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Idea management software, also called innovation management software, structures the process of gathering insights on products and then organizing and managing those ideas for improvement or development. Feedback can be solicited from employees, stakeholders, customers, or multiple groups with the aim of improving a product or brainstorming.

Idea management software is a step up from the traditional office suggestion box. It enables companies of all sizes to continuously innovate and grow by deliberately leading the ideation process. Idea management software facilitates the full transparency of a company, as anyone who has access to the database can track ideas from inception to implementation. Ideas are collected from all areas of the organization, beyond specialized departments such as R&D, product management, and marketing. These products can integrate with enterprise feedback management software to allow users to manage both internally and externally sourced recommendations.

To qualify for inclusion in the Idea Management category, a product must:

  • Engage customers, employees, stockbrokers, etc., via web-based applications and forms
  • Gather solicited ideas and feedback onto a central database
  • Allow for collaboration, edits, and input on collected feedback
  • Have an organized search functionality within the database to select and reject ideas
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    Is your innovation programme ready for a decisive upgrade? Adaptable to your processes, Exago Smart was built for inclusive collaboration and to make innovation grow in large enterprises. Idea management is facilitated and you get sharper results with a patented, smart crowd-selection mechanism, based on prediction markets. Leading medium to large companies across sectors and geographies trust Exago, including Fortune 500 and Forbes’ most innovative companies.

    eZassi Open Innovation is a software that expands the reach of ideation initiatives while protecting the intellectual property rights of the organization, it includes controlled idea capture for both external and internally generated ideas and challenges, provides automated idea assessment and customized workflows that populate a searchable idea repository.

    Get from an Abstract Thought to an Execution. is a tool that allows you to capture your abstract thoughts, break it down to bite sized next steps, collaborate, brainstorm and start executing.

    GetRoadmaps provides tools to create Product Roadmaps quickly and easily and allowing users and visitors to leave a feedback.

    Haydle is an enterprise Q&A system that captures your company's tribal knowledge, and gets you a better answer faster.

    Headstarter is a modern and intuitive idea sharing cloud platform for getting many small (and bigger) ideas implemented.

    Hey,listen! is an app that lets you collect ideas and feedback from your customers, colleagues, and pretty much anyone else. Users can like and comment on the ideas so you can see which features the majority of your clients want!

    Hunchbuzz is a cloud based Idea Management software that enables the generation, collection and development of feedback, ideas and suggestions as part of the overall organisational development strategy.

    HYPE GO! provides innovation management software for Open Innovation, Ideation, Idea Management, New Product Development and Invention Disclosures.

    ID8 is achallenge-driven' idea management system. Ideation results in ideas are of better quality when they are focussed on solving a particular challenge.

    With everything contained in IdeaBridge, we are able to leverage IdeaBridge's functionalty to increase the quality of our ideas across the company, make sure they are consistent and also see where we are being efficient

    Ideacomb is a software that collect ideas from internal and external sources, involve customers, partners and others in the product development process, foster innovation culture, enable Idea Pipeline Management, measure Key Metrics for Open Innovation initiative enerate enthusiasm in employees towards driving the solution

    Crowdsource, curate and implement the best ideas from across your teams to grow your business faster. Forget complex spreadsheets, dated intranets and long-winded annual surveys. Give your team a beautiful, lightweight idea management experience that they'll love.

    Ideafactory is a tool that produces a real-time online result report that is automatically ready for use to show idea-specific evaluations and answers to other questions.

    IdeaFox provides a digital platform for teams and organizations to share knowledge and manage ideation and innovation processes in a simple and flexible way.

    IdeaGlow is an Idea Management Software that Capture, Track and Manage Ideas & Suggestions of employees.

    Corso Innovation Management software helps you capture your organization's best ideas and develop them into valuable new innovations and solutions.

    IdeaJam is an idea and innovation management software that conduct effective idea collection and management, it has a control panel that can be turned on or off to allows user to use only the features needed.

    IdeaLinker is a North American based technology and consulting company that focuses on the Enterprise Innovation Lifecycle Management.

    ideas4all Innovation Agora is a suite that offers the most complete and flexible solution to manage innovation with different internal and external actors, in any sector, it incorporates unsolicited ideas to its idea generation processes, while monitoring ROI through project managers.

    The Ideasbank platform facilitates enterprise wide collaboration. When combined with a customized innovation strategy and process, Ideasbank forms a complete innovation solution that will enable your organisation to leverage the combined thinking power of your entire staff.

    The best software in the world for optioneering, evaluation of alternatives, value engineering and prioritisation.

    Ideas Engine is a software for large groups that generate, prioritize and refine ideas and integrates with Social Networks and Intranets.

    IdeasMine - The Power of Collaborative Ideas. Powerful Ideas and Innovation Management Software.

    ideation360 is a platform which facilitates the collection of ideas from a group of stakeholders. Campaigns can be developed and sent out to users to gain survey responses or ideas.

    ideocial is an exciting new platform combining innovation with enterprise social media. It's crowdfunding platform seamlessly integrates with your existing enterprise social media platform.

    id-Force is software for industrial, trading and service companies of all sizes as well as for institutions in the public sector that would like to give new impetus to their company suggestion scheme or continuous improvement process, supports the entire idea management process from the submission of an idea through to its implementation and its defined sequence structure simplifies process-optimized work.

    IDhall SC is a software solution for Web and multilingual kind that meets three basic needs to sustain a process of innovation and progress, capture all opportunities for progress , whether small ideas or major strategic projects, exchange, prioritize and decide actions to be implemented and follow in real time the progress of the process.

    iEnabler is a company that specializes in helping organizations of all sizes to grow and transform by offering new possibilities and navigating business complexities in novel ways.

    Ikabo is a technology incubator that works on helping organisations drive innovation and positive change.

    Incubatize is a software that help companies improve their workforce engagement, business goal alignment and building a people led innovation culture.

    Crowdsource smart ideas from smart people

    nduct's Innovation Management Methodology

    InnoEngines is a web-based innovation platform to grow and manage your company's innovation pipeline, reduce costs and speed time to market.

    Innofication provides a platform that offers a wide range of opportunities to stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship within organization where the customer has an important role to generate ideas into marketable propositions.

    Connect people and knowledge inside and outside your company. Accelerate the development of innovative products and services. Make your organization more digital and successful.

    An Idea Management tool, helps to create a culture of innovation and helps business thrive.

    InnovationCast is designed to support your company's engagement in innovation from beginning to end.

    Employees are able to access the Innovation Station application on any company computer smartphone or personal device.

    The INX InNovate is a collaborative, systematic solution designed to simplify the management of change process, foster innovation and mitigate organisational risk.

    ITONICS Ideation is an online platform that combines idea generation, expansion, rating, aggregation and collaborative selection in medium and large-sized companies, it supports classic stage-gate processes, idea competitions, ideation workshops and close and open innovation approaches and can be customized according to specific requirements.

    Kiply seamlessly integrates technology, ideas and methodology to help you learn how to improve your professional and personal life.

    Launchboard collects customer conversations & research and automatically extracts actionable insights about customers needs and problems. LaunchBoard identifies high value pain points from sales opportunities and conversations with existing customers - accounting for frequency, MRR, trends and more.

    Mazzum for SharePoint is an Ideation or Idea Management Solution for SharePoint Online, Office 365. It was never easier to run Idea management

    MENT is a decision making platform for teams in an agile world. Teams use MENT to collaborate on business questions to reach credible, actionable decisions. MENT applies AI on collaborative, moderated discussions to reach credible decisions at speed.

    ThanksBox is a platform with communication tools that allows employees to provide feedback and insights. Surveys and idea sharing can also be sent out through the suite. Users can view engagement analytics and gain valuable information.

    Niice is a canvas for creative discussion: a feedback tool that's easier than email, and a smart, shared visual library for your team.

    Nosco is a social platform for ideas that allow user to create and share ideas, post comments and vote for ideas, user can follow ideas, people and campaigns and get updates in personal activity feed.

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