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Electronic data capture (EDC) software replaces the traditional and very manual process of managing clinical trial data with an electronic system. At its core, EDC software streamlines the collection, review, and processing of clinical trial data. Clinical trial management software is bolstered by EDC software; some even offer EDC functionality within the CTMS. Benefits of using EDC software include improved data quality and study efficiency, as well as an improved ability to meet regulatory compliance. Contract research organizations (CROs), clinical trial sponsors, and study sites all utilize EDC software.

To qualify for inclusion in the EDC category, a product must:

  • Capture and store clinical trial data
  • Simplify the process of sharing and exporting of data
  • Enforce querying of stored clinical trial data
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    A web-based solution that can be used for recruiting patients and managing all aspects of data associated with clinical research.

    QureClinical is a flexible validated clinical trial management software suite for electronic data capture used in more than 100 sites worldwide.

    Ripple is a web-based recruitment-focused patient and study management tool for clinical and translational studies.

    secuTrial is a professional, entirely browser-based GCP-compliant EDC system for collecting patient data in clinical or non-interventional studies and patient registries.

    PerkinElmer SignalsLead Discovery lets researchers focus on science, not software. Powered by TIBCO Spotfire analytics and visualization software, the Signals Lead Discovery platform frees researchers and scientists to explore the data they want, when they want, how they want.

    State-of-the-art data collection, storage and productivity tool for organisations that need to generate and manage clinical evidence.

    A clinical trial management solution connecting protocol, study training, videos, study contact, visit schedule, and more.

    Delve Health is a Literature Intelligence Platform that help researchers, scientists and doctors search disease specific information across various websites.

    SyMetric is the brainchild of a group of highly-skilled professionals with in-depth exposure to the IT Software and Clinical Research Industries.Its products suite consists of CTMS, EDC and IRT/IWRS solutions. has developed a software platform that enables doctors and scientists to perform complex, robust, reproducible data analyses in seconds rather than waiting weeks to months for a data scientist or bioinformatician to do it for them. Conceived by a former computational biologist at the UCSF Cancer Center, the platform empowers organizations with proven, best-practices techniques in data science, machine learning, and AIall delivered via user-friendly apps.

    Teamscope is a data capture app for clinical research. Collect high quality data at bedside and analyze it with a few clicks.

    Timaeus system is a single platform for clinical data management and electronic data capture. We continue to successfully use Timaeus for many clinical studies. It has been deployed in more than 400 clinical studies thus far and has successfully passed multiple audits. Timaeus was recognized by many, including large IT vendors, as the most sophisticated design of any EDM/EDC to date, until Cmed launched encapsia.

    Web based SaaS EDC solution for clinical trial management. Features include compliance, data export, and medical coding.

    TrialStat enables you to use one system for all clinical phases including, from build your own EDC for Phase 1; to advanced EDC, CTMS, and Portal functionality for Phase 2 and 3; to flexible electronic patient access for Late Phase.

    Viedoc Clinic keeps track of all the activities performed by the site. The modern, streamlined interface allows you to efficiently manage and review clinical trial data in less time.

    Prelude Dynamic's Clinical Trial Optimization Platform VISION is a software that is designed to enable clean data collection with full EDC features while also integrating key CTMS features such as integrated invoicing, inventory management, just-in-time randomization, document management, integrated labs and medical dictionaries and much more to streamline day to day study operations.

    YPrimes eCOA platform for patient data collection is fundamentally different than what any other providers in the industry can offer. The first and only application-based eCOA platform gives unprecedented flexibility, speed & precision for your study needs.

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