Best Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) for CSPs Software

Integrated revenue and customer management (IRCM) solutions provides a framework for communication service providers (CSPs) to optimize and better their billing and customer management processes.

To qualify for inclusion in the IRCM for CSPs category, a product must:

  • Track and manage customer-facing processes
  • Optimize existing customer lifecycle management processes
  • Analyze financial and overall business performance
  • Target CSPs specifically

Compare Integrated Revenue and Customer Management (IRCM) for CSPs Software

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    Nokia Cognitive Analytics for Crowd Insight provides data on where people come from, how long they stay, and where they are going next. Combined with information on other socioeconomic behavior, this dynamic, real-world data brings great value to real estate, retail, transportation, finance, marketing, and travel and tourism organizations.

    Gain a deeper understanding of your customers, predict and proactively meet their needs, to build trust and lifetime loyalty, and provide differentiated, and personalized customer experiences (CX) with our integrated customer relationship management (CRM) cloud software.

    The brands that stir passion deliver flawless, digital interactions with almost no friction between their customers and the services that they crave.

    Data Refinery (formerly Comptel Data Refinery) plays an important role in supporting the digital customer journey. It provides a layer of intelligent fast data to enable real-time decisions and actions. The software has the capacity to capture and process vast amounts of raw data in-stream.

    It offers an unrivalled combination of out-of-the box features with a high level of configurability. In keeping with the philosophy of Ericsson’s entire BSS portfolio its open state-of-the-art architecture is highly business adaptive, enabling stepwise modular upgrades in line with changes to the business environment.

    Fuel disruptive innovation, brand differentiation, and business transformation with service, industry, and business model agnostic convergent charging and revenue management designed for the connected digital world.

    Policy Manager is a standards compliant next generation network policy management product that enables service providers to dynamically control network resources with real-time policies based on service, subscriber, or usage context

    SurePay enables real-time rating and charging for any network and service type. With SurePay, fixed, mobile, and converged carriers can simultaneously offer prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid real-time charging for data, digital, commerce, cloud and IoT services. SurePay supports any tariff plan for consumer and enterprise customers, and enables service providers to implement new business models.

    ABS 100 provides a low cost high performance billing and CDR processing system that rates departmental, agent/reseller, carrier, wholesale, and retail CDRs.

    Billing and revenue management operations that provides revenue assurance can be a strategic enabler for communications service providers (CSPs) competing in the digital ecosystem. Billing can also be a make or break experience for consumers and enterprises, who will switch providers if unsatisfied.

    Amdocs CES 10.1 empowers you to capture the needs of today's digital customers while embracing disruptive change. Our new solutions provide best-in-breed technologies that accelerate digital transformation with intelligent engagements to enable you to sell offerings on demand.

    AMI Strategies is a telecom expense management software that integrates contracts, assets, licenses, orders, invoices, and people, helping global organizations to audit and manage invoices throughout the entire lifecycle.

    Amtel TEM Solution is a telecom expense management software that helps to manage invoices and inventory, automate procurement, track assets and usage, manage contracts and service plans, and monitor operations using dashboards and reports.

    The Digital Economy is here. And it's here to stay. Participation is no longer an option. Organizations must position their digital services programs with a spectrum of services for monetization opportunities, while having the flexibility and elasticity to keep up with a market that rapidly continues to grow and define itself.

    Basis2 is a utility billing software suite of billing and customer information systems for cities and the regulated and deregulated utilities industry.

    BillGenie is a telecom expense management software that keeps track of billing and detects errors in invoices, manages contracts, and reduces paper flow.

    Billmonitor is a telecom expense management software that helps companies to find big savings on their mobile phone bills.

    BillView is a telecom expense management software that enables large organizations to manage all aspects of their telecommunications inventory, usage, and expenditure.

    Cerillion Enterprise BSS/OSS Suite is a pre-integrated end-to-end CRM and billing solution for mobile, fixed, cable and multi-service communications providers.

    Comarch Convergent Billing System is a key module within the Comarch BSS suite, pre-integrated with other modules such as the Comarch Product Catalog and Comarch BSS Mediation. Comarch CBS allows real-time charging for any service type, and facilitates the development of new business models in cooperation with partners, a key element in expanding business in the digital world. Comarch Convergent Billing System is a high capacity, flexible and scalable service-agnostic telecom billing data manage

    With iCommVergence, you can effectively provide billing for all of today's current telecommunications services and stay prepared for tomorrow's challenges. This automated solution can help you send bills out on time, typically requiring less resources and time than you spend today.

    Huawei's Convergent Billing Solution (CBS) Release 5 has been updated based on the latest industry know-how and our own best practices. It retains the functionality of its predecessor while rebuilding the system architecture for greater flexibility and intelligence. Its new features will help operators deal with changing end-user behavior in a dynamic business environment.

    The CostGuard B/OSS helps address the key functional areas surrounding Customer Acquisition and Retention, as well as managing the fundamental operational elements that help you manage profitability.

    Integrated Platform to Maximize Benefits from the Right Billing Solution

    CrossPoint is a retail billing product which is designed to be incredibly flexible giving multiple ways to apply charges to customer accounts.

    CustomCall's billing solution is provided as a turnkey, hosted product for CSPs, providing front-end order entry and account management, to back-end bill processing, invoice production and statement delivery. Clients use CustomCall's proprietary front-end applications to enter and manage customer information that includes phone numbers and enhanced services to which the customer's end user has subscribed.

    HUAWEI SmartCare customer experience analytics solution offers Per Service Per User (PSPU) data analysis capabilities on the basis of correlating the data of the Business Support System (BSS) and the Operations Support System (OSS) in the telecom network. Based on the practice of customer lifecycle management, HUAWEI SmartCare helps to identify and rectify problems in operators' network and service processes, improve customer satisfaction and Network NPS, reduce churn, and discover new business

    Dial-Gate VoIP Billing Solution is a web-administered, RADIUS-based VoIP billing platform designed specifically for VoIP service providers. It provides authentication, authorization and accounting services to RADIUS clients that process prepaid and postpaid transactions. Its embedded CDR services allow full-featured management reporting and real time monitoring of calls.

    TeleFactura is the definitive convergent Telecom CDR billing software system with Radius, Xero and Sage integrations. The modern and intuitive solution can be used for voice, VoIP, mobile MVNO, data and ISP billing, call accounting and rating, data mediation, provisioning, account reconciliation, Telecoms auditing and as Radius AAA server.

    Charging and Billing in One is Ericsson's market leading, product catalog enabled, convergent charging and billing solution. It has evolved to meet operators increasing demand for end-to-end "best-in-suite" solutions that combine powerful business performance with cost efficient operations, management and deployment

    Ericsson Charging System is a modular, scalable, open, single convergent Online Charging System (OCS) using industry standards and protocols.

    EZBILL CLOUD offers you all the features and functions of an in-house system without the cost and headaches of hardware, software, and additional personnel.

    Scalable, customized billing & customer care system for entry-level or niche operators is billing software for online service providers.

    I-CONN is a wholesale and interconnection billing platform for mobile, fixed and internet service providers.

    Infonova Digital Business Platform is a cloud-based digital platform designed to help you drive new revenue by co-inventing and co-innovating within a partner ecosystem. It allows you to easily and dynamically exchange, combine and monetize new ideas and introduce new digital offerings at speed.

    Prepaid and post-paid Billing, partner management, policy control, convergent charging & so much more

    Pre-integrated Policy Control and Charging System

    MATRIXX Digital Commerce Rapid design of digital service propositions, on-demand customer engagement, agile delivery of traditional and digital services, flexible real-time service charging and monetization.

    MINDBill Essentials is an end-to-end, ready for deployment billing and customer care solution for mobile telecommunication service providers. It is seamlessly pre-integrated with most of the leading market vendors and allows service providers to offer convergent service for 3G wireless networks, wireline, broadband and LTE networks. The system supports prepaid and postpaid payment methods and targets residential and business customers.

    The MobiLytix Suite is a big data-driven mobile analytics solution that generates actionable customer insights. It aggregates subscriber usage data across multiple touch points, enabling deeper and superior customer experience while improving revenue growth of telecom operators. The offering is a comprehensive business proposition addressing the business needs of service providers. Its backbone is an analytical engine aimed at understanding the various events across a customer's life-cycle and h

    Nexign BSS is an end-to-end platform, providing an optimal solution for operators looking to address the challenges of the digital economy, where business model transformation, revenue stream diversification, and optimal price performance will all play an important role.

    Openet Evolved Charging is a convergent charging solution designed to meet the demanding requirements for operators migrating to Evolved Packet Core (EPC), LTE & IMS Charging architectures

    Optiva Revenue Management Suite is a pre-integrated solution that goes beyond traditional billing. Available on-premise or in the cloud, quickly deploy real-time billing, charging, and powerful business intelligence, with features that enable rapid rating and pricing, any-play offerings, storefront provisioning, and cross-service promotions, so you can deliver a more advanced and personalized user experience, at the lowest TCO in the industry.

    Oracle CX Cloud helps telecommunications companies launch innovative new services quickly and redefine customer experience for the digital age

    RevenueManager is a utility billing software that optimizes the customer care and billing processes in competitive energy markets. It provides a complete "straight-through-processing" transaction management platform that automates customer acquisition and care, customer switching, pricing, contract execution, billing, and complex billing.

    ROUTEE is a unified communications software that provides web and API communication as a service solution, so as to expand and simplify communication capabilities between people, applications, corporations, and machines.

    RVS Mosaics is a utility billing software that was designed to aid the bookkeepers, operators, managers, and auditors of small municipalities and utilities.

    SafeChoice Utility Billing is a utility billing software that provides audit, accounting, rate studies, financing, budgeting, and other financial services to water systems and municipalities.

    Singleview Convergent Rating & Billing provides flexible, scalable and robust rating, discounting and billing. Revenue can be generated from any kind of service, whatever subscription or pricing model is applied. From bundling to revenue share, Singleview covers every imaginable option, so you know that your needs will be met.

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