average order value and boosting sales with targeted popups. It makes it simple to create the high-converting popup with its easy to use builder which gives you the full freedom of design. Whereas using website personalization tool you can easily edit your website according to visitor's activity history, referral source, geolocation, device, cart value, order history and many more splitting the website into variations with its visual on-site editor.

    TrackMyLeads is a call tracking & client intake management application that allows business owners to track and measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns, provides an optimized process to handle incoming phone call and web form submission leads, and reports back on key performance metrics such as Cost Per Lead (CPL) and Client Acquisition Cost (CAC).

    40Nuggets is a solution converts the abandoning website traffic into leads.

    Adenzo is a B2B business development and lead generation solution.

    Creating appealing & converting popups is no easy job, but with Adoric it is. You can easily detect your audience's behavior and achieve more conversions. - Show the right message at the right time Adoric algorithm enables you to show specific messages based on your users' behavior. - Personalize messages to your audience Adoric’s algorithm enables you to show specific messages based on your user's persona. Our technology offers tons of options to personalize your messages to your visitors. - Design has never been this easy! Our app will amaze you. Adoric’s editor enables you to drag and drop images, add and edit elements to create beautiful messages. - Connect to your email provider with a click! Get out of the box and into your mailing list. Experience the simplicity of integrating your new leads with your email provider. - Get important stats that actually matter. Adoric’s advanced technology provides optimized reports, real-time analytics and tools to track your campaign goals. Free sign-up today | start with our freemuiem plan!

    AgencyLeadsPro is the leading platform for digital agencies to find hot leads.

    BetterContactForm provides a solution to companies for building contact forms on the web or mobile site.

    BeTyphon is a lead management software that helps users to increase ROI by enhancing the employee's performance and workflow.

    Bullseye’s Lead Manager is a cloud-based lead capture and routing mechanism that allows brands and manufacturers to get inquiries and requests quickly into the hands of the individual dealer, location, or distributor for faster follow-up and higher sales conversion.

    CANDDi increases sales, inbound leads & conversion rates with no additional work. Unify sales, marketing and customer activity data improving efficiency and making everyones job easier.

    ContactOffice allows users to manage their data from any computer. Messaging, documents, and a calendar are all features that users can access from anywhere with an internet connection.

    Contactzilla has been built around customers needs to have secure and reliable syncing around their contacts.

    Combines our powerful social marketing platform with your earned, own and paid channels to get awesome leads from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

    DemandVue is a demand generation analytics tool that helps SaaS companies plan, visualize & benchmark their demand generation pipeline.

    eMaximation's lead management and marketing automation software allows companies to grow their business by easily capturing, contacting, qualifying, and converting more leads into sales.

    Efficient lead management is one of the indispensable elements of every winning sales strategy., a San Diego based Lead Management Software company, is helping businesses grow and manage .

    With Equifax B2B Marketing Lists, you get access to current, relevant market-leading business information, advanced analytics and proprietary technology to help you identify, reach and connect with your target audience, boost your marketing qualified leads and ultimately generate a higher marketing ROI.

    The main lead processing engine, capturing every single lead from the point of receipt and managing it through to conversion. Core comes with powerful built-in workflows, routing options, agent management and 2-way communication tools.

    Lead Liaison's event lead management solution, GoExhibit!™, allows users to design custom forms, instantly provision mobile devices, quickly capture leads onsite using a mobile app, and then immediately segment, distribute, export, follow up with, and/or nurture leads without missing a beat.

    Easy-to-use app for non-sales staff: share sales leads with your sales team and get paid for it.

    Groovejar helps entrepreneurs increase revenue, email sign ups, and sales online. You'll have access to a wide range of website optimization widgets and pop ups that will help turn visitors into customers.

    HelloLeads is a lead capture, lead tracking and lead management solution for sales and marketing teams.

    Inforama provides document automation, creation, and collaboration tools. Web forms can be developed to communicate with customers and other parties. Inforama provides a cloud environment which integrates easily to other platforms.

    Instant mobile marketing and now display advertising (via acquisition of 4Mads) for SMBs. Display drives traffic, mobile optimized site increases conversions. Full featured, simple to use. Mobile websites and landing pages, SMS suite, QR Codes, keywords...

    IVR Guru Lead Management is a web based solution with features such as lead identification and reporting.

    Juvo Leads is a full-service lead platform combining hosted chat, call tracking, & form tracking into one easy to use reporting platform.

    Kompass is a B2B marketing data provider that offer an online digital directory.

    KONTAKTIFY collects all the contact info in a pretty widget easy to find, yet unobtrusive.

    Generate High Quality Leads by Tracking Your Anonymous Website Visitors LeadBase provides a completely new way for you to generate more high quality leads by discovering, tracking and converting your anonymous website visitors.The Demand Cloud monitors the over-the-funnel activity by your suspects and prospects who could buy your service and provides you opportunities to convert them. The net result is to increase high quality leads and increasing return on investment on your inbound website traffic. Visit for more information.

    Empowering advertisers, media buyers & data owners to collect, validate & distribute leads in real time.

    Over 1 billion leads processed for the world’s biggest brands

    Enabling B2B Marketers to manage Marketing Data effectively to deliver meaningful engagements with Prospects and Customers

    Leadformly provides conversion optimizedlead capture forms for marketers.

    Lead iD offers ad serving and data management solutions to generate revenue from registration based traffic. is a lead management and campaign optimization system that provides a solution under one roof.

    LeadMaximizer is a channel management software that provides a centralized system for lead conversion across sales and marketing channels.

    Leadmesh is a software that simplifies the most complex lead and call distribution requirements for every type of company dealing with any type of lead acceptance, routing, sales and distribution.

    LeadPath is engineered to get you the most out of every single lead, from customizable forms that allow you to capture all the information you need, to tracking features that let you monitor exactly where an inbound lead travels within your system.

    Leadpipe is an automated lead generation solution that helps you produce more high-quality sales leads and get more deal closure with less manual effort. Automated lead generation reduces the busy work so that you can focus on the quality and creativity of your messaging and offers. With Leadpipe you can: - Track leads and companies in one handy place; - Get insights of contextual personalized interaction with leads; - Receive up-to-date alerts and sales triggers; - Provide real-time monitoring; - Automatically track changes from over the 100+ sources. Service is highly customizable and can send all information to the: CRM, marketing automation tool or just as a CSV file. This automated software will make personalization and account-based marketing much easier. Thus, by adopting Leadpipe solution into your business, you will gain more interest, more leads, and more revenue.

    LeaDroid gathers sales leads from your Google Analytics data, pairs companies that visited with behavioral insights, fetches detailed company information from a wide variety of different sources (LinkedIn, Bing, IBM Watson etc.) and sends you a fresh batch of leads every day.

    Lead Vikings is an experienced team of specialists, who deliver made-to-measure sales campaigns.