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ERP systems (or enterprise resource planning systems) are complete, integrated systems that manage all aspects of a production-based business, aligning financial management, human resources, supply chain management, and manufacturing with the core function of accounting. ERP systems are used to provide transparency into the entire business process by tracking all aspects of production, financials, and materials. These expansive systems act as a central hub for end-to-end workflow and data. A variety of departments can view the information recorded by ERP systems to ensure that the correct procedures are taking place.

ERPs are used by manufacturing and product-centric companies. Instead of using standalone products, which may not properly integrate, in each separate department, ERP systems provide cohesiveness from the beginning to end of all business processes. This assists in expansion and growth of a company. While ERPs cover a wide range of functionality within themselves, they may integrate with CRM software and PSA software products. Users may also choose to integrate standalone products to form a unique ERP system. Others might solely select specific modules from an ERP system that are sold uniquely to best match business needs, instead of purchasing the entire suite. Some project-centric companies may run similar project-based ERP systems that do not focus on product manufacturing, but still offer an end-to-end business solution.

ERP systems provide a variety of modules and while each business has unique requirements, most ERP systems offer the following:

  • Accounting Software
    • General Ledger
    • Accounts Payable/Receivable
    • Fixed Asset Management
    • Budgeting and Forecasting
    • Cash Management
    • Financial Consolidation
  • Human Resources
    • Recruiting
    • Payroll
    • Incentive Compensation
    • Workforce Management
  • Supply Chain Management
    • Demand and Supply Planning
    • Distribution
    • Procurement and Purchasing
    • Order Management
    • Inventory Management and Warehouse Management
  • Manufacturing
    • Bill of Materials
    • Product Lifecycle Management
    • Quality Management
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    Dewsoft Business Backbone is an Enterprise Resources Planning (ERP) tool, which will assist the Management of any organization to take right decisions at right time.

    Complete control over your accounts & business operations, encouraging faster and better-informed decisions

    Business Cube is extremely flexible, featuring a high functional coverage across all business areas, designed to achieve maximum control and perfect integration between processes, increase productivity, and support your business in a competitive market environment.

    Caliach Vision is closed-loop system using an advanced relational database management environment and object-oriented rapid application design framework

    canias ERP is a fully integrated and flexible ERP software for companies of all sizes.

    Carillon ERP allows you to define as many languages as you want. You can have users working side by side with each of them using a different language. However, the more common use for multilingual functionality is for an organization to create their own language to use with the system. You may have clients instead of customers or parts instead of items. Any word or phrase you see anywhere in the Carillon ERP software can be translated into any other word or phrase. This can even be done user by user, if you desire

    CEGID offers a production management manufacturing solution, designed for start-ups, SMEs and autonomous production units of large groups to optimize the management of production sites.

    CentralBOS is a cloud-based, mobile, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution with user-defined roles, multiple levels of security for data storage and user access and provides information that can be accessed by all departments and eliminates individual solutions for each department and the repetitive, error-prone input of data.

    Cetec ERP is the standard cloud ERP software platform for small and mid-sized manufacturing companies.

    RVTG offers ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) / SCM (Supply Chain Management) software

    Our flagship ERP product Clear Enterprise supports all core business processes from supply chain through to customer management, resulting in a solution that goes beyond traditional accounting systems.

    ERP Software for Small Business. Automate Your Manual Activities. Affordable, Scalable, Easy To Use.

    CloudSuite Aerospace & Defense provides these advanced capabilities, backed by decades of practical application and relied upon by 5,500+ aerospace and defense manufacturers worldwide.

    Meet Infor CloudSuite Automotive, a comprehensive suite of industry-proven solutions, including a core ERP combined with high-value extension applications, all delivered in the cloud. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, it's designed to help automotive manufacturers modernize, innovate, and drive competitive differentiation.

    Meet Infor CloudSuite Distribution, a complete distribution solution that combines the benefits of the cloud with functionality that's designed specifically for SMB wholesale distributors like you. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, it's designed to help distributors modernize, innovate, and drive competitive differentiation.

    Meet Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, a complete distribution solution that combines the benefits of the cloud with functionality that's built specifically for large, global wholesale distributors with complex and evolving business models. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, it's designed to help distributors modernize, innovate, drive competitive differentiation, and grow.

    Meet Infor CloudSuite Equipment Rental, a complete solution that combines the benefits of the cloud with functionality that's built specifically for equipment rental companies like yours. Backed by decades of industry expertise and continually enhanced with the latest innovations, it' designed to help equipment rental organizations modernize, innovate, drive competitive differentiation and grow.

    Meet Infor CloudSuite Fashion, a complete fashion solution in the cloud that includes the same proven industry-specific functionality that has helped more than 250 apparel, footwear, and textile manufacturers, as well as brand owners and private-brand retailers, gain and maintain industry leadership.

    COMMATE ERP that will helps you run your business with ease, increase efficiency & increase profitablity.

    CommonThread is time-proven, highly secure, cloud-based business management and reporting tool. Our consistent user interface enables rapid implementation, reduced training costs, and ease of use. Our modules include Projects & Work Orders, Resource Allocation, Time Tracking, Sales Tracking, CRM, Invoicing, HR functions, Purchase Orders, Inventory Management, and Quickbooks integration. CommonThread is the right choice for organizations that want to control their process and coordinate their staff.

    Cloud-based ERP for small and mid-size companies. Composity ERP is an unified suite that help you gain complete visibility and control on all your company’s key back-office and financial operations. Apps for every aspect of your business. Composity unifies CRM and ERP capabilities by the means of integrated business-ready modules. Collaborating seamlessly together they allow you to manage activities like Sales, Inventory, Financial activities and many other operations. With Composity you meet the ever-changing expectations and demands of your customers, suppliers and business partners. Available Modules*: Account Management Manage contacts and turn leads into customers. Sales Management Organize, track & manage your sales process. Inventory Management Control and run your inventory, in one place Invoice Management Оnline billing & invoicing tools. POS Powerful Point of Sale system. Finance and Accounting BETA Easily manage business finances. Payments Process, manage and track payments from your customers. Purchasing Automate and streamline the purchasing process. Project & Tasks Plan, track and assign project tasks with your team to get things done. Manufacturing A small business manufacturing software solution. Human resource management COMING SOON Smart human resource management system. Marketing BETA Everything you need to do outbound & inbound marketing. Help desk COMING SOON Support & engage your clients seamlessly. Free Extensions: Documents Your documents securely stored in the cloud. Dashboard A customizable dashboard that shows how you are performing. Reports Available pre-build KPIs and advanced custom reports.

    The Most Robust & Versatile ERP Flooring Software on the Market

    contractERP is designed for suppliers, distributors, manufacturers and service companies providing building material and building product to construction projects. The solution is used by organizations that supply materials for both commercial and residential projects.

    Copyl is a platform providing resource planning (ERP) features. Copyls task management is integrated with resource planning so that you can easily book when the matter is to be performed and by whom, for example, case image and the case list.

    India's leading ERP Software Solution provider (vendors) company. We offer ERP system/ services for different industries

    CPM ERP is composed of many integrated systems as inventory monitoring, material requirement planning, risk management, crediting, legal documentation and statutory reporting, document management, corporate purchasing, cost management, pre-sale CRM, after sales service, quality management and total productivity management. It satisfies every kind of extra needs with its layer structure. Being not only a user and IT but also administrator friendly software differentiates CPM ERP from its counterparts. CPM ERP is a unique software company with its leading solutions and experience in various sectors. It pioneers innovative solutions in many sectors such as chemical, automotive, paint, engineering, medical, assembly and hairdressing.

    CyberSol has developed , Organisation Resource Business Intelligence Tool an enterprise solution for management and control over enterprises resources. This solution is like a smaller version of the ERP, CRM and SCM combined together.

    Efficient to deploy and easy to use, CAPP Associates ERP Solutions enables front end and back end business processes to work together. Whether there is a need to improve warehouse and inventory control, automate order entry or integrate accounting data, ERP Solutions by CAPP Associates puts the business transformation tools in your hands.

    With rising costs, smaller margins and increased competition, it is more important than ever to rely on a solution that can manage every aspect of your business today and empower your profitable growth well into the future.

    Deacom's enterprise resource planning system is always evolving. Our rapid development cycle combined with the Kaizen methodology we follow, ensures the technology continues to grow with industry demands

    TheDecision Builder ERP solution is an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system that serves companies in the Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service industries

    De Facto ERP stimulate growth and create new value for SMEs by providing a wide range of software and services from advanced, highly configurable ERP, to design and development of Applications and Web solutions.

    Deskera Inventory provides purchasing, receiving, stock management functionality, along with full recipe and product costing capabilities.

    DistributionPlus takes the complications out of the workflow through integrations that only require you to do a task once, and in many cases, not at all.

    We Help SME's & Big Enterprises to Automate Their Business Process

    It's an integrated Enterprise Software Platform comprising 100+ modules for ERP, supply chain, e-Commerce, CRM, HR, self-service portals, vertical apps, work flow, content management, digital media, project collaboration and social media

    The Dynacom Enterprise+ Edition is our most powerful business management solution. It is an excellent product choice for both medium and growing businesses. With its highly efficient productivity tools designed to serve even large businesses, this financial management solution will help you manage your growing business effectively and achieve your goals.

    Dynasty is a comprehensive ERP system for those who want to be graduated from off-the-shelf packages such as QuickBooks and Peachtree and those who are not ready for a full-blown ERP system yet due to its sky-high price and complexity.

    Easify provides small businesses with all the software tools needed to run a business with a single application.

    ECOUNT ERP offers you everything from inventory to accounting and team collaboration management tools. We help make your work flow even more efficient.

    EDICOM, international leader in EDI and ELECTRONIC INVOICING, designs platforms for the transmission and integration of data between businesses, always following strict criteria of professionalism, transparency, and effectiveness

    eFacto-Retail Software is a comprehensive retail ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for retail and distribution companies. That is comprehensive Enterprise Resource Planning for retailing and distribution to the companies and to generate automatic and manually reports e-mailing.

    eFood is a powerful software solution built on the robust capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics NAV built specifically for the food, beverage, and produce industry. eFood gives you one integrated food manufacturing and distribution system

    e-intelliprise empowers your entire organization with information and the front-to-back office infrastructure to turn your e-vision into business value, whether you began as an e-business (clicks) or a traditional business (bricks).

    eKEPLER ERP Business Software, will allow you to integrate all departments in your organization into one platform, increasing the availability of the information for both decision making and creating more accurate forecasts.

    ELATOS WEB functions and services meet all customers' needs thanks to ERP, CRM and E-commerce fully integrated in this software solution.

    Elliott Business Software is a powerful, sophisticated, feature rich, and fully integrated ERP software that is affordable by businesses of every size.

    Elvis ERP from Aries Estrrado is a comprehensive campus management system. Elvis is one powerful, completely integrated ERP for your entire campus

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