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A geographic information system (GIS) lets users visualize, question, analyze, and interpret geographical data to help them understand and problem-solve relationships, patterns, and trends. Companies use GIS to manage geographical data in order to improve operations in many geoscience industries as well as land-centric enterprises (e.g. sales territory management, field service dispatching, asset maintenance, transportation or construction). GIS collects, incorporates and manipulates attribute data from maps to a business’ reporting systems to analyze and assess real-world problems. GIS data usually displays different kinds of data on one map, to facilitate deep analysis and efficiently use as much data as possible. GIS software usually focuses on gathering, analyzing, and displaying geographical data to manage business operations. GIS can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud. Typical implementations can result in a savings in operational expenses. GIS often integrates with CAD, BIM, and other drafting and design software, to enhance its analytics capabilities.

To qualify for inclusion in the Geographic Information System (GIS) category, a product must:

  • Store, organize, edit, and analyze geographical data
  • Include visualization capabilities to display geographical information
  • Either have GIS capability or utilize a GIS platform in its solution
  • Align and/or manipulate data from maps and sources.
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    SuperGIS Desktop 3 is the Desktop GIS software of SuperGIS 3 series products. The abundant GIS tools provided with SuperGIS Desktop offer GIS experts a GIS professional platform for geoprocessing and displaying, editing, managing, querying and analyzing geographic data even faster and more easily.

    SuperMap stands in a position of self-innovation, combining three major technology systems, and develops a full series of GIS platform products.

    Tango is a single SaaS-based solution for Predictive Analytics, GIS and Store Development Execution that delivers one version of the truth across the entire real estate strategy and development lifecycle it avoids the unnecessary complexity, risks and costs of a multiple point solution environment.

    We provide a unique web-based platform for geographic network analysis, data, visualisation and route-planning.

    Take the complexity out of geospatial software development with a toolkit that offers you a scalable, stable, foundation for building applications that leverage spatial data for geographies around the world.

    The Allocate demographic analysis tool is for the business user who wants to perform quick and accurate market analysis. Custom reports can be created in a variety of media, thereby spreading information and knowledge throughout the enterprise.

    Create interactive maps for your business. Parcel data, flood maps, various satellite imagery available on desktop and mobile platforms.

    TerraView is a GIS application built using the TerraLib GIS library. TerraView main goal is to make available to the GIS Community an easy geographic data viewer with resources that include database queries and data analysis, exemplifying the use of the TerraLib library.

    The TerrSet system incorporates the IDRISI GIS Analysis and IDRISI Image Processing tools along with a constellation of vertical applications.

    ThinkGeo's GIS Editor for Windows lets you design stunning custom maps, perform geo-analysis and visualize your spatial data. With mapping that’s powerful enough for professional GIS technicians, yet accessible enough for nearly anyone who needs to create a customized map, the GIS Editor was created as a single-application solution to all of your GIS visualization, customization and mapping needs.

    ThunderMaps is a software which allows hazardous risk data to be shared through an online or mobile app platform. Users report and share data which can alert subscribers approaching risk areas. Library information can be embedded into external websites.

    tMap is a GIS software that is is an easy to use measuring application, with an advanced functionality. The program has been designed for the Android operating system and can be used on tablets, smartphones and other mobile devices (handheld).

    TNTedit software provides professional interactive tools to create, georeference, and edit project materials consisting of vector, image, CAD, TIN, and relational database objects.

    TNTmips software is a complete Geographic Information System (GIS) that lets you work with virtually any type of geospatial data including imagery, terrain surfaces, and map data with associated database attributes.

    Transportation Data Analytics is a GIS software that aggregates diverse data sets such as traffic counts, weather, infrastructure, mobile and accidents so that cites can understand movement and congestion.

    Variac GIS Geospatial is a solution that helps create a spatial map database that conforms to the specifications and requirements of your business.

    Visual Sales Manager is a web-based application for visually designing and managing sales territories.

    Web GIS Commander is a solution that allows you to securely manage and share information via intra/Internet with tools and features to help you manage one source of data, with searching tools and reproduction of reports and charts and more.

    Earth polis provides users with online access to geographic data at any time and from anywhere, allowing immediate imaging, analysis, and querying on them.

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