Top Free Enterprise IT Management Suites Software

Check out our list of free Enterprise IT Management Suites Software. Products featured on this list are the ones that offer a free trial version. As with most free versions, there are limitations, typically time or features.

If you'd like to see more products and to evaluate additional feature options, compare all Enterprise IT Management Suites Software to ensure you get the right product.

(838)4.6 out of 5
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Freshservice is a cloud-based service desk and IT service management (ITSM) solution that currently serves more than 40000 SMB, mid-market, and enterprise customers worldwide. Freshservice is designed, using ITIL best practice, to help IT organizations to focus on what’s most important – exceptional service delivery and customer satisfaction. In addition to supporting their service desk and ITSM needs, these customers choose Freshservice based on ease to use, speed of setup, customer service,

The most helpful features are the all in one offering they have. Specifically to be able to view the assets and software that a requester has.... Read review
Without a doubt, what I like most about Freshervice is its simplicity when it comes to use, it makes it a very harmonious and elegant software, an... Read review
(232)4.4 out of 5
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Provide remote IT support, automate your IT management, network and system admin tasks with the industry's most secure on-premises remote access software Goverlan Reach enables you to seamlessly support all your users and their machines, no matter where, and without the need for a VPN. With Goverlan you have: . Secure access to your users machines no matter where they are . Enterprise-class Remote Control . Active Directory administration and Password management . Behind-the-scenes systems re

Goverlan Reach is an excellent remote connection platform, I have loved the service because it is easy to use, completely innovative interface,... Read review
Goverlan Reach is an effective tool for providing remote support. Integration with Active Directory helps us to see whether a user is logged in,... Read review
(123)4.0 out of 5
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Kaseya VSA is an integrated IT systems management platform that can be leveraged seamlessly across IT disciplines to streamline and automate your IT services. Kaseya VSA integrates key management capabilities into a single platform. Kaseya VSA makes your IT staff more productive, your services more reliable, your systems more secure, and your value easier to show. VSA capabilities include: Remote Monitoring, Remote Control, Patch Management, Monitoring, AV/AM, Process Automation, Backup and more

Ease of use. Set it up and forget it as far as maintenance is concerned. Read review
Automatic software deployment - Reports ( although have to customise) Read review
(47)4.2 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$0 Suitable for SMBs

Desktop Central is a Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) solution that helps in managing servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets and POS devices from a central location. Automate your regular desktop management routines like installing patches, distributing software, imaging and deploying OS, managing your IT Assets, managing software licenses, monitoring software usage statistics, managing USB device usage, taking control of remote desktops, and more. It supports managing Windows, Mac a

Brent N.
The configuration of the software is easier than SCCM or other products like it. Read review
The support team is constantly looking for input from their customers as to what features are desired. Desktop Central integrates with Active... Read review
(48)4.4 out of 5

Launched in 2009, Turbonomic is one of the fastest-growing technology companies in the virtualization and cloud management space, trusted by thousands of enterprise organizations to maximize the value of their IT investments. Turbonomic AI-powered Application Resource Management (ARM) simultaneously optimizes application performance, compliance and cost in real-time. The software platform automatically identifies and executes right actions at the right time at every layer of the application sta

The visibility into the HyperFlex Storage cluster. It allows you to automate groing and shrinking Datastore size on HX on the fly! Read review
Dev K.
The latest UI is cool especially for a 'cost view' but I personally like the classic view which gives me in depth of information with minimal... Read review
(22)4.8 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$29.99

Genuity builds tools to help businesses and IT leaders navigate the IT market, optimize their technology spend, and improve their bottom line. Our goal is to level the playing field by shining a light into the black box of IT. We’re empowering businesses to make informed decisions about the technology behind critical operations through software and community.

The range of tools covering the major areas of concern for most IT departments Read review
The main functionality I use is the Contract Management feature, which is great. It holds all of the data I need, has alerting for subscription... Read review
(11)4.4 out of 5

Companies like Intercontinental Exchange, Taylor Fry, The New York Stock Exchange, IAG, First State Super, Akamai, Morningstar, and NASA use UpGuard's security ratings to protect their data, prevent data breaches and assess their security posture. UpGuard Vendor Risk ( can minimize the amount of time your organization spends assessing related and third-party information security controls by automating vendor questionnaires and providing vendor question

UpGuard delivers Cyber Resilience for digital businesses, enabling IT teams to trust their systems Read review
(32)4.7 out of 5

HashiCorp Terraform enables teams to deliver Infrastructure as Code to efficiently provision infrastructure on any cloud. This creates effective developer and devops workflows, making it easier for teams to self-serve infrastructure, which in turn improves app delivery speed. Terraform's multi-cloud compliance and management capabilities enable teams to use a consistent workflow to provision, secure, govern, & audit any multi-vendor infrastructure.

Karl D.
I like how it's free, community driven and constantly developing. It's easy to find solutions to problems in thriving community. There are so many... Read review
Not having to use the AWS web console really helped piece together AWS concepts. Read review

Enov8 Environment Manager is an IT & Test Environment Management platform providing you with a portal to model your test lanes, systems and components, plan and control events, automate operations and deliver on real time reporting and metrics.

The ease of use, it is user friendly, helps with the modeling of three dimensional objects and accurately analyzes. Read review
(2)4.8 out of 5

OptiTune is an IT management system that allows companies to manage their computers from a web-based console. Designed for organizations with up to five thousand computers, OptiTune delivers a comprehensive feature set that includes remote desktop, remote assistance, remote command line, application deployment, windows update management, malware detection, hardware/software inventory, and performance monitoring. OptiTune lets you manage all the computers in your growing organization. Whether it

Lo que más me gusta de OptiTune es la posibilidad de acceso remoto; dado que funciona en la nube, siempre se puede acceder a él desde cualquier... Read review
Optitune is cloud based which means I can access it from anywhere as long as I have an internet connection. With Optitune I can see the general... Read review
(1)5.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$1200+ per year

SquaredUp ( lets you publish interactive dashboards for Microsoft Azure & SCOM. Used by Enterprise DevOps teams worldwide to reduce downtime and transform their monitoring, our fully-customizable web dashboards give you 360° visibility of the availability and performance of your applications and their underlying resources and services. Integrating with Azure Monitor, System Center Operations Manager (SCOM), ServiceNow, Splunk and hundreds more platforms via our REST API con

I like being able to export to excel and the community dashboards. Read review
0 ratings

4me is the first enterprise service management application specifically built to support the Service Integration and Management (SIAM) approach. It allows the internal and external service providers of an enterprise to collaborate while 4me keeps track of the service levels. 4me also offers, by far, the fastest global response times and the most user-friendly interface. 4me supports the full range of IT and Enterprise Service Management capabilities alongside strong Project and Portfolio Mana

(1)4.0 out of 5
Entry Level Price:$8,500 VMs

CloudBolt is the leading cloud management platform for the enterprise. Deployed in minutes, CloudBolt helps IT unify orchestration and automate provisioning of their hybrid cloud resources—quickly, cost-effectively, and securely—while providing developers with anywhere, anytime access to those resources through a self-service catalog.

Sidharth S.
Cloudbolt is a cloud management platform providing users with the option to build and deploy hybrid clouds. It gets implemented within a short... Read review
0 ratings

Cloud Management Platform

(11)4.5 out of 5

What is Nerdio you ask? Nerdio, provides ridiculously easy IT automation for Managed Service Providers and their customers. Nerdio Private Cloud is a fully-integrated platform that delivers comprehensive IT infrastructure at your fingertips — including virtual hardware, software, security, BDR, and 24/7 tech-nerd support. Nerdio for Azure is the first IT automation technology that delivers easy pricing, provisioning, management, and cost-optimization of hybrid and full IT environments on th

Ted F.
(1) Access to our system is available anywhere wifi exists. (2) I've developed a really good working relationship with Adar staff (such as Jason... Read review
0 ratings
Entry Level Price:$1.50 1

RG System is a SaaS IT Management solution that combines on a centric portal RMM, Data Backup & Restore and Endpoint Security. It has been designed for both MSPs and CIOs who need help managing efficiently their IT infrastructure and ensuring Business Continuity. Thanks to RG System, you are proactive. You are able to prevent and fix an incident, backup and restore data in case of a disaster and protect the IT infrastructure from malware attacks. The RMM module has been developed from scra

0 ratings
Entry Level Price:5000 100

Sysgem Enterprise Manager enables organizations of any size to efficiently unite, simplify and integrate critical systems, user account and security management functionalities across their multi-platform environments within one single tool. Developed from the core to support businesses’s mission-critical systems when unexpected downtime is simply not an option, SEM simplifies system management across all OpenVMS, IBM i, Windows and Linux/UNIX environments. Consisting of independent application

0 ratings

VDCF is a platform management framework for the Solaris Operating System. VDCF allows to deploy, operate, migrate, secure and monitor a virtualized data center based on Solaris 10 and 11 Zones (Containers) and/or Logical Domains controlled by a centralized management server. Using VDCF you can easily combine both virtualization technologies to get the most flexibility and benefit for your agile Enterprise Grade Private Cloud environment.

Top 10 Free Enterprise IT Management Suites Software in 2021

  • Freshservice
  • Goverlan Reach
  • Kaseya VSA
  • ManageEngine Desktop Central
  • Turbonomic

Learn More About Enterprise IT Management Suites Software

What is Enterprise IT Management Suites Software?

Growing companies find themselves facing new and unpredictable challenges as they expand operations; one example of this is IT departments. IT departments are usually tasked with monitoring, optimizing, and troubleshooting a growing network of devices and technology solutions. Once an organization reaches a certain size, it’s nearly impossible for IT teams to deliver a hands-on, personalized experience with respect to system maintenance and updates. Enterprise IT management suites provide these specialists with a centralized point of control for hundreds or thousands of assets and users involved in the IT infrastructure. This unified view helps ensure hardware, software, and applications have the resources they need to perform at the necessary level. In some cases, these platforms can also help assist with automating routine IT tasks, allowing IT departments to focus time and energy on more pressing activities.

For mid-size and enterprise businesses, the integrity and performance of company data centers and devices is paramount. With these robust platforms, IT teams can better manage workloads in central networks and connected systems to ensure that operations continue running smoothly. This often entails company-wide software patches and updates, which the platforms in this category can help deploy. The comprehensive visibility and actionable insights offered by these solutions benefit IT teams with planning and execution of resource allocation, as well as decisions related to workforce management and more. When companies get too big for more hands-on IT processes, these tools can help transition teams into the enterprise mindset with large-scale device management and analysis.

Key Benefits of Enterprise IT Management Software

  • Provide visibility over the complete IT infrastructure
  • Track changes and abnormalities related to company assets and connected users
  • Automate system updates and compliance-related tasks
  • Streamline tasks such as patch deployment and user administration

Why Use Enterprise IT Management Suites Software?

For millions of mid-size and enterprise businesses with a significant tech environment, daily operations could halt due to an IT-related issue. Furthermore, ensuring each company computer is updated with the correct applications and compliant with internal standards affects everything from security to financial outcomes. If a business is approaching a headcount that demands a simplified version of IT operational health, one of the tools in this category might be a worthwhile investment. Beyond basic monitoring and inventory management, many tools in this category offer assistance for cloud computing processes, and automated software patching so IT experts can manage their time better and not have to manually update each computer.

The enterprise solutions in this category offer high-level insights into critical systems and assist with project management related to optimization, balancing, and remediation of company technologies. The data generated by these platforms makes them a natural complement to corporate performance management software, which provide insight into business objectives and the distributed activities that play a role in various KPIs. General efficiency and output is increasingly tied to the quality and performance of internal networks, employee devices, and the applications jobs are performed on, from customer relationship management software to HR management suites. Enterprise IT management platforms offer the most relevant data for keeping systems running alongside other assets that assist with many other tasks IT teams perform. Visibility is a priceless commodity for modern IT teams; these tools are an ideal way for these departments to achieve it.

Who Uses Enterprise IT Management Suites Software?

Enterprise IT management suites are specially designed to be used across the IT department of a mid-sized organization or larger. Depending on the size and structure of an IT department, users might consider assigning unique individuals for these platforms, based on the particular ways they will be implemented in an organization. The head of IT should be consulted when researching a possible solution from this category to determine the best possible use cases in a specific organization.

Enterprise IT Management Suites Software Features

The following are some common features buyers might encounter when they research the diverse solutions in this category.

Asset discovery — At any point in an enterprise company, there can be hundreds or thousands of technology assets that are critical to employees and the operation of the company. Taking proper stock of these assets is important for tracking, maintenance, and ensuring compliance and security. The platforms in this category offer enterprise data management related to asset inventory, performance, and history, beginning with the initial discovery of assets for accurate representation. A primary component of many enterprise IT management suites is the ability to scan a company’s networks and identify the connected devices and assets, including laptops, desktops, and monitors. If new computers are added or removed, the discovery tools in some platforms can automatically detect this and update the data as necessary. IT experts might still need to perform certain manual tasks for configuring new assets based on proper compliance and permissions, but automated asset discovery and history tracking can help provide an accurate picture with minimal legwork.

Patch management — Aside from a company’s hardware assets are an even greater number of software solutions, from their operating systems to unique software programs used in every department. Technology evolves quickly, and once employees are set up with appropriate systems, they require daily effort to keep various applications updated with the constant flow of security patches and third-party updates. The platforms in this category help IT specialists maintain a bird’s eye view of the many patches and updates required for company assets, and the status of each device and network in relation to these updates. When an important patch comes along, the files can be mass distributed to many systems connected to the company network, and in some cases automatically installed within corresponding apps. A number of platforms offer the same capabilities with new software as a whole, deploying new applications onto devices so employees don’t have to do it themselves.

Remote desktop access and control — Although IT teams in larger companies can’t always deliver in-person assistance, modern solutions allow them to assist with individual support issues from afar. A number of enterprise IT tools in this category share features of remote support software, which provide users with a way to remotely connect and gain temporary control over employee devices. If an employee is having technical issues with an application or the device itself, IT experts can leverage some of the tools in the category to provide direct support, either walking the employee through the troubleshooting process or taking specific actions directly on their computers through remote control. These capabilities can also be leveraged to help onboard new employees or help them master complex processes involving their technology assets. For optimal monitoring and resolution of internal issues, these platforms may integrate with service desk software or other programs designed around internal IT support ticketing, case assignment, and resource management.