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Field sales software is geared toward employees engaging in the tradition of door-to-door sales. It assigns sales personnel logical routes that maximize efficiency. These tools can guide team members through sales routes and inform managers of where their employees are at any given time. Field sales software can be used to log successful sales or transactions, and monitor the activity of teams on the road.

Field sales software plays into the world of greater sales software. While other sales software assigns employees digital territories to be contacted via telephone, email, or video call, field sales software is different in that provides physical location territories. Field sales software seamlessly connects salespeople to their leads’ front doors. Certain tools can also integrate with or act as a CRM, harvesting contact information and serving as a hub for updates and field notes.

To qualify for inclusion in the Field Sales category, a product must:

  • Create physical sales routes
  • Allow managers insight into employees’ locations and progress
  • Integrate with a CRM or allow salespeople to record transactional information and contact details
  • Create reports that outline sales activity and performance
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    The best Mobile Lead Tracking for your iPhone & Android

    CanvassMaster tracks your canvassers real-time,generates more leads and creates the ultimate mailing lists.

    Canvassmate is a real-time mobile solution designed for firms with no effective means to gather and process vital information gathered in the field or to supervise and maximize the efforts of their outside agents.

    Cerrebro is a cloud-based, end-to-end CRM & field team management application, that connects your workers, customers, back-office and management seamlessly across devices. You can manage it all from anywhere through a simple dashboard interface, and redefine productivity regardless of industry.

    Comarch Mobile Sales is an application dedicated for sales representatives and mobile employees working away from the standard workplace, and spend most of the time on business trips or at a customer's place of business.

    Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force allows field sales reps to sell using only the mobile devices. It gives a view for the customer, history of cooperation, dedicated offers, orders, and receivables.

    Door 2 Door Mapper provides customized reporting so your sales team can track the specific indicators important for your success.

    Door To Door CRM is a door to door sales app that tracks your door to door sales teams and is made for desktop, laptop, mobile devices & Web (iOS, Android, Mac & PC)

    Ecanvasser revolutionizes your field operations providing a canvassing app for canvassers and a campaign dashboard for campaign managers. The app acts like a satnav for canvassers and ensures no information is lost while in the field. For campaign managers all data is fed back to the dashboard in real-time and allows them to manage walk lists and canvassing teams easily. All data can be analyzed on the dashboard to better understand voters and manage voter issues.

    eOrder - a perfect sales app for FIELD SALES and MERCHANDISING teams.

    eSpatial is cloud-based mapping software that is engineered for the enterprise and designed for the user. We believe mapping should be fast, easy and powerful. With our mapping software, you can easily upload, visualize, and analyze multiple layers of data. It’s rapid visual insight that takes the guesswork out of decision making. We are mapping experts and have been delivering geographic solutions for over twenty years. Trusted by our customers and partners from Fortune 500 companies to non-pr

    FieldAssist is a comprehensive tech platform that provides sales force automation solutions designed to make on-field sales force of any organization more productive, proactive and organized.

    FieldMax is a mobile based sales force automation tool designed to automate key business initiatives of sales, marketing and distribution organisation.

    FieldPie is a cloud-based software solution that helps companies manage their mobile workforce in Field Services, Field Sales, Field Audits and Merchandising Operations. Trusted by industry leader brands as well as innovative start-ups, FieldPie helps companies improve the efficiency of their field resources, and greatly simplifies the collection and analysis of field data. Easily schedule tasks, dispatch your field team to the right tasks, design beautiful mobile forms to collect mobile data an

    FiDzeal is a complete CRM solution for small and medium businesses. That's an amazing energy of connectivity, complex event process and analysis gives an intense instrument to procedures to reduce losses, increment productivity and streamline vitality request and distribution.

    Foxx helps an enterprise to keep a tab on activities of field sales force and automate its sales processes.

    Manage your mobile workforce, schedule jobs and keep an eye on progress. Geo's Field Workforce Management platform helps your operations run faster and smoother. Fast, secure and accurate...Geo just works. Great functionality includes: * Offline-Mode- Create/edit jobs without phone coverage. * Real-time Job Scheduling- Create and assign jobs in real time. * Geo Scheduling- Create and assign jobs based on worker’s location. * GPS Tracking- View all today's activities and share your location w

    GoSTOCKY is an International award-winning world's first Retail Resource Planning (RRP) mobile app that will help you automate inventory management, cash flow management, and track customer loyalty, and get your ready for GST.

    Ground Game is the ultimate mobile sales app to streamline your door-to-door (D2D) sales.It enters data directly from iPhones, iPads and Android mobile devices where results are synced to the central database and updated in the online management interface.

    inSitu Sales is an all-in-one mobile solution for field sales, distribution and B2B e-commerce

    The perfect Mobile Ordering & B2B e-Commerce system for wholesalers & distributors

    i-snapshot is the most trusted and simple solution for the sales automation. It is a multi-platform app for remotely collecting and managing sales performance in the field, feeding back sales team activity in real-time. Supports on Android, iOS, Windows, and BlackBerry.

    Knockwise empowers real estate agents with a revolutionary door to door knocking app that ends manual notation & planning, while teaching them to become better knockers.

    LeadPlotter contains all the tools you need to run a smarter business in a streamlined, easy-to-use package. Keep reading to learn why it's the better option for your organization. LeadPlotter is your Personal CRM and ABM that easily manages all your leads and clients, quickly plans and maps your day based on your destinations, improves customer satisfaction: all from any of your devices, anytime anywhere.

    MapSee is a sales team management, planning and tracking tool for direct sales activities.

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