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Incident response software automates the process of and/or provides users with the tools necessary to find and resolve security breaches. Companies utilize the tools to monitor networks, infrastructure, and endpoints for intrusions and abnormal activity. They then use the programs to inspect and resolve intrusions and malware in the system. These products provide capabilities to resolve issues that arise after threats have bypassed firewalls and other security mechanisms. They alert administrators of unapproved access of applications and networks. They also have the ability to detect a variety of malware variants. Many tools automate the process of remedying these issues, but others guide users through known resolution processes.

Many incident response solutions function similarly to security information and event management (SIEM) software, but SIEM products provide a larger scope of security and IT management features.

To qualify for inclusion in the Incident Response category, a product must:

  • Monitor for anomalies within an IT system
  • Alert users of abnormal activity and detected malware
  • Automate or guide users through remediation process
  • Store incident data for analytics and reporting
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    Our Content Threat Removal Platform is the world's first cyber security solution that mitigates the risk of stegware attacks that hide from detection using steganography techniques.

    Evanios provides end-to-end visibility and actionable intelligence for dynamic IT environments. Utilizing preconfigured logic, machine learning algorithms, and ITSM contextual data, it automatically reduces alert noise, prioritizes events, identifies root cause and predicts outages before they occur.

    Malware Analysis (AX series) products provide a secure environment to test, replay, characterize, and document advanced malicious activities. Malware Analysis shows the cyber attack lifecycle, from the initial exploit and malware execution path to callback destinations and follow-on binary download attempts.

    FireEye Network Security (NX) solutions protect against known and unknown advanced attacks with the signature-less Multi-Vector Virtual Execution (MVX) engine, conventional intrusion prevention system (IPS) and intelligence-driven detection.

    Security orchestration and automation helps you improve response times, reduce risk exposure and maintain process consistency across your security program. Being able to simplify your security operations means being able to prioritize alerts, improve staff efficiencies and decrease response times.

    Enterprise-grade protection to secure networks, emails and endpoints for growing mid-market organizations.

    Endpoint Detection & Response solution based on artificial intelligence

    DFLabs' Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform, IncMan SOAR, is designed for SOCs, CSIRTs and MSSPs to automate, orchestrate and measure security operations and incident response processes and tasks, all from within one single, intuitive platform. By integrating security tools, fusing intelligence, sharing knowledge and implementing seamless workflows, IncMan SOAR enables every security incident to be detected, responded to, and remediated in the fastest possible time frame. DFLabs IncMan SOAR is the only Security Orchestration, Automation and Response (SOAR) platform capable of full incident lifecycle automation, that includes built-in, automated threat intelligence gathering, risk assessment, triage and notification, context enrichment, hunting and investigating, threat containment and more. This feature rich, unique and scalable SOAR platform provides context to security incidents, automates actions, orchestrates response to activities, while enabling full reporting and measurement functionality across all stakeholders. DFLabs covers the entire spectrum of security orchestration, automation and response components as outlined by Gartner, with a unique combination of features and capabilities, driven through continuous improvement and innovation. IncMan SOAR is the only platform to offer full incident response lifecycle management with machine learning and threat hunting. Acting as a force multiplier, it enables security teams to do more with less, empowering security analysts, while ensuring organizations stay one step ahead of any potential threat. Automate. Orchestrate. Measure. IncMan SOAR provides three critical functions as an enabler to your security program. Automation and orchestration which in turn enables response, as well as measurement. Automate Augment analysts by automating common, repetitive and menial tasks driven by machine learning for faster response to all alerts. Orchestrate Establish repeatable, enforceable, measurable and effective incident response workflows, orchestrating your security tool set into one seamless response process. Measure Measure, benchmark and optimize security operations and incident response activities and performance from one intuitive and collaborative platform. Seamlessly Integrate and Orchestrate Your Tools Together as One. Improve efficiencies by enabling your security analysts to access and manage all tools, technologies and processes from one intuitive platform. IncMan SOAR supports hundreds of 3rd party security technologies via QIC, API, CEF, Syslog and Email, with a constantly growing list of certified bidirectional integrations and Open Integration Framework for custom integrations. Dramatically reduce the mean time to detection, response and remediation of all potential security incidents, ensuring no alert goes untouched. See IncMan SOAR in Action. DFLabs has recently launched IncMan SOAR Community Edition IncMan CE IncMan SOAR Community Edition (IncMan CE) is a free version of our award-winning SOAR platform that allows organizations to test and experience the benefits of automated incident response. Get started with IncMan CE today!

    Orchestration and automation to accelerate your teams and tools

    IR-Flow synchronizes teams, tools, and playbook in a virtual soc.

    Provides an end-to-end Application Security platform to bring you objective data so you can make informed decisions regarding the security, risk, cost, activity, quality, maintainability, efficiency and dependencies of your applications.

    Lastline Analyst provides your threat analysts and incident response teams with the advanced malware inspection and isolation environment they need to safely execute advanced malware samples and understand their behavior.

    Automatically learns from human analysts and automates detection and response, never having analysts repeat the same investigations ever again.

    Proactively hunt and defeat unknown threats and decrease the impact of security incidents.

    NC4 integrates technology and resources around all-hazards information collection and analysis into its proactive risk management application, NC4 Risk Center. NC4 Risk Center enhances member's capabilities in monitoring, analyzing, and responding to risks that pose a threat to their organization.

    Neustar SiteProtect NG cloud is the optimal choice for attacks too big for on-premises hardware to manage..Neustar SiteProtect NG offers flexible solutions so you can stay connected, reduce the threat of theft, and protect your bottom line.

    Phantom is a community-powered security automation and orchestration platform.

    ProcessUnity's cloud-based solutions help organizations of all sizes automate their risk and compliance programs.

    Incident Management by Resolver is an end-to-end, total solution for responding to, reporting on, and investigating incidents. It’s an invaluable knowledge base that will help you understand what’s happening and why, so that you can manage resources, minimize impact, and prevent incidents. From healthcare to manufacturing — from a single site to a multinational — and from corporate security to brand protection, Resolver is a proven incident management solution.

    Resolver IT Risk Management enables an integrated top-down and bottom-up approach to IT security risk management.

    SafePoint is an electronic inci__d__ent reporting system. it allows for access by all staff on site. The system provides users with pre-set pathway incident report selections, and explanatio_ns regarding who, what, when, where, why, and how the incident occurred.

    Accelerite Sentient is an endpoint detection and response tool that pulls together real-time information from enterprise endpoints, and enables security and IT staff to identify critical security threats and vulnerabilities in their endpoints within seconds

    TelAlert is a product of OnSolve that uses advanced, automated notification technology to simplify the administration of network management, help desk and financial processing systems by automatically launching IT alerts to key personnel. With TelAlert, a notification is triggered whenever an event like an escalated help desk ticket or a hardware failure requires action, helping to quickly resolve problems and reducing the risk of missing critical issues.

    The Respond Analyst is security decision automation software that performs just like an expert cyber security analyst but at machine speed -- making escalations decisions by analyzing streaming security data. The Respond Analyst processes millions of alerts, in real-time, and escalates detailed, vetted security situations for security teams to respond to and defend against.

    Tines allows security teams automate any workflow regardless of complexity. It works by receiving or fetching alerts from external systems. Tines can perform an unlimited number of steps including log and threat intelligence searches to reliably determine if the alert warrants action.

    TrueSight Vulnerability Management helps security and IT operations teams prioritize and remediate risks based on potential impact to the business.

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